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I had two patients in one day tell me how useless I was and VNA in general. I generally like my job, a lot, but it got me thinking- except in the very obvious cases, am I useless? I educate a lot, but most people are on/off service and don't listen, they just like the security of my visit and checking on them. I am sensitive so it didn't help to have 2 different people in one day say it. In my 9 ish years of home care I've only had 1 other patient say this to me. 

jbudrick, MSN

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Hello Artsmom,

It is interesting to ask what the patient expects from the home care nurse.  Oftentimes, it is not a service that our agency provides.  Some patients judge a nurse by what is done for the patient in a concrete, physical way.  Some patients don't see the value in education and assessment.  They don't want to hear about things they can do for themselves to improve their health.  They want you to do it for them.  Home care is not for everyone.  Don't let a few unrealistic patients ruin your day.  Keep up the good work.


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Thanks for the reply. I don't typically ask people what they expect from me, normally I think it Is obvious to them & us. I was just really thrown off having 2 people tell me how useless I was. I really try to do what's best for my patients so it upset me. You're right though- they didn't even really know me to tell me that and I just let it get to me too much. Thanks again.