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Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse
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jbudrick has 18 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse.

LPN Instructor, LTC/Rehab Supervisor, Home Care Case Manager/RN, Infection Control and Certified Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse practicing in home care. 😀

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    Hello Artsmom, It is interesting to ask what the patient expects from the home care nurse. Oftentimes, it is not a service that our agency provides. Some patients judge a nurse by what is done for the patient in a concrete, physical way. Some patients don't see the value in education and assessment. They don't want to hear about things they can do for themselves to improve their health. They want you to do it for them. Home care is not for everyone. Don't let a few unrealistic patients ruin your day. Keep up the good work. jbudrick
  2. jbudrick

    New Grad RN and Single Mother Job Options?

    I actually almost had to quit nursing school because I had to leave the house for clinicals at 6:30 a.m. The day care didn’t open until 7:00 a.m. I hired a girl working at the day care to come to my home and take my child to day care on clinical days. It worked out well. I had some impressive job offers. We decided we didn’t want live-in care. My first job as a floor nurse didn’t work out. They wanted me to work double shifts. I couldn’t do it due to child care. Somehow I made it through the day care years. I stayed home when my child was sick. Fortunately, it wasn’t often. Home care worked for me. I really wonder about the nursing profession as a whole. What other job expects every employee to be available 24/7? I know nurses who can only work weekends. Employers want them to be available to work full-time days for two weeks of orientation first. How do you arrange day care for that unless you have family? Some really creative ideas are needed to find an answer that works for each nurse. Best wishes as you begin your career. Diana
  3. jbudrick

    New Grad RN and Single Mother Job Options?

    I am in Connecticut. Consider home care with a Medicare agency. You could be a case manager. My husband traveled when I was a new nurse, and day care was not available for hospital shifts. I got a job with a home care agency new graduate program. Twenty years later, I am precepting a new grad. My chance to pay it forward. Best wishes for your new career. jbudrick
  4. Thank you so much for adding a different view of this tragic situation. I was stunned when I heard the news. There was no commentary that I could find about what Brian may have experienced, until today.
  5. jbudrick

    Home health vs facility

    Please keep in mind that when you are in a patient home there are no other medical professionals around to assist and collaborate with. Of course, even when others are around, it doesnt mean they will help you. Basic assessment skills, driving and map skills, patience and acceptance of choices that patients make are essential. You will spend lots of time calling doctors and RNs with reports and documenting. You will work in the uncontrolled environment of a patient's home. It is imperative that newly licensed nurses in home care receive a thorough training program. In my area LPNs usualy work in doctor offices, LTC or home care. All areas of nursing have good and bad aspects. The trick is finding what works for your personality, temperment, and family obligations. Best wishes as you start your career.
  6. jbudrick

    Patients wear gloves for home infusion?

    I work as a Wound, Ostomy, Continence nuse in home care. I find that many patients erroneously believe gloves have some kind of magical property that prevents germs. Many don't even wash their hands before or after wound, IV, or ostomy care because they believe gloves alone are enough. I use these opportunities to provide education about gloves not replacing hand hygiene. In fact, hand hygiene is superior to only glove use when providing self care. Patients see medical professionals always wearing gloves during procedures. As nurses we need to remember that patients don't necessarily know about infection control. It is an important nursing function to provide basic infection control teaching to every patient - most importantly, hand hygiene.
  7. jbudrick

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    Hello Box of Rain, I understand your situation and how you feel. I have experienced something similar. Not all people have the personality and/or temprament to work the floor. Some nuses lives do not allow for the flexibility to work the floor. You have tried three jobs and havent been able to make it work. You can have a successful career in nursing by trying a job that matches your strengths. Home care, doctor office, school nursing, OR training programs, research, are all areas to look at. Say to employers: I now have hospital and floor nursing experience and realize my strengths and where I can best provide patient care and be successfull. You can make a good career once you understand that not every nurse is suited to working the floor in an inpatient setting. I hope you realize that all people have strengths and weaknesses. You should not have to take drugs and change your personality for a job. Best wishes, Jbudrick
  8. jbudrick

    Frequent dressing change and use of tape

    Another option is Montgomery straps. If you really need to change the dressing three times daily, this is low cost way to to keep the dressing in place and reduce skin damage. Best wishes. Diana
  9. Have you asked your school for guidance? I completed an MSN Education in 2014. I completed a practicum with a faculty member teaching an online course. I asked the school about local facilities where they already had contracts to precept students and found a preceptor that way for the professional development practicum. Best wishes in your pursuit of an MSN. Diana
  10. Hello Big Mike: One thing to consider before signing up for an $80,000 nursing program: How are your grades? Nursing courses are usually much more difficult than the prerequisite courses. If your grades are holding you back from being accepted at a less expensive college, you might want to reconsider nursing altogether. I think most nurses would agree that being accepted into a program is the easiest part of getting a nursing degree. In any event, best of luck in your pursuit of an RN. Diana
  11. jbudrick

    Change Careers or Treat Depression?

    Please keep in mind that the depression may follow you into the next job. It sounds like you are having a hard time building a life in your new town. Definitely discuss the depression with your doctor. Also, follow the basic nursing advice of eat right, get plenty of exercise and rest. Spend time outside of work socializing with other people, like take a class or participate in a sport. Hope things look up for your soon. Diana
  12. Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
  13. jbudrick

    Sacred heart University MSN

    My experience at SHU was excellent. There were many papers assigned and weekly discussion boards, as well as group projects. For the professional development clinical practicum, I had to make efforts to find my own preceptor and SHU provided some guidance. I was fortunate that the first person I spoke to at a hospital SHU had a contract with agreed to precept me. It went very well and was a terrific learning experience. It was easier on the academic side. I wanted to learn about on-line teaching and I was assigned as a teaching assistant for two different nursing classes. I had the same academic advisor throughout the program, who also was my professor for the capstone courses. I live near campus so I was able to meet some of the professors in person as well as one of the professors for whom I was a teaching assistant. As I was interviewing for jobs, I also met other SHU graduates. Overall, my experience with SHU was very positive.
  14. jbudrick

    Sacred heart University MSN

    I wanted to let you all know I graduated from SHU in Dec. 2014 with an MSN Education. I have a job in professional development because of my degree. It took 18 months with one class every eight weeks. I worked full-time for most of the program. Good luck everyone.
  15. A skunk got my dog and I. It was awful. Called the vet at 8 am. Went to the grocery store as soon as I found out I needed vinegar.
  16. jbudrick

    Dear Nurses, I desperately need your help

    I got an ASN when I was 43, a BSN for my 50th birthday, and I will complete an MSN in November. You can do it. You will see many people leave school for a myriad if reasons. Remember that they may not be telling you the whole story.