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  1. jbudrick

    Winter Footwear?

    I wear Lands End All Weather Mocs. They keep my feet warm, dry, and slip resistant. To avoid dirt, salt, mud, etc. On my patient's floor, I wear shoe covers. Make sure to get no slip. The first time I wore shoe covers on a wood floor was a scene from a keystone cops movie!
  2. jbudrick

    What Do You Carry In Your Bag?

    A mirror to see wounds when the patient can't position for examination, a head lamp, flashlight, a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide/water for accidental carpet stains (like blood), extra pens/sharpies, EMT scissors, shoe covers.
  3. jbudrick

    I’m not disorganized. I’m reorganized. 🤪

    is the Mark 5 bag heavier? I can imagine hanging it on a doorknob.... Jbudrick
  4. jbudrick

    Recording Lectures

    Listening to a lecture on tape takes as long as the class did. The best and most efficient use of my study time was to listen intently to the lecture and take notes. I reviewed my notes after the lecture and before tests. Hope this helps. Good luck. Diana
  5. jbudrick

    Recent Emory University Wound Care graduates

    I completed the WOCN Emory program in January. Bridge week was in February. Emory provided study materials specifically to study for the certification exam. Bridge week helped me prepare for the exam also. I strongly recommend the Emory program. I followed the instructions and passed all three exams on the first try. I took one exam per week, just as Emory recommended. Good luck in your journey to certification. Have a good day. Jbudrick, CWOCN
  6. jbudrick

    Frequent dressing change and use of tape

    Another option is Montgomery straps. If you really need to change the dressing three times daily, this is low cost way to to keep the dressing in place and reduce skin damage. Best wishes. Diana
  7. Have you asked your school for guidance? I completed an MSN Education in 2014. I completed a practicum with a faculty member teaching an online course. I asked the school about local facilities where they already had contracts to precept students and found a preceptor that way for the professional development practicum. Best wishes in your pursuit of an MSN. Diana
  8. jbudrick

    Is spending $80,000 on a private ABSN school a waste

    Hello Big Mike: One thing to consider before signing up for an $80,000 nursing program: How are your grades? Nursing courses are usually much more difficult than the prerequisite courses. If your grades are holding you back from being accepted at a less expensive college, you might want to reconsider nursing altogether. I think most nurses would agree that being accepted into a program is the easiest part of getting a nursing degree. In any event, best of luck in your pursuit of an RN. Diana
  9. jbudrick

    Change Careers or Treat Depression?

    Please keep in mind that the depression may follow you into the next job. It sounds like you are having a hard time building a life in your new town. Definitely discuss the depression with your doctor. Also, follow the basic nursing advice of eat right, get plenty of exercise and rest. Spend time outside of work socializing with other people, like take a class or participate in a sport. Hope things look up for your soon. Diana
  10. Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
  11. jbudrick

    Sacred heart University MSN

    My experience at SHU was excellent. There were many papers assigned and weekly discussion boards, as well as group projects. For the professional development clinical practicum, I had to make efforts to find my own preceptor and SHU provided some guidance. I was fortunate that the first person I spoke to at a hospital SHU had a contract with agreed to precept me. It went very well and was a terrific learning experience. It was easier on the academic side. I wanted to learn about on-line teaching and I was assigned as a teaching assistant for two different nursing classes. I had the same academic advisor throughout the program, who also was my professor for the capstone courses. I live near campus so I was able to meet some of the professors in person as well as one of the professors for whom I was a teaching assistant. As I was interviewing for jobs, I also met other SHU graduates. Overall, my experience with SHU was very positive.
  12. jbudrick

    Burned Out & Bummed Out - Can't find my nursing "niche"

    Dear Burned Out and Bummed Out, One more thing, you do not have to remain a nurse if it doesn't feel right. You can go back to college for another career, or see what other jobs you can get with your nursing degree. Just a thought .... JBudrick
  13. jbudrick

    Burned Out & Bummed Out - Can't find my nursing "niche"

    Dear Burned Out and Bummed Out, One of the things they don't teach in nursing school is that after you graduate you get a job” that has all the requirements and disadvantages of any job. You are expected to show up to work, do your job to a high standard, get along with people obnoxious or not, navigate through politics, etc. After all of the learning about how to be professional sometimes you get treated like you work at a fast food joint. All jobs” have some elements in common. The difference is that in nursing you sometimes have the opportunity to truly help people. Nurses usually make a decent salary with benefits, and can advance their career. At times you help people just by doing the job you were hired to do. Other times, you simply cannot help those who won't accept your help. People have the right to make bad decisions. What makes it all worthwhile is when there is a patient that you can truly help manage their illness and live the best life they can. The chance to truly help someone isn't an everyday event. Even in home care, most patients won't change their lifestyle even if it is killing them. In psychiatric nursing home care I would see the same patients for years and help them remain in the community as long as I could until another exacerbation landed them in the hospital. Best wishes in your search for meaningful career. JBudrick
  14. jbudrick

    Vent/Advice Needed

    In Connecticut, not providing pain medication in an immediate manner is considered a deficiency. Requests for pain relief cannot be ignored. Just saying .... You can anticipate that some patients will request pain medication at the first available time. In any event, you will get quicker over time. Also keep in mind that even though you have the one hour before and after, some meds must be given promptly such as seizure medications and insulin. Best wishes on your new job.
  15. jbudrick

    Sacred heart University MSN

    I wanted to let you all know I graduated from SHU in Dec. 2014 with an MSN Education. I have a job in professional development because of my degree. It took 18 months with one class every eight weeks. I worked full-time for most of the program. Good luck everyone.