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i have been having alot of trouble finding a watch that can handle the rigors of being washed alot and also some of the plastic bands make me break out. i have to wear hydrocortisone creme with a... Read More

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    I have a Timex IronMan. It is waterproof and with a very heavy plastic band and,I can wash it anytime I want. It's also digital and I have it set to military time.

    If I get 'nasties' on it, I can slip it off, wash it, and "keep on tickin' "

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    I have a Nursemate w/ a leather band. I really appreciate the military time feature, and it has nice big numbers for dimmly lit rooms. Wish it had Indiglo, like a couple other of my watches, but they don't have military time... The Swiss Army watch earlier in the thread looked great - does it have an Indiglo type feature? (I couldn't tell from the pics, although the date feature is also very cool! - for those 11 - 7 shifts...)
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    I'm used to wear my unbreakable Casio G-Shock DW5600 E.
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    I wear Fossil for a couple reasons...definitely handles the water but also the Fossil bands have added links so that you can wear it higher up on the arm a bit so that when you wash your hands you can also do the wrists...and they last for years! Love them!!! I own 6 I think....since my feet have issues and cute shoes are no longer an option I think I have switched to a watch fetish....LOL
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    i also wear a fossil. its very dainty and pretty but it is waterproof and reliable. my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday 3 years ago and it still works great.
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    Quote from barbyann

    I swear by my Swiss Army...pricey but indestructible.
    Ditto on Swiss Army!
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    I use this one from Dakota Watch Company. I even paid a few extra dollars and had my name engraved on the front just in case it ever decides to try and "walk away".
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    I also had problems with the leather bands irritating me, so for Christmas after my first semester of NS was done, I asked for a new band. My parents surprised me with a Citizen Eco-Drive instead. This watch was pricey, but she got it at Kohl's on sale, and you never need to replace the battery(runs on light). This watch is practically indestructable.
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    wrist watches are banned due to infection control have a fob watch
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    Quote from barbyann

    i swear by my swiss army...pricey but indestructible.
    mine is similar, and i love it. it's lasted several years now, so at $200 it was a bargain compared to the cheaper $50 watches which self-destructed early, gave me rashes or just looked cheap!
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