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para82frame has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatric home care..

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  1. Hospitals discriminating against medical conditions..?

    According to the federal government, its a schedule one controlled substance and has no legitimate medical use (right or wrong is irrelevant), the fact the government is ignoring enforcement doesn't change the actual law. That said, just like a nurse...
  2. CNA trying to hit me up for drugs.

    Report here to the person in charge, don't mess around with conversations like that.
  3. How does everyone wind down after work?

    I go shooting, nothing like releaving stress with a .223 at 200 yards.
  4. what kind of watch do you wear?

    My Seiko 7T84 has gone to hell (Iraq) and back with only a few scratches. I got it for 80 bucks online.
  5. Was today your 1st day?

    Yeah, first day of my CNA class. (if that counts)
  6. Live Chat Room is OPEN!!

    yay I have 15 posts.
  7. Viagra joke (as told to me by an 91 year old pt)

    LOL.:rotfl: :lol_hitti
  8. Air in the IV line.....

    can't air in the blood cause an enbolisom?
  9. an odd question

    marijuana is still an illegal drug on a federal level and and just because cali. allows its prescription dosn't mean it overrides fed. law, so i think it would be grounds for firing.
  10. Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

    that is the funniest thing I have read in a while.
  11. CNA salary

    It is 15.00$ starting pay in SoCal. (Now i just need to get a job around here.)
  12. Alzheimer's eye test

    I got 7 the first time.:imbar
  13. Dear Tide

    got to love tide.
  14. Colonoscopy Jokes

    your jokes stink, get it? stink. :uhoh21:
  15. Whites or Colored scrubs?

    I love my burgundy scrubs, but I am only a student CNA. We can wear whatever colors we want, as long as we look professional.