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mrsraisinkain has 3 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

I work in hospice as a crisis care LPN.

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  1. mrsraisinkain

    So my heart broke when I saw this patient....

    I did something like this yesterday. I'm a Hospice crisis care nurse and my pt the last two days lives in an ECF. Her husband is her roommate. My patient herself had no problems with the facility food but her poor hubby came back from each meal in the dining room so saddened over the food. I felt horrible that this poor man returned from his dinner still hungry! So yesterday I snuck him in some homemade chili I had made. The picture of this happy old man grinning a huge grin with chili running down his chin is a memory I will keep a long time. We wouldn't be nurses if we didn't care deeply about people. I kind of thought like you did: "If they're going to write me up for feeding a hungry man then karma is gonna smack them in the back of the head some day!"
  2. mrsraisinkain

    Wow, now what?

    My insurance company would have given us a discount on our auto policy if I was an RN, but because I'm an LPN we did not receive the discount.
  3. mrsraisinkain

    Did I Miss Something?

    Geez, AngelfireRN. Didn't your vows say "to have and to hold, to honor and cherish, to wash your dirty underwear, and have a hot dinner on the table every night - all while working a very strenuous job?" Where did you get married?? LOL You put it very nicely. The only people that can validate me as a wife are 1. my husband and 2. myself. Everybody else can "X out of it".
  4. mrsraisinkain

    YOU did it!!!

    Awesome post!! Congratulations to you!! YOU did it!
  5. mrsraisinkain

    Did I Miss Something?

    My daugher would be "African-American" I guess - her dad was from Cape Town South Africa and I was born in raised in Ohio... but she has blonde hair and blue eyes and painfully pale skin. LOL
  6. mrsraisinkain

    Did I Miss Something?

    It doesn't matter that I do cook for my husband probably 5 nights a week... my family and my husband's still make jokes about "Why did you even bother to put a stove in that kitchen since she never cooks?" Luckily my DH sticks up for me... he'd better if he wants to keep those 5 nights. I also get all kinds of "stupid" stuff from my grandparents about me being an LPN. Papa: So what are you going to be when you graduate LPN school? Me: I'm going to be a nurse. Papa: Oh so you're going to be like a nurse! Me: The cake went to my ex-husband who worked 1st shift and I worked 1-9PM. He would call me at work and ask what I was cooking for dinner even though he had been sitting at home since 4 PM. Did I mention he's my EX husband??
  7. mrsraisinkain

    Frame for RN license

    I purchased a floater frame. The actual frame is probably 10 x 13 inches and my 8 x 11 certificate (I don't get a paper license either) "floats" between two panes of glass. I found mine at Kohl's. http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/product_page.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524892358540&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374752628269&searchTerm=document+frame&bmUID=1251744661159#
  8. mrsraisinkain

    New grad with no clinical skills

    I just graduated from LPN school in April. I don't know what it's like everywhere else but here nursing schools are popping up everywhere - and these schools are fighting for clinical locations. When a school is finally let into a facility for clinicals they are often sharing the facility with another school and limited on the number of patients they can take care of. In these situations you may or may not have a patient that has a foley or an IV or... (fill in the blank). I learned quickly that if I wanted a chance to perform a certain skill I needed to make my desire known to my instructor. I had to learn to be assertive and make MY needs known - something I hadn't been used to doing. Not everybody in my class was able to do that. Some were just lazy and didn't care to try. I haven't emptied a foley bag but I'm pretty sure I could if I tried. Even though I'm IV certified I have never DCd an IV (on a real person anyway - just the fake one in lab). BUT... not doing any fingersticks??? I don't understand that one.
  9. mrsraisinkain

    time-off to raise children

    I'm still looking for my first nursing job, but as a previous stay at home mom, I have to tell ya that you will probably be grateful for a chance to get out of the house, away from kids, and having some adult interaction, even if it is once a week!
  10. mrsraisinkain

    No time off for new dad!!

    I am yet another story of 1st marriage - fancy big wedding, marriage lasted 6 months... 2nd marriage got married on the Vegas strip just the two of us and look back on the wedding as the most intimate thing we could have done. As far as becoming Catholic to have the big wedding to make the occasion more special, honey you've already thrown tradition out the window with the baby before marriage, why try and save it now? Catholics may not use birth control, but they certainly believe in exercising abstinence before marriage. I hate to tell ya, but as the mother of two kids, if you never had the money to get married before, it's not going to be easier financially after the baby comes! As everybody has said he can't call in sick for those days now. Doesn't he have any PTO days to use? Has he had excessive call-ins already? It's so odd his employer wouldn't be more sympathetic to the fact his baby is about to be born if he has been such an exemplary employee. I think now he'll just have to be an unexcused absence, take the suspension, and use that time to hunt for a new job! Good luck on Thursday and congratulations!
  11. mrsraisinkain

    Questions about Sinclair LPN to RN fast track

    Hi everyone! I graduated with my LPN from RETS in April and passed my boards at the end of June. When I graduated in April, I decided to sit out a term before returning to RETS for their ADN program and planned on starting back in August. During my time off, I've had a change of heart and decided to look around some more for other bridge programs. I'm not going to bash RETS... I'm just looking for a different scene. Some of the things that have turned me off of their program have to do with the school being so small. I loved going there for my LPN but think maybe a bigger college might suit me better. I spoke with Sinclair today about their program. It's going to take me longer to get my RN there, but it would be less strenuous of a schedule. I would be done with the program at RETS in 15 months and best case scenario I will graduate from Sinclair in 2 1/2 years. Even though it would take longer, the Sinclair schedule would probably me offer some more time to be able to work as an LPN. Does anybody have any thoughts about this? Would it be better to suck up and go to RETS and be done sooner, or get a "Sinclair nurse" education even though it will take longer? The best case scenario involves me being able to test out of some math classes by taking a placement test. Has anybody taken this test? Can you tell me what it's like? Was it hard? How many people are actually able to test out of the classes? I think the classes I'd be able to test out of are DEV 084, 085, and 108 if that helps. I was always pretty good at high school math but that's been 11 years ago. If I don't test out of these classes that will add another few quarters until I'm eligible to enroll the in fast track program. I guess I'm really looking for some advice on the whole situation. I need to decide pretty quickly. RETS starts classes Aug 3 so I need to get enrolled quickly if I decide to go there. Thanks for reading this and TIA for your advice! :)
  12. mrsraisinkain

    BON question :)

    I tried to call the BON to check the status of my registration. All I could get was a voicemail. I left them a message on Tuesday, they called me back on the following Monday - after I had already gotten my ATT, taken my NCLEX, and gotten my license number. They are SWAMPED!
  13. mrsraisinkain

    For mrsraisinkain

    I'm digging up a REALLY old thread. I just wanted to say that I graduated school in April. I took my boards on June 26th and was posted on the Ohio Board of Nursing Website on June 29th with an LPN license number. Finally, I am a nurse! Now the struggle to find a job begins. I really want to thank everybody that has given me support and listened to me complain through this long year of school!!!
  14. mrsraisinkain

    BON question :)

    Hi! I'm in the Dayton area. My last day of school was March 27th. My school submitted my registration and it was received by the OBN April 20th. I started showing "pending" on their website June 4th. I received my ATT on June 25th. Now, I happened to get really lucky and fall into a cancellation appointment and was able to test on June 25th but most of my class had to wait about 3 more weeks to take their test. The OBN is very swamped right now. I think in addition to all the recent graduates, the problem is compounded by the fact that all the RNs are having to recert by the end of August.
  15. mrsraisinkain

    BON ATT frustration

    Hello. I'm a new LPN in OH. My last day of school was March 27th and my application was mailed in by my school April 20th. I started showing "pending" on the OBN website on June 4. I got my ATT on June 25th.
  16. mrsraisinkain

    NCLEX-PN Help

    This is who my school arranged to come and do a review for us. I'm not sure of your location but it's worth a shot to check. I thought they did an excellent job. http://www.sylviarayfield.com/