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lregister has 13 years experience and specializes in LD, MOBA, TRAUMa.

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  1. lregister

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Completely agree with the post. Nursing is not what it used to be and certainly not what it should be.
  2. lregister

    First year nurse. Thinking about leaving field altogether.

    Who in the world thought that loading cups for 50 freakin patients at a time was a good idea? That’s insane! Damn, I can’t imagine thinking that I’m going to do that EVER! Not one supervisor owns the rights to my nursing license. nurses should be able to load beds 1- 7 (typical med surge load) at the most and go reload, without higher ups saying a word. I can’t believe this whole mess.
  3. lregister

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    We don’t scan routine Saline flushes. I guess it’s one of the last remaining things us nurses can be trusted to use and not Have to document in 14 places. When we document our IV assessment, we do document that the site flushes. Heparin flushes are kept in the omnicell and scanned at bedside to patient’s record.
  4. lregister

    The dreaded rolling backpack...

    When I started nursing school a couple of years ago, I had to walk 2 1/2 blocks from the parking lot to our classroom. It didn't take me long to figure out that something was going to be on wheels and it couldn't be me. I went to Office Depot just to see what they had in the rolling bag line. I spotted the perfect match for me. It has a sturdy frame and was a pretty slate blue. Bought the thing. Shoved all of my books in it before I left the parking lot. Got out at home and proceeded to roll in my brand new friend filled with all the knowlege a nurse could attain up to my house. My 16 year old daughter came out to meet me and said "Did you ride the short bus home?" I thought she was making fun because the bag rolled. I was wrong. She was making fun because the wheels light up (like mutant lightning bugs - electric red, blue, and yellow) and the bag rolls!! Nevertheless, I wheeled that dang old bag to and from school until I graduated this past December. It served me well for school and continues to do so. So buy that idiotic rolling bag, you'll be glad you did.
  5. lregister

    what kind of watch do you wear?

    Hey, I received a Seiko for graduation and love it but I had to send it out to have the day/date thingy fixed. My 8 year old bought a $5 pink velco digital/hand combo at WalMart so I had been using that. However, Thursday, I was assisting an OB/GYN with a labor induction. The patient's water broke and shot out with such pressure that the fluid saturated my watch band. In light of that, I would recommend that you get a metal band watch that can take a good scrubbing!

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