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    So, I was very excited about the Grey's Anatomy scrubs that came out. Flattering and nicely made. Lately though, I've noticed an ugly trend. Every nurse and student nurse I see wearing them is wearing the top as tight as humanly possible! It drives me crazy, it looks so unprofessional! I understand wanting to look like you have a shape, but your breasts should not be on display in a healthcare setting. Just saying....

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    If you can do your job in your scrubs without ripping them open, they're not too tight. I love grey's scrubs and probably wear mine bigger than most people do, but it's because I care more about comfort than looking good. You can look like an unprofessional slob wearing scrubs that are too big, too. Shape is not a bad thing.
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    Scrubs tend to fit me like this : I either look like they are a bit too tight or I look like I bought scrubs I could cut in half and wear for two nights at a time that also resemble a bicycle gift bag. It's sometimes hard to find a mid size or the scrubs are too big in certain places and too tight in others. Oh how I wish my body could accommodate being perfect enough to wear scrubs to the standards of most.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    It can be a bit distracting if you are wearing too tight scrubs. There should be some kind of dress code that should be followed.
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    I guess it depends on what is considered "normal" in everyday fashion.
    I came of age in the baggy khaki pants and boxy Gap one-pocket t-shirt. If you looked around, most of the clothes people wore could be described as "relaxed fit" a polite word for baggy.
    Look at pictures of 1950's fasion. Clothes were fitted, darted and swerved around every curve. Gain 5 pounds and the clothes wouldn't fit anymore. Tight was feminine and enticing.
    The Gray's Anatomy scrubs tend to run small, so if you just look at the label and not try the scrubs before buying, things will fit a little snug. I like those scrubs. There is little out there for the little and slim, and this line fits well for the tiny nurses.
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    Like season 1 nurse Jackie's painted on scrubs! That was as uncomfortable for us as it was for Edie Falco!
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    If older women in black dresses are looking at you and muttering under their breath, your scrubs may be too obviously flattering.

    If old men with a history of prostate dz are asking your for a date, your scrubs are way too flattering.

    If someone asks if they know you from the county's time for a makeover.

    Plz take the above with a stat dose of tongue-in-cheek

    Just my $0.02, but subtle wears better on the eye than provocative.
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    I would far rather see scrubs more fitted and tailored looking than loose, baggy and slovenly (which is how most scrubs look).
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    My pet peeve are scrubs that drag on the floor. The patient makes an assessment of you by your appearance. The way you choose to dress can affect your professional career as well. My advice is to chose your uniform wisely.
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    I can't wear the greys cause I have a big chest, the kois give me the same issue. I go with the dickies ones because I prefer my psych clients to not be focusing on my chest...
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