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cherryames1949 has 27 years experience and specializes in Oncology&Homecare.

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  1. cherryames1949

    The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

    Viva, I agree with you. I still love my job and I'm grateful that at 64 I am still able to do it. Cherry Ames was my inspiration as a child but in my profession it has been my fellow RNs and patients that keep me motivated. I'm never bored. You have turned the page but every experience you've had up til now has prepared you for your next adventure. Good luck in your new job!
  2. cherryames1949

    Received my 3rd rejection today.

    Do not give up your dream! These rejections will make your success all the sweeter. I agree with those that are advising you to think outside the box. There is a way forward for you.
  3. cherryames1949

    I can't believe the MD did that

    I live in fear of a doctor like this. We need nurse advocates but we also need a nursing administration that supports them. Nurses are expected to advocate on the patient's behalf but are often in danger of recriminations. In this economic climate losing your job can be a deterrent to speaking up. This patient was put through a painful, unnecessary procedure without benefit. That is wrong.
  4. cherryames1949

    How much is too much?

    I would never make it through nursing school today! Don't give up! It may be hard but it's worth it.
  5. cherryames1949

    Is it covered under Obamacare? - Cartoon Contest Winner

    I moved south 20 years ago and it still has me shaking my head! People here will vote against their own self interest. Obama care is only the beginning of reform. It will take many years to catch up with Western Europe.
  6. cherryames1949

    Quo Vadis?

    Viva, I was so sorry to read this article. You are obviously in distress. You are a bright, talented, can do nurse. I think that the universe and your body are sending you a message. Enough is enough. I don't have to tell you that stress can kill. I don't have any answers for you because only you can find the right answer for yourself. I do know that you have the support of all of your followers on all nurses. I'm sending you positive thoughts and prayers. You will get through this. It won't be easy but I have faith in you.
  7. cherryames1949

    Things you didn't learn in nursing school

    I learned that my life would be very different from Cherry Ames. I wouldn't get to marry the handsome doctor and live a life of adventure (she was a nurse during WW2). My uniform would not remain starched and lily white. Regardless, I have enjoyed almost every minute.
  8. cherryames1949

    Today I passed AANP FNP boards!!!

    You did it! Congratulations! Bask in your achievement.🌟
  9. cherryames1949

    Warning to us ALL!!

    Thanks for the laugh!!😄
  10. cherryames1949

    Poetry: Nursing Haiku

    Thanks Viva!😄
  11. cherryames1949

    When do you march up the chain of command?

    I agree with Royhanosn. Just cut your loses. Don't quit but start looking elsewhere now.
  12. cherryames1949

    Primary Care vs Specialty

    Graduated a Long time ago. I was in my early thirties and didn't want to wait to start in oncology. I accepted a job at a specialty hospital and never looked back. Take the job. I'm betting that you won't regret it. Good luck in your career!
  13. cherryames1949

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    Not complete bunk. Many brilliant people and ideas have languished and died because of negative thinking! Positive thinking isn't the only ingredient in success but it is certainly a factor.😃
  14. cherryames1949

    Pre-Nursing School Jitters

    Take it from an old hand, everything you are feeling is normal! My advice is to stay focused and don't get discouraged when things don't go as expected. My guess is that you are all motivated to succeed. Now just do it! Keep us posted on your progress and best of luck!
  15. cherryames1949

    But I Feel So Doggone Guilty

    I never even thought about "false guilt". It makes perfect sense. As women, sometimes we just do it to ourselves.
  16. cherryames1949

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

    That sure is a lot of anger energy! I hope that someday she is able to "pass over". Maybe you guys need the Ghost Whisperer!