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  1. cherryames1949

    A Time to Reflect

    Your article really reasonated with me. The years fly by and the experiences pile up. I have loved every minute of my career. I have learned so much and have been privileged to take care of my patients. I know that they have enriched my life and I hope that I have made a difference. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences. So many times we like to gripe and forget all of the positives of our job. Well done on a long and fulfilling career.
  2. I loved it! Keep writing.
  3. cherryames1949

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    Not complete bunk. Many brilliant people and ideas have languished and died because of negative thinking! Positive thinking isn't the only ingredient in success but it is certainly a factor.
  4. cherryames1949

    Pre-Nursing School Jitters

    Take it from an old hand, everything you are feeling is normal! My advice is to stay focused and don't get discouraged when things don't go as expected. My guess is that you are all motivated to succeed. Now just do it! Keep us posted on your progress and best of luck!
  5. cherryames1949

    Thickened Liquids With Dysphagia (Part I)

    Thanks commuter and green tea for shedding light on an important topic. It isn't only a matter of patient safety but also a quality of life issue.
  6. cherryames1949

    Hospice Care Versus Palliative Care

    Thanks for the heads up billybob. Years ago a loved one of mine was in a nursing home being managed by hospice. I was UNimpressed. My friend was in agony when I arrived. I got the on call hospice nurse on the phone and got the situation worked out. I had to wonder what happened after I left. She mercifully passed away within the week. We can and must do a better job With end of life issues.
  7. cherryames1949

    Hospice Care Versus Palliative Care

    Elimination of suffering is a worthy goal no matter what the setting. Understanding and education is the way to advance this goal. Thank you for the information.
  8. cherryames1949

    Be Vigilant About Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Toxicity

    There are no innocuous drugs! Period!
  9. cherryames1949

    Protect Your Patients When Giving Promethazine (Phenergan)

    My home infusion company insists on diluting Phenergan 25 mg in 50 mls of NS even when a central line is used. This is company policy. We used to push it diluted in 10 ml of NS. Either way I was extremely lucky that my patients never had any adverse effects. It is not worth losing a limb over!
  10. cherryames1949

    But I Feel So Doggone Guilty

    I never even thought about "false guilt". It makes perfect sense. As women, sometimes we just do it to ourselves.
  11. cherryames1949

    Out, Out, Damned Spot!

    This is one of those things that seem so obvious. Can you imagine if you cultured a square of that carpet! I just shivered. Sometimes good intentions (or not) lead to a smelly outcome!:uhoh21:
  12. cherryames1949

    Spiritual Nursing

    This article is learned and erudite. Some people are more comfortable addressing spiritual issues than others. It can be a touchy topic for nurse and patient. That doesn't mean that we can stop trying. Working in oncology made this clear to me. People thrist for the knowledge and comfort of a supreme being, other, or higher power. We all want to know what comes next. In a crisis the patient and family need more from us. Unfortunately, we either can't relate or don't have to courage to engage. In this current climate of cutbacks, the spiritual well being of the patient, is not a priority for most health care professionals. It is all well and good to talk about holistic health care and quite another to put it into practice. Time is money in the health care industry. Spirituality will take a back seat for many reasons.
  13. cherryames1949

    one encounter

    Memory loss is the tragedy of old age. It affects the patient, family and friends. It changes the person you love into someone you hardly recognize and who does not recognize you. We need to have patience with the patient and family. They need all of our support.
  14. cherryames1949

    A Kid's Note

    You certainly held my attention. I agree with Esme. There are many things in this world for which there is no explanation. Thank you for sharing a spooky story.
  15. cherryames1949

    Have you seen this person?

    Who among us haven't asked the same question? Your answer was perfect for Mary. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. I am always hoping that I am able to say the "right thing" as it can make such a difference to the patient. You were definitely touched by an angel.