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So, I was very excited about the Grey's Anatomy scrubs that came out. Flattering and nicely made. Lately though, I've noticed an ugly trend. Every nurse and student nurse I see wearing them is wearing the top as tight as humanly... Read More

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    One day while floating, I asked about who was coming in for nights. "the girl with the really tight scrubs" was the answer. All the nurses at the station started buzzing about her tight clothing, one male even said its a bit distracting. She was not the funny one with long hair, or the kind one who goes out of her way to help. She was only remembered for dressing inappropriate.

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    Quote from rngolfer53
    If old men with a history of prostate dz are asking your for a date, your scrubs are way too flattering.
    ...and then sometimes they do this when you're wearing definitely not-too-tight, not particularly flattering Walmart scrubs.
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    i'm a guy...
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    When scrub pants perfectly fits to a nurse's butt, is that considered unprofessional too?

    I have breasts, my scrubs are snug on my breasts and nowhere else. I do wear Grey's and probably am one of those nurses you see. . But I don't do it to display my breast. Any scrub I wear is the same, except if I go a couple sizes up.

    I hate loose scrubs. I don't like my scrub touching anything that doesn't need to be touched. I have enough to worry about and I don't like to add my scrubs on to that list. I don't like my scrubs dragging on a patient's bed/floor. I've seen enough nosocomial infections.

    I've seen scrubs with stain on it, wrinkled and worn out, some nurses even wear henley t-shirts with their scrub pants, black underwear over light scrubs, even camel toes and IMHO, that's more unprofessional than a fitted scrub top. I make sure my scrubs are clean, even iron them if I have to. It's one of the things that keeps me comfortable doing my job.
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    Quote from cherryames1949
    My pet peeve are scrubs that drag on the floor. The patient makes an assessment of you by your appearance. The way you choose to dress can affect your professional career as well. My advice is to chose your uniform wisely.
    THIS! If I had a dollar for every person I ever worked with that didn't believe in hemming...they literally 'walked' the excess length off!
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    I love greys but they do show my chest. As long as there are not busting at the seams, I don't care.
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    Quote from RJmanuone
    i'm a guy...
    There are plenty of guys who don't wear supportive underwear in scrubs that definitely should be. It can be just as shocking in my opinion.
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    I can't wear grey's anatomy scrubs because they just don't fit in the shoulders. I either have to wear unisex tops or men's. I have huge football player shoulders for a woman LOL.
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    I, for one, do not have a problem with tight scrub tops- if you have the appropriate body to show off.
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    Don't let them drag on the floor!

    I was getting report on a patient I was rounding on today from a nurse with bell-bottom looking scrub pants that had at least 5cm dragging on the floor. I really had to fight the urge to ask her what she was thinking.

    As for them being too tight, I am not one to complain.

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