Changing our colors again- rant.

  1. Well, when I took my job I went out and bought all scrubs in the colors we were allowed. Then they removed the dress code and said wear what you like. Then they changed our shoe policy, had to buy new "all white" shoes. Then they realized all white shoes get nasty, back to the old shoe policy. I bought more scrubs since we could wear what we like. Then I bought maternity scrubs. Now we are getting NEW assigned colors. They do not pay for our scrubs. We do not get discounts through any supplier. I have one month to comply and since I am preggers, this means I need more maternity scrubs in the new colors, then I will need regular scrubs in the new colors. I am sick of spending all this money while perfectly good scrubs sit in my closet. Rant over. UGH.
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  3. by   amarilla
    Rant respected. I'm expecting a dress code change myself and am preparing my pocketbook. I'm just hoping it's nothing too ugly or, worse yet, all white. Ug!

    Maybe you can sell those gently used scrubs on ebay and make a few dollars for them? I've sold off lots of gently used/hardly worn sets after changing facilities this past year. Just a thought.
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    That's frustrating. Has anyone mentioned to them that the constant changes are creating a pretty expensive burden on everyone?
  5. by   BSNbeauty
    That is very fustrating. I have to wear white and blue and hate it. The white gets dirty so quickly. I find myself having to buy new scrubs all the time.
  6. by   Twinmom06
    can you write part of it off on your taxes?
  7. by   dah doh
    @ Twinmom06: nursing uniforms, nursing shoes, insoles, socks, nursing stuff, etc. YES! The only catch is that the item has to be used for work and is non-reimbursed by your employer and cannot be used in another way. So a businessman cannot write off a suit because he could potentially use it for a wedding. But police and nursing uniforms can't really be used for other things (per the IRS definition)...don't forget laundering expenses too!
  8. by   anotherone
    what nonsence , op! i would be livid! we can not even be trusted to wear professional attire. how often are these changes taking place?
  9. by   morte
    since you are preg., I would ask for a temporary suspension of dress code. At least that would allow you to save a little.
  10. by   DeeAngel
    They are doing the exact same thing where I work as part of their rebranding push. Currently it's white tops and navy or white pants only. The new scrubs are totally different colors and all have the hospital logo on the L pocket on the top. They will look sharp even though it's a hassle. They are giving us approx. $150.00 each to buy new things with and the pieces should be heavily discounted because of the quantity the hospital is contracting for.
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  11. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Check out your local Goodwill. I am a traveler and pick up my scrubs for my assignments there. I am starting a 8 week assignment so I will be there tomorrow. You have to sort through them but some are in very good shape! Oh, and people laugh at the hospitals I travel to when I share this. BUT, travel is not paying what it used to and I have to be very resourceful!
  12. by   RNewbie
    I've never thought about goodwill, but that's a great idea. OP, have you tried Walmart? They have really cheap scrubs. Target also sells cheap scrubs, but online only. I also found a website but I have never used them. As far as the maternity scrubs could you just use the same pants pre and post baby and wear scrub jackets open with a shirt underneath.
  13. by   dah doh
    When I was pregnant, I purchased bigger scrub pants on eBay...slightly used but in great condition...4 pair of scrub pants for $ I bought 2 sets in 2 different sizes. I bought cheap maternity tshirts at Walmart. Then used old scrub jackets left open when my scrub tops didn't fit anymore. I couldn't see spending that much money on maternity scrubs which I would only use for a few months. Good luck!
  14. by   mappers
    How many shifts do you work a week? Three? Buy three identical sets and that's it and get them used if you can. If you work 5 shifts, do laundry halfway through your week.