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gettingbsn2msn has 5 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in medical surgical.

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  1. gettingbsn2msn

    Tell me I'm being too literal

    My RN son is leaving nursing after spending $$$ on a BSN. He worked in NYC metro at the beginning of the pandemic. He said he realized quickly that the hospitals could give a damn about him. They wore garbage bags over their scrubs and got one N95 mask for the shift. They had to do their own respiratory therapy, phlebotomy, IV's and accompany their patients to other locales in the hospital. I always worked in hospitals that had RT's (and I am in the southeast). He is looking in to counseling as he is having flashbacks and nightmares over this. He said not worth the money. He is going back to school for IT.
  2. gettingbsn2msn

    Accept a part-time NP job?

    Be VERY careful with a NP position that has been open that long. Is it due to covid? I know around 50 NP's and PA's were furloughed at the large hospital system in our area. They were considered non essentials as they did not take care of covid patients.
  3. gettingbsn2msn

    Regretting an APRN degree

    I have been telling my RN friends this for a few years. It is all based on supply and demand. Schools have been churning out APRN degrees for quite a few years at this point. I am also a APRN. I had to start my own practice. You are correct that their are no decent jobs out here. I would think being a midwife would be a good field to start your own practice (I am not a midwife). So many have no insurance or insurance does not pay that I started my own practice seeing low maintenance patients for a $65.00 visit. No one breathes down my neck about seeing a patient every 7 minutes. I am closer to retirement (what is that?) than most. I make less than my RN kiddo. That said it is somewhat rewarding and I get to know alot about my patients. This has been almost a 5 year venture. Lots of mistakes and everyone assumes you are rich (not!). However, I can see myself doing this until I can't anymore. I have to even do my own phlebotomy as I cannot afford a $15 an hour employee. I do not mind as I was always very good at it. Anyway, just thought I would share my experience. I am also a third career. Marketing, BSN, MSN. I am done with formal education.
  4. gettingbsn2msn

    What Do You Miss About Nursing?

    I was thrilled to get out of the hospital. I am a retired working nurse. This means I pick my days and who I see. I was concerned I would loose skills. I see patients for low cash prices. NO INSURANCE. I loved nursing at the beginning of my career but as someone else said I went on vacation for a week. They called me on my ride back from Florida and fired me while I was driving with my family. I came to hate the profession. In fact I am terrified to age out in the United States. I would like my next career to be phlebotomy. I was the one that was called from all over the hospital to draw blood. I have a gift for it. That said I would only do it if I did not have some psycho manager. It would be mainly to get me out of the house and keep in the medical field. Not sure this would be allowed with me having a NP. Although, I can see myself doing this into my 70's.
  5. gettingbsn2msn

    Nurse Practitioner Job

    This is exactly what I have been predicting for years. If everyone goes back to school to get a NP there will be less demand for employment. Wages will also go down significantly. My son is a RN in the emergency room. He is 25 and already seeing this. States that he has zero desire to spend $80k for a NP degree to make MAYBE ten dollars more an hour. Nope, no thanks. I am on the other side of the coin. Looking to retire from this madness in a few. Many of my docs I work with are sick of this as well. Tired of administration owning everyone.
  6. gettingbsn2msn

    How is covid in your area?

    My RN kiddo just returned from New York. He was a traveler. They did not renew his contract which I see as a good sign!
  7. gettingbsn2msn

    NP: Age limit?

    I finished NP school at 52. It was somewhat difficult to find a first job but I attribute that to over saturation and not age. Many MD's work into their 80's but at a less capacity. That is my hope. I just do not know what I would do in my retirement years. I do not play golf or tennis. On a side note my son finished his BSN 2 years ago. At his graduation I met two people in his graduating class that were going on to become NP's. Both were in their 50's. I believe one has to weigh the cost. If you are borrowing 100k do do this I would say "no." If you can find a lower cost school I would go ahead. I moved across the country to save 80k plus I went to a brick and mortar school that set up my clinical rotations.
  8. gettingbsn2msn

    Low Stress Specialties

    It is all stressful. People have incredibly high expectations (if you are in the USA). I would retire but between cost for healthcare and taxes I do not think will ever be possible.
  9. gettingbsn2msn

    Coronavirus-Are we ready to talk about rationing care?

    I am extremely angry. My son is a RN. Huge hospital system. Works in ER. I just text him if they have implemented masks yet. He text back "no and followed by mom they tell us its just the flu". I am also a RN. I would fight this but I do not work in this hospital.
  10. gettingbsn2msn

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I am old. Definitely not a cheerleader.
  11. gettingbsn2msn

    HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    I would be willing to bet that rural Georgia is lower paying than Florida. NP's get around 85k or less in this part of the country. We only stay because we have family here.
  12. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Old/Improved, It is not better for our medical doctors either. My son wants to go to med school. I have had more than one doctor say they "want to set him straight." Healthcare has changed immensely. Sadly, I have no answers.
  13. gettingbsn2msn

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    TREMENDOUS waste in healthcare. I am a nurse practitioner and the amount of paperwork involved is horribly wasteful. My opinion is that healthcare is a business. The hospitals are making tremendous amounts of revenue. My husband went for a treadmill test last week. We pay $700.00 plus per month for our policy. His treadmill test (at the hospital) was $8,900.00. We are responsible for 30% of that. My husband is not in healthcare so ASSUMED that it was covered since we pay so much per month. We both have decent incomes. We will eventually have to file banktrupcy. These are not good times for healthcare. I could write for hours on this topic. Unfortunately, I just finished my 5 minute lunch.
  14. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Healthcare is so bad that I really am not sure if I want to continue on this path. I am a nurse practitioner. Triple charting now mandatory on a patient. Like all of you, I am very ethical. I CARE about my patients. Some days I am so stressed as I want to spend time with my patients. I have told my child NOT to go into healthcare. It is not possible with the requirements and expectations today.
  15. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Being a Nurse Practitioner is not much better (these days). Patients demand certain medications, will not pay co pays, rude and expect us to be their servants. Complete melt downs in the waiting room. Of course, not everyone is like this. However, enough are that I want out. Anyone spending $$$ to go to NP school seriously needs to think about it. EVERYONE wants instant gratification....RIGHT NOW. I guess the robots will take over soon enough.
  16. gettingbsn2msn

    Empire Medical Training?

    Not much money in it, however. Allergan has raised prices continuously through the last 14 years. The middle (us) is getting squeezed. There are not many discounts available, even to the larger practices. Yes, discounts on fillers, no to neurotoxins. The prices are so competitive in our market it makes it not worth competing. Some people import from Canada (illegal, and yes you can go to jail!) We could do this until July 2017 when it was cut off.