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gettingbsn2msn has 5 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in medical surgical.

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  1. Tell me I'm being too literal

    My RN son is leaving nursing after spending $$$ on a BSN. He worked in NYC metro at the beginning of the pandemic. He said he realized quickly that the hospitals could give a damn about him. They wore garbage bags over their scrubs and got on...
  2. Accept a part-time NP job?

    Be VERY careful with a NP position that has been open that long. Is it due to covid? I know around 50 NP's and PA's were furloughed at the large hospital system in our area. They were considered non essentials as they did not take care of covi...
  3. Regretting an APRN degree

    I have been telling my RN friends this for a few years. It is all based on supply and demand. Schools have been churning out APRN degrees for quite a few years at this point. I am also a APRN. I had to start my own practice. You are correct ...
  4. What Do You Miss About Nursing?

    I was thrilled to get out of the hospital. I am a retired working nurse. This means I pick my days and who I see. I was concerned I would loose skills. I see patients for low cash prices. NO INSURANCE. I loved nursing at the beginning of ...
  5. Nurse Practitioner Job

    This is exactly what I have been predicting for years. If everyone goes back to school to get a NP there will be less demand for employment. Wages will also go down significantly. My son is a RN in the emergency room. He is 25 and already see...
  6. How is covid in your area?

    My RN kiddo just returned from New York. He was a traveler. They did not renew his contract which I see as a good sign!
  7. New Nurse Moving to Atlanta

    I worked as a RN at Piedmont in Fayette county. I enjoyed my time there however, it started getting crazy busy as so many of the baby boomers are retiring to Peachtree City. However, over all good experience (at that time).
  8., don't walk!

    My son who graduated with a BSN 3 years ago is choosing to leave bedside. He told me it is unsustainable for him for the long term. He worked in New York city during covid and I believe that did him in. They were short so he was doing 5 shifts per ...
  9. Ambien?

    My recruiter told me to stop ambien for 7 days. She said this even though I have a legal RX. She was sure it would show up on a test.
  10. Drug testing for job-xanax

    I stopped taking ambien (have a script) for a week because my travel recruiter was concerned about it. She had told me the 7 priors presented to this position were denied because of drug usage. We were not sure if that meant legal or illegal.
  11. First APN Job: Not Getting Paid For Hospital New Hire Orientation

    I was not paid for completion of modules. I believe a few years back we were. However, hospitals are scrambling to make profits so this does not suprise me.
  12. NP: Age limit?

    I finished NP school at 52. It was somewhat difficult to find a first job but I attribute that to over saturation and not age. Many MD's work into their 80's but at a less capacity. That is my hope. I just do not know what I would do in my retire...
  13. Low Stress Specialties

    It is all stressful. People have incredibly high expectations (if you are in the USA). I would retire but between cost for healthcare and taxes I do not think will ever be possible.
  14. Coronavirus-Are we ready to talk about rationing care?

    I am extremely angry. My son is a RN. Huge hospital system. Works in ER. I just text him if they have implemented masks yet. He text back "no and followed by mom they tell us its just the flu". I am also a RN. I would fight this but I do not wor...
  15. Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I am old. Definitely not a cheerleader.