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gettingbsn2msn has 5 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in medical surgical.

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  1. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Old/Improved, It is not better for our medical doctors either. My son wants to go to med school. I have had more than one doctor say they "want to set him straight." Healthcare has changed immensely. Sadly, I have no answers.
  2. gettingbsn2msn

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    TREMENDOUS waste in healthcare. I am a nurse practitioner and the amount of paperwork involved is horribly wasteful. My opinion is that healthcare is a business. The hospitals are making tremendous amounts of revenue. My husband went for a treadmill test last week. We pay $700.00 plus per month for our policy. His treadmill test (at the hospital) was $8,900.00. We are responsible for 30% of that. My husband is not in healthcare so ASSUMED that it was covered since we pay so much per month. We both have decent incomes. We will eventually have to file banktrupcy. These are not good times for healthcare. I could write for hours on this topic. Unfortunately, I just finished my 5 minute lunch.
  3. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Healthcare is so bad that I really am not sure if I want to continue on this path. I am a nurse practitioner. Triple charting now mandatory on a patient. Like all of you, I am very ethical. I CARE about my patients. Some days I am so stressed as I want to spend time with my patients. I have told my child NOT to go into healthcare. It is not possible with the requirements and expectations today.
  4. gettingbsn2msn

    Is it like this everywhere now?

    Being a Nurse Practitioner is not much better (these days). Patients demand certain medications, will not pay co pays, rude and expect us to be their servants. Complete melt downs in the waiting room. Of course, not everyone is like this. However, enough are that I want out. Anyone spending $$$ to go to NP school seriously needs to think about it. EVERYONE wants instant gratification....RIGHT NOW. I guess the robots will take over soon enough.
  5. gettingbsn2msn

    NP Fellowship program at Emory Hospital Atlanta

    Emory has an excellent reputation in this city. I would jump on it personally.
  6. gettingbsn2msn

    For-Profit NP admissions... I thought they were joking!

    Just to top this....I have had a number of students call my office and ask if I would precept them. I cannot return phone calls until the end of the day. I (at first) was happy to do this as I believed it advanced the profession and I enjoy teaching. HOWEVER, I have encountered complete unprofessional behavior. I have returned phone calls inviting them to come in and discuss with me what their achievements are and how we will work on completing this. NOT ONE person returned my phone calls. I am done. No precepting out of this office! If one cannot return a phone call....how will you treat my patients.
  7. gettingbsn2msn

    Empire Medical Training?

    Not much money in it, however. Allergan has raised prices continuously through the last 14 years. The middle (us) is getting squeezed. There are not many discounts available, even to the larger practices. Yes, discounts on fillers, no to neurotoxins. The prices are so competitive in our market it makes it not worth competing. Some people import from Canada (illegal, and yes you can go to jail!) We could do this until July 2017 when it was cut off.
  8. gettingbsn2msn

    Integrative Medicine - is it legal?

    Will completely be determined by your state. I have found that the western states are more receptive to this type of care. That said, my state still has an issue with NP's. We have a net exodus of NP's who leave our state after training. It makes sense as we can barely do any type of treatment plans. We are nothing more than a glorified RN (in this state, of course not everywhere.)
  9. gettingbsn2msn

    PAs Do Not Like Us

    I work with a PA. We get along just fine. I believe it depends on the person. We are both older and work well with all members of our team. Never an issue (as it should be!).
  10. gettingbsn2msn

    41 yr. old business executive going to Nursing School

    Nursing has changed significantly in the last 10 years. I am not going to dissuade you from entering the field but all the feel goods that I used to have have dissipated. I also left the corporate business world. It is nothing but a money game today. Sad times.
  11. gettingbsn2msn

    Will marijuana ever be okay in nursing?

    I wonder what will happen when GW Pharmaceuticals Epidiolex hits the market 6-8 weeks out. It is 98% CBD, 1% thc and !% other fillers including flavorings. It is for seizures and migraine headaches. The DEA rescheduled the thc from schedule 1 to schedule 5 on 9/29/18 for this one pharmaceutical company. That said, I would imagine that someone on this medicine would test positive on a random drug test. Thoughts? I do not, nor will take the medicine but I know some will need it. I might also add that the investor website says the price will be 32k per year for a 12 month prescription.
  12. gettingbsn2msn

    Drug testing

    Kratom is going illegal in many states. I look for it soon to be added to a drug panel test. I think we are months away from it. Georgia will decide in January whether or not to add to schedule 1. Six other states have already done this. Ohio is close to schedule 1 as well.
  13. gettingbsn2msn

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Spent the weekend with a MD in my group. Her pay has declined significantly since so many NP's are hitting the market. She makes $125,000 per year. Sounds like a lot right? This lady has 200k plus in student loans and works extra shifts to pay off her debt. She said I should be just as angry as my career choice is decimating right in front of my eyes. She expects to somewhat in the future be replaced by a NP that will work for 75k at least that is what she hears in her hospital (we are all in the SE, so wages are naturally lower). I do not believe it to be worth dropping 100-200k on a NP degree nor 200-500k on a MD degree. Those days are long over. The docs and NP's at my conference are all going to cash practices. I am doing the same. $65 for a walk in visit. I have to pay rent and everything else on top of this. This career choice was good for a time but pay is declining significantly. RN's making more (most likely in the north and western US).
  14. gettingbsn2msn

    Would I test positive for marijuana if my client smokes it

    One of the docs I worked with in the past told me that poppy seeds can lead to a positive marijuana urine test. I had never heard this before. I quit buying poppy seed buns at the market.
  15. gettingbsn2msn

    Thankfulness - What's Yours?

    I am thankful for my health (mental and physical). I am thankful that I do not suffer any tremendous hardship in my life. I am thankful for the many wonderful patients that I serve. Also the fact that I still have my father in my life (he is 88).
  16. gettingbsn2msn

    If the government legalizes marijuana in the US...

    Not going to happen. GW Pharmaceuticals is bringing to market a new drug called Epidiolex in 6 to 8 weeks. It is 98% CBD, 1% THC and 1% other fillers. DEA rescheduled marijuana September 28,2018 for this one drug company. Rescheduled from 1 to 5. Again, only for this one drug company. The drug is being brought to market for migraines. The drug will cost 32k per year for a RX per the investor website. Medicaid is going to cover but I am not sure what percentage a patient will be responsible for. Maybe someone else can find out. Lobbying is too great. NEVER will the USA will this be federally legalized. The pharmaceutical companies are far ahead in this with research. I personally believe that no more states will need to allow medical marijuana. You will go to your provider, get a rx and go to the drug store to fill. End of story.

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