Black - The New White For Nurses?

  1. The facility where I work went over to all black scrubs for nurses in March of 2011. We were all shocked! Patients even asked if we were in mourning for the first few months.

    I had a procedure at another facility this week and the nurses were all wearing black. Said they started wearing all black scrubs Nov 1st of this year.

    Yesterday, I had an eye exam and the opthamalic technicians were wearing all black scrubs and said they had been for about 6 months.

    Apparently black is the new white for nurses? I don't get it. Black is depressing, patients don't like the black. Administration says black is professional. Don't get me wrong, I would never want to go back to all white

    Anyone else wearing black?
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  3. by   CarryThatWeight
    We're stuck in royal blue, and lots of nurses at other hospitals are stuck in navy. It seems like blue is the new white for us.
  4. by   whichone'spink
    I prefer navy blue to white, or black. Black is just bad taste.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    We're navy blue and white, CNAs and unit clerks wear green, and ancillary departments (radiology, respiratory, the like) are khaki and black, but I think all black is kind of unofficially a no-go. I can see black for hiding stains and the like, but all black? Ick.
  6. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    Unless you have a white cat, I see nothing wrong with black. The navy blues often look dingy pretty fast. Burgundy generally looks nice. I don't wear scrubs, so I am long past caring, lol.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Many local hospitals (including my workplace) require nurses to wear royal blue scrubs.
  8. by   Jenni811
    We went all one uniform color too. Black was an option we got to vote for...but i felt like we would all look like a place in mourning if we ALL work black. Perhaps like a grim reeper?
    We ended up going Navy blue. Respiratory therapy however wears all black. It looks terrible (In my opinion) it attracts and shows EVERY dust and speck. if you have animals...forget it! Keep a roller in your pocket. Even ones who don't have animals it somehow finds their way to their scrubs. They hate wearing's only been 2 years and they are already talking about going to a hunter green type color or royal blue.
  9. by   applewhitern
    BlueDevil, I do have a totally white cat! I was just thinking how I would look with white cat hair all over my black scrubs when I read your post!
  10. by   applewhitern
    I personally think a solid primary color looks much more professional, like hunter, burgundy, navy. The least professional, in my opinion, is cartoon character scrubs. When I worked Pediatric ICU, we wore purple. We called it PICU purple; even our stethoscopes were purple. We eventually added hunter and the colors looked great together. "Black" does not look good on everyone~ I am very pale and very blonde and would look like a washed-out ghost in black.
  11. by   Mommy&RN
    We are still allowed to wear anything that matches and solid pants. (Yes that's in the policy).

    I have a black set, but I wear a short sleeve under armor shirt under them in either safety yellow or a very bright pink.

    Our ER staff wears black.
  12. by   RNperdiem
    If you stand out in your downtown business district around noon and look at what colors people wear to work, you will see a lot of blacks, grays and tans. Nobody seems to be in mourning.
    We have uniform colors of ciel blue, and unit t-shirts(should you choose to wear one) have to be black, navy or gray. Black jackets are optional.
    Black hides stains and is slimming too.
  13. by   picurn10
    our hospital's NICU just picked black for their scrub color and I was shocked! It seems like such a harsh, non-kid friendly color. Honestly, there is tons of research into colors and public perception and even specifically when working with kids. I'm really surprised hospitals haven't weighed in, but just let the staff pick the color.
  14. by   melmarie23
    our hospital issued scrubs are ceil and most of the nursing staff on our unit (LNAs too) wear this. We are however allowed to wear our own sets. So no official uniform for certain departmens where I work (at least for nursing, lab, resp etc). Food service is the only crew that I see wearing a "uniform" (burgandy polo shirt and black pants).

    I have a black set of scrubs and I like them. I just try and wear a long sleeved colored shirt underneath or a colored scrub coat.