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Jenni811 has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in Intermediate care.

i am 25. i live in Minnesota and im a nurse. I am a twin. I am soon to be married. No date set yet, maybe eloping and skipping the marriage deal.

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  1. Jenni811

    JCAHO Requirement

    We just had joint commission leave. We don't have pill cutters for every patient and they didn't say anything about it. We are required to clean them in between uses though so maybe that was acceptable enough for them?? They make up such goofy rules. Something about how we needed to change the font color of high alert medications. Whatever....no hospital can be perfect and they are going to find something to change with every place they go to.
  2. Jenni811

    long day at work and legs!!

    I'm 25...I work 12 hour shifts. I'm on my feet ALL day! I usually try to squeeze in a break. But let's face it, that doesn't always happen. I'm finding that my ankles swell at the end of the day. Nothing serious or putting....just you can tell. I'm NOT looking for medical advice but wondering who else deals with this and what do you do? Do you wear ted hose at work like I've seen some nurses do? Tried it once and I itched my legs all day...not fun!!! Is there a "Ted hose" you can buy for nurses?? I can't be the only one cause I see others wearing them I just couldn't stand the kind I bought. Suggestions of brands that don't itch??
  3. Jenni811

    help me figure out what happened :/

    Electrolyte imbalance is a good thought though. Like Laurel said...there are codes that are related to electrolyte imbalances. I work with post operative open heart patients, and i can tell you the one we keep an eye on the most (although all are important) is potassium. We have orders up the wazzzooo on wha to do when a potassium is every result you can think of. We also have PRN orders on medications to give if it is a certain level. Very similar to insulin and dextrose orders if you can imagine that. Reason im getting at potassium is there is a correlation of insulin and potassium. I don't remember exactly what is is, but you say her blood sugar was 50 (NO history of diabetes) so she could have, for some reason, had an increase in insulin uptake or production. This can cause hypokalemia. (pretty sure it is hypo over hyper). Either way, Hypo and hyperkalemia can cause rhythm abnormalities. Not a good combination for someone who already has known cardiac history. I'd be curious to know her potassium, mag levels etc. Good point Laurel :)
  4. Jenni811

    help me figure out what happened :/

    It wasn't the dextrose. That is just bad timing...dextrose doesn't do that. It says to push over 5 minutes, but when i have a patient who is unresponsive d/t low blood sugars i don't have 5 minutes. Pharmacy tells us "Just push it!" Anything could have happened really, without knowing symptoms that led up to it its hard to say. Like did they complain of shortness of breath? chest pain? dizziness? etc. Patient's can code from alot of different scenerios....my guess is with a random drop in BS with other subtle things there was something else brewing. I know you say BP are high, and i'll have students coming up to me scared out of their mind because their patient's blood pressure jumped from 130-150 systolic. it ok...Majority of doc's don't do anything unless its over 180. Certainly a BP at 130 or 140 won't cause a person to code. She could have thrown a clot, had an MI (Remember women have very subtle signs of MI that differ from men). Kidney disease wouldn't cause a code like that, unless they have lke stage 4 and are not being treated. PE is a possibility but there would be other signs that go along with this. Low urine output wouldn't concern me too much at this point because she was scanned at 135 you say? With renal disease this isn't unheard of. Could she have been fluid overloaded? Sure...but wouldn't cause a code lik this. With a significant cardiac history she very well could have just gone into a bad rhythm. Like if she had prolonged QT interval or anything else that could cause a bad rhythm. Who knows?? But it doesn't sound as if it was the fault of anyone. Stuff like this happens and often go unanswered as to why it happened.
  5. Jenni811

    Need career advice

    When you interview for a job, its alright to ask if they allow shadow experiences. Our hospital will usually arrange it if they really like the person. They want to make sure you like it and its the right job for you. Nothing is worse than getting into a job you don't like or don't have any interest in but thought you did. Just ask if they offer it at the hospital you are thinking of applying to.
  6. Jenni811

    Inexperienced RN, Now Preceptor?

    It's just a student.
  7. Jenni811

    My appearance being an issue

    No. It is different, im not going to lie. My brother is an elementary school teacher and has one blue eye and one brown eye. People ask him questions about it all the time, especially the kids (4th grade) he doesn't get offended by it. So i think you'll just have to realize some people are probably going to say something about it...especially older generation. It's not liek anyone will not hire you because of it. I highly doubt managers will say anything in the interview, but they are human and they are going to look. Everytime i've had an interview, they always ask me a question about passing judgement. Bring it up on your own at this point as an example. Honestly it's not like i look at my brother and think he is diseased, and nobody else looks at him that way either. It makes for a fun conversation piece in our childhood pictures because he is the middle child with 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye. I'm the youngest and my older sister has both blue eyes and i have both brown.
  8. Jenni811

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    we would all love to say it,..
  9. Jenni811

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    No. If i made my choice now i would not pick to be an RN. Unfortuantly, now is not the time i want to go back to school. I just got done, im 24 years old and im just not up for it again. I feel like i am stuck in this career. Maybe one ady my fiance will make enough money where i don't need to work and can go back to school for something i enjoy :)...HA! (one can only dream...). No, as anurse we are SO under appreciated and treated like slaves that have to meaning in life. My job could care less about me, all they are about is money. Example: I need to have an upcoming surgery where i need 5-7 days off work (per doctors orders) and he said it NEEDS to be done before January. So, i talked to my manager to give her a heads up MONTHS in advance, and worked out a date where i wouldn't need to take that much time off. I thought i was being pretty resonable. Schedule comes out...and im scheduled for the day she said i could have off!!!!! the same day i am scheduled for surgery. Um....??? When i asked her about it, she told me she was unable to give me that time off because we are already short staffed for 4 people on maternity leave. What do you mean you cant give me off on a date i NEED to have surgery?? Like you are F****** KIDDIN ME?? So i immediatly contacted the surgeon, who i know well because i work with him, and told him about it. He wrote a letter and signed a medical leave form. My manager is PI$$ED at me right now, and i am pretty much on her sh!t list. Crap like this happens all the time though. They could care less about you, your health, your family or anything else. They see you as a servant, a slave basically non-human life form that doesn't havea life outside of work. Patients and family see you as the nurse, the doctor, a servant, a slave, a mechanic, a plumber. Basically they expect nurses to know how to do EVERYTHING. Once a patient's TV wasn't working...i don't know how to fix it. I was going ot have to call maintenence. he literally yelled at me because i didn't know how to fix the TV and demanded a different nurse "who knew what they were doing." If i woudn't loose my job over it, i would tell 90% of my patients and their familes to ki$$ my a$$.. END of my rant :)
  10. Ah, thats sad your preceptor was mad. I just recently started precepting and my orientee made a med error (gave 650 mg tylenol and 2x 5-500 lortab togehter which both contain tylenol.) I wasn't upset, it is more like....What did you learn from this? we wrote up a med event together, called the doc. The patient was totally fine.
  11. Jenni811

    RRT and/or Code Equipment/Supplies

    With our RRT we carry everything we would carry for a code blue because an MRT can quickly turn into a code blue and you don't know what your walking into. You could be walking into a stroke, you could be walking into symptomatic bradycardia, you could be walking into altered mental status that has gone bonkers...you NEVER know. The emergency stuff you need immediatly is in the crash cart.
  12. Jenni811

    I feel like everybody hates being a nurse!!!

    Do i enjoy my job?!? 99% of the time i would say not one bit. I love my coworkers, they are my second family. They are what keeps me sane. I can only think of 2 patients and their families that i got so incredibly close with, they have changed my entire life! (Especially one in particular). ...Ahhhh, what i would give to just to give this family im thinking of one more hug!!! They live in Arizona and i'm in Wisconsin though. I did get a nice comment from the family on those comments/suggestions they always send out. T he patient's wife wrote: "I prayed to God that he send us an Angel and i believe our nurse, Jenni was that angel." It is moments and the thank-yous like this i wish we as nurses had more of, because it is patient's like this that remind me of why i chose nursing.
  13. Jenni811

    Night shifters - ever experience this?

    Some people handle night shifts much worse than others. Maybe your just not cut out for it. I can handle it fairly well. I get tired...but i don't know anyone that doesn't, even people who have been doing nights for years and years. I do day/night rotations, so i switch back and fourth alot. and i can hoenstly say i never have issues switching back to a normal schedule. I can easily easily go from working a night shift Sunday 6:30pm-Monday 7:00am and be ready for a day shift by Tuesday. I figured out a sleep schedule that works for me, i have to force myself to get up at certain times so i am tired by night and force my self to stay awake until a certain time. If your new to night shifts, don't give up on them. Just try to figure out what works for you. Just because someone doesn't need to sleep before a night shift, or only needs to sleep 4 hours in between working nights doesn't mean you need to be that way to. I'll tell you this much, when i get home from a night shift i will sleep SOUND until about noon. I wake up, wide awake at noon. Then i take benadryl to make me fall back asleep and i will sleep strait until about 5pm. If i take benadryl right when i get home from work (around 8) i will sleep sound until about 2 or 2:30. Depends on what i need to do that day and such is how i coordinate it :) Best of luck! Jenni
  14. Jenni811

    Charge Nurse

    Im on a med/surg floor. We are 35 beds with 1 charge nurse that does not take any patients unless there is one EASY EASY patient who will not be discharged since discharges take a while. Like an observation patient or something. We used to have 1 charge nurse with a "secondary charge nurse" that has like 2 patients, or just is hands on the floor. They got rid of that position and brought in 2 Clinical nurse leaders and a Clinical nurse specialist on each floor. Apparently they are supposed to help out on the floor, so we were all for having them. It has been anything but, all they do is make MORE work for us instead of helping us to complete it. Those positions have just been a complete joke.
  15. Jenni811

    Unhappiest jobs in America.?

    Anyone see this article? Check out what made second on the list of 'unhappiest jobs in america' makes me feel really good about my career choice...:barf01: http://money.msn.com/personal-finance/the-unhappiest-jobs-in-america
  16. Jenni811

    Motivating the Nurse in All of Us

    what motivates me to do what i do? Money...My excellent benefits...providing for my family. Asside from that, not much.

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