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Mommy&RN BSN, RN

Med/Surg & Hospice & Dialysis
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Mommy&RN has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg & Hospice & Dialysis.

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  1. Mommy&RN

    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    Pts eating from the dirty tray cart.
  2. Mommy&RN

    PICC line blood draw

    Safety blood transfer device
  3. Mommy&RN

    What can you tolerate the least?

    Food vomit. Any other kind is okay. Funky dentures. (Really dentures in general) Stinky feet, especially if they have thick, horribly long toenails that need a grinder to cut.
  4. Mommy&RN


    My Danskos were tight. Put on a thick pair of socks, put on the shoes and use the hair dryer across the band. It stretched it just enough. Walk around in them while they are still warm.
  5. Mommy&RN

    Brittany Maynard has died

    Thanks for posting the link.
  6. Mommy&RN

    Brittany Maynard has died

    There is an article on time.com. Seems she did keep her original date to take the lethal dose of Meds. I hope she and her family are at peace. (So for no link, posting from phone)
  7. Mommy&RN

    Best most comfy and durable scrub pants

    Wink 4 way stretch.
  8. Mommy&RN

    Drink or Shake during work

    Eas in cafe caramel is one of my faves. Gnc has 25gm powder to mix with water. They taste pretty good, but they are a little frothy.
  9. Mommy&RN

    The flu vaccine & GBS

    My mother had GBS in 1986, (had not had flu vax) as she got "older" (she died in 2/14 at the age of 53.) she never received any flu vax after GBS. Just didn't seem wise... As for me, I still get it every year, and I'm really not too worried about GBS
  10. Mommy&RN

    How do I report fraud and neglect?

    I agree with Meanmaryjane. If you accepted government funds from having extra hours tacked on to your pay, you benefitted from the fraud. She's definitely not the first parent to take care of her child after drinking. If that was negligent, I wonder how many people would "pay a fine" as you are suggesting for the mother. I think she is committing fraud, but your hands aren't clean either.
  11. Mommy&RN

    My Poor Legs!

    I've seen these recently and wondered if you would end up with increased edema since they end above/at the ankle.
  12. Mommy&RN

    time to step back

    I wanted to check in and see how the op is doing. My mother passed tonight. I'm ready to get back to work. I think this experience has helped me better understand the other side of the bed.
  13. Mommy&RN

    time to step back

    I was actually coming to post something similar. Hugs to you and your husband. I have been a prn hospice nurse for about 8 months. I just brought my mother home with hospice for end stage COPD. She is only 53 years old. I obviously haven't seen any patients since we started hospice. I'm not sure how I will do.
  14. Mommy&RN

    Patient types on postpartum units

    Our gyn pts are on a med/surg unit. I think mother/baby should be a "closed unit". If I'm inpatient with an illness I wouldn't appreciate the baby crying. I wouldn't want any infectious diseases on the mother/baby unit.
  15. Mommy&RN

    Multiple jobs

    I have a foot in each door. I enjoy the differences of the positions. I work weekends at my primary job, and having no commitments during the week was making my depression worse and I wasn't getting out of bed. So, picking up prn shifts during the week makes me be productive.
  16. Mommy&RN

    what would you do in this situation

    We have a "code" for visitor down. I've only heard it called once and it was weird, because the location was in a long hallway between units. I came across a pt that had fallen in the parking garage. She was aaox3 without neck head tenderness. I learned that day that EMS is called in that situation. I was able to get her doctor on the phone and explained what happened and agreed she would be okay to get up, so I escorted her to her doctor's office.