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JerseyBSN has 41 years experience.

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  1. JerseyBSN

    Nurse Faculty Loan Program

    The University I have been teaching form in their graduate program will go non-profit as of July 1st. Student Loan Forgiveness here I come!
  2. JerseyBSN

    Grand Canyon DNP

    Having been through an online FNP program and teaching in an online program I can tell you that every student feels ill-prepared. It's all new. Different from nursing duties. It's only natural. Do the best you can in the program you are in. Make the most of your clinicals and you'll be fine. I don't think changing schools will make a difference.
  3. JerseyBSN

    NP + RN - can I do both part time?

    You can definitely do both. No law against it. There is one issue which the hospital informed me of. If you ever get in a lawsuit you will be held to the standards of your highest degree. I would keep NP and RN insurance for that reason.
  4. JerseyBSN

    Difference between Ph.D and Ed.D

    Thank you DizzyJon and Shanimal, Both of you have provided the information that I need. I want to only use the title doctor when using my CV to apply for teaching position with the state, other than that I wouldn't use it. I am a nurse educator.
  5. JerseyBSN

    Former employer wants me to redo documentation

    I don't think she would be responsible. The agency is responsible, she no longer works for them. She would be responsible if she goes back and re does the documentation.
  6. JerseyBSN

    Former employer wants me to redo documentation

    No way! They should have known through case conference and daily phone meetings whether or not the patient was truly homebound. It is their problem. They only want you to do it so that they can get paid for that patient. You resigned. You're done. What they are asking you to do is wrong. You are no longer their employee so ethically it's wrong but it's also legally wrong due to HIPAA. It is their problem. Tell them NO!
  7. JerseyBSN

    Difference between Ph.D and Ed.D

    I considering getting my Ph.D in nursing education. Many online programs offer Ed.D. Is this the same as a doctorate but just that it is education? Are you still considered a doctor? Is it considered a terminal degree? I want to teach for a New Jersey state university so that I can get some loan foregiveness. I currently teach in an FNP program online with my MSN, FNP. State universities all seem to want a terminal degree. Thanks!
  8. JerseyBSN

    Nurse Faculty Loan Program

    I am checking into Ph.D. programs in Nursing Education. I am currently teaching in an FNP program online for a not for profit university. If you teach full-time at a university or online for a non-profit univeristy you can get $20,000 a year loan foregivess for up to 4 years. One big issue is that the State Universities want you to have a Ph.D or a Ph.D in progress.
  9. JerseyBSN

    Duty of care? Opinions please

    The first nurse is guilty of patient abandonment unless the patient was a known DNR but I still would have called their contact number(s) If the patient was not a DNR I would first call their contact (daughter/son/POA, etc) if no answer I would go ahead and call the ambulance. The manager is incompetent. My manager would NEVER EVER tell me to leave and send two other nurses at a later time!
  10. JerseyBSN

    AANP, FNP 2016 Exam

    I ordered this book and it was the "biggest" waste of money. I was lucky that Amazon would take it back. It is nothing more than a small think paperback book with like 50 multiple choices questions in it.
  11. JerseyBSN

    How did you spend your first nursing paycheck?

    41 years ago at $3.25 an hour I have absolutely no idea! I'm sure I filled up my car for less than $1.00 a gallon. Money went a lot further in those days and I was still living at home and was only 20 years old. LOL.
  12. JerseyBSN

    When a peg tube is DC'd?

    I don't work in HH but I figured if anyone would know the answer to my question it would be a HH nurse. My SIL had a peg tube for 2 months. It was DC'd. We change the dressing everyday. It has been about 4 weeks now and there is still drainage. It's not purulent, foul, or bloody. It looks like the drainage that is on the split sponge you put around the peg tube daily when it is still in place. Do any of you know how long we should expect this drainage to continue? We are using just a 4x4 foam dressing on it. Any better way to dress it? Thanks so much.
  13. JerseyBSN

    RN-BSN programs

    I spent the same amt of time at Chamberlain but it was $32,000. Wish I could re-do. However I spent $9,000 for my Masters at a local New Jersey University so I guess that balanced it out.
  14. JerseyBSN

    Home Health Psych Nurse

    Anyone have any experience working as a Psych Home Heath Nurse? I wondering if I will be seeing mostly Medicare dementia type patients or patients with dx's such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Axis 2, etc? I didn't worry working in a psych hospital because we had security. I'm starting to wonder now if I've made a mistake taking a psych home health position? I know there will be a physical assessment to do, Oasis, etc but in regards to psych, what's the deal? Psych nurses are not therapists!
  15. JerseyBSN

    Brian Short News

    I am tremendously saddened by this tragedy. AN has helped me in many different ways and for many, many years. I have gone from LPN, RN, BSN, MSN, and FNP with the help of AN. There is no place in the world other than AN to find help with the 100's of dimensions of nursing. Truly unique. Thank you for creating AN Brian. May you and your family rest in peace. Your legacy will live on through Allnurses. God Bless.
  16. I work full-time and go to school full-time. I am one tired woman but I'm determined to get done and will be soon!

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