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  1. JerseyBSN

    Ready to toss in the towel

    Start browsing the internet for jobs in your area and get an idea if and what is available. Sounds like you just need some new scenery and a change of pace.
  2. JerseyBSN

    One Lesson

    NEVER be afraid to say "I don't know" and NEVER be afraid to say "I need a quick refresher on this procedure"
  3. JerseyBSN

    WOW! The public really doesn't like us, huh?

    I saw this exact same post on another nursing forum. It wasn't written by the OP. What's up with that?
  4. JerseyBSN

    Tell us about your Allnurses' experience/Journey

    I joined several weeks ago and I find the site very informative and friendly. My first experience with a nursing forum was less than desirable. (actually I don't believe they are really nurses) I know this is the real deal. Thank you allnurses!
  5. I'm allergic to it too and I'm a nurse! I hope it works out for you.
  6. I'd give the supervisor/nurse manager more credit. I'd ask directly if there is a problem with "you". If she says no then I seriously doubt she'd throw you under the bus in the middle of a meeting.
  7. JerseyBSN

    College Network Rep. "LIAR"

    I know others who have been lied to by a College Network Rep. They lead people to believe that they are associated with Excelsior College and there's absolutely no truth to that. Beware!
  8. JerseyBSN

    Morbidly obese residents

    My facility will take morbidly obese patients, they have to order a special big bed that converts to a chair. We need 6-8 people to do care on a morbidly obese patient. Inserting a foley is a nightmare.
  9. JerseyBSN

    Nurse Visit Cost insulin tx

    I would NOT touch it!
  10. JerseyBSN

    What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    34/17 in the ER. Had mistakenly taken extra BP pills. 2000cc bolus of NS brought it back up to 122/60. Stayed for about 4 hours and released. I've seen patients with a diastolic in the 40's and completely asymptomatic.
  11. JerseyBSN

    I passed the NCLEX is that a garuntee for me to be a nurse?

  12. JerseyBSN

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    You are lucky in the fact that they are allowing you to turn in a resignation and will give you a reference. It would be much harder to find a job with a termination and no reference. I understand your pain. I've been through a similar experience myself a couple of years ago. Remember that God does not close a door without opening a window. It took me several months to get a new job but when I did it was much better, better pay, better benefits. I now feel blessed.
  13. JerseyBSN

    Falsly accussed of diversion

    The whole story makes no sense to me. None at all. If you didn't divert, you didn't divert. Why take a plea deal for 6 months? Sorry I can't help, I guess I'm not understanding this situation at all.