My patient takes ibuprofen for sinus congestion!

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    I have a patient that takes ibuprofen for for sinus,how do I explain to her that this is not a wise idea!

    Ps.She is on a diuretic as well so I guess nasal decongestants are contraindicated...

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    If she's having sinus headaches, why do you think this would be contraindicated? And I'm a bit confused as to what a diuretic has to do with possibly using a decongestant? Need way more information before I could accurately comment on your question. Underlying hx, illnesses, comorbidities, etc.
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    Does she have a sinus infection or does she get sinus headaches? If she truly has an infection, of course, she should see her doc for an antibiotic. But if it's just the headaches that come with weather changes, ibuprofen can reduce inflammation and help with pain.
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    I frequently take ibuprofen to help with my sinuses. I don't like the side effects of Sudafed or other decongestant and have found the ibu does just as well in shrinking inflammed sinuses. It also helps when my ears are feeling stopped up. Its the wonder drug!!
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    Why can't she take Ibuprofen? I sometimes take this for my sinus problems. As long as you don't have a Hx of allergies to it, bleeding problems, etc, the usual contraindications.
    Or did I miss something?
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    Everybody has sinuses, +1 to those above who asked what the issue with her sinuses is.

    As for the interactions, micromedex says of NSAIDs and diuretics (Loop, k-sparing, and thiazide), that there may be decreased diuretic and antihypertensive efficacy. So the teachable moment could probably need to go something like, "You should be careful with ibuprofen and your [insert diuretic here]. Ibuprofen can make it not work as well, so if you notice swelling/bp increase (whatever they're taking it for). Call in and we may need to find you a different pain reliever."

    But I just reread your original post, and noticed that you don't actually state the ibuprofen contraindication is r/t the diuretic.
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    I am with the other posters....I frequently take ibuprofen for my sinus Headaches...I have also taken Naproxen...same reasons as the others said.
    Works great and I usually don't need to take a decongestant.
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    If she's got sinus headaches, then there's nothing wrong with ibuprofen as long as her doctor's okay with it.

    I suffer from quite a few sinus problems, and decongestants do nothing for me, because of some swelling and malformation in my sinuses. For me to take a decongestant just causes post-nasal drip and the resultant nausea. If she's having frequent sinus headaches, maybe recommending that she seek a specialist's recommendation would be the best course of action.
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    I don't understand the problem

    What's wrong with taking ibuprofen, unless contraindicated by issues that you didn't name?

    What is the contraindication for nasal spray while using a diuretic?

    Very confused...
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    Sinus pain = taking something for it. Anyone who has ever had sinus pain will tell you it's not fun. I always take ibuprofen for sinus pain, even when I have a sinus infection until the antibx kick in and relieve the pressure.

    Not sure what your question is.

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