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  1. Pt was SOB
  2. I agree with you, but my thought is this: At that point, the patient's decision maker decided to refuse the treatment of being on the vent. Also, since I assume the doc would still have to come pronounce, the call would've needed to happen anyway. Crappy situation. Did anyone talk to the family about how they felt the nurse handled this? Probably not since I guess that's secondary.
  3. simboka

    so ticked off...

    You're thinking about it the wrong way. I'd be willing to bet it doesn't use anything different than adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, probably mostly multiplying and dividing if it's a lot of flow rates. The hard part is figuring out what you need to do when.
  4. What gets me is the returning of parental rights when they were removed for completely legitiment reasons. Case in point, very dear family friends were fostering a child whose mother was jailed for drug offenses. Child was less than 1y/o when mom went to jail. Fast forward a couple of years, mom gets out, and I believe within 6 months has child back. Our friends were pretty much the only family that child knew up until then. Double standard? hopelessly optimistic in reform? too many cases and not enough workers/fosters? who knows? As with everything, probably a combination of everything.
  5. lol love it
  6. "Grab me, not the bedside table, I guarantee I'm stronger than it is."
  7. simboka

    Magnesium for torsades

    I remember this quote from a nurse's blog I used to read, "Push it as fast as you want, the patient's dead". Now if they weren't dead, then 15+ min is the speed. (Can't help but say, "I'm not dead yet" in my head)
  8. simboka

    things NOT to say in an L&D interview

    Of course it's a dude saying it, but I'd think you'd want to avoid saying "va-jay-jay"
  9. simboka

    Doctors That Give you "Band-Aids"

    "What about this situation is reassuring to you?" Is the favorite quote of one of the nurses in charge of our new nurse residency program. And actually, we've recently been getting "armchair quarterback"ed by our management about not calling rapid responses soon/often enough. But out rapid response nurses have a direct line to the critical care md's. I can't recall if the MICU nurse ever had critical care team call the cross cover and try to convince them to transfer, but I wouldn't put it past them. (but then again, I'm night shift in a good sized teaching hospital which usually has a good supply of docs overnight. And that's why I probably don't ever want to work in a non-teaching.)
  10. simboka

    more on glucose monitoring

    Our hospital just told us we have to start wiping down our glucometers between patients, it's a pain in the butt when you have 10 min before shift change and three sticks to get. But if there's that serious of a risk...
  11. simboka

    Order for EKG?

    In a high school trivia tournament, I actually corrected the question reader and gave the point to the other team because the answer on the sheet was ECG. We still won though.
  12. simboka

    Patient gender preference

    I need to get me one! As for asking about gender preference, I don't let it be an issue. If there's going to be something done to an area covered by a bathing suit, I won't ask preference, but I'll usually make an opportunity for them to speak up. Just last week, gave an enema to a 30's y/o woman. I knew it was coming but not sure if she did. So at the beginning of shift, during my assessment I said something like, "And the doctors have written for an enema, it'll take me a little bit to get supplies together, so I'll be back in about 30-45min, ok?" Of course she said, "no", but that was more of an issue with not wanting the enema, not me So, while not specifically asking, 'are you ok with a dude giving you an enema?' I do give notice prior to that I'll be the one. Now the time before that, a different woman did say, "You?" with a little hesitancy. I replied, "Yeah." She said, "uh...well-" "You'd prefer a woman?" "Yes" "I'll see what I can do" Think she wouldn't still preferred a woman if she knew that, in the supply room immediately prior, I was explaining to the new nurse how to do it?
  13. I beg to differ: it's completely impossible! (I was changing her CBI bag every hour, thanks to whoever graduated the bath basins!)
  14. My line goes something like, "Somehow hospitals got a nasty reputation as a place of quiet and rest, not sure how. Trust me though, I won't wake you up anymore than needed, 'cause if you're asleep, that's less work for me."
  15. simboka

    My patient takes ibuprofen for sinus congestion!

    Everybody has sinuses, +1 to those above who asked what the issue with her sinuses is. As for the interactions, micromedex says of NSAIDs and diuretics (Loop, k-sparing, and thiazide), that there may be decreased diuretic and antihypertensive efficacy. So the teachable moment could probably need to go something like, "You should be careful with ibuprofen and your [insert diuretic here]. Ibuprofen can make it not work as well, so if you notice swelling/bp increase (whatever they're taking it for). Call in and we may need to find you a different pain reliever." But I just reread your original post, and noticed that you don't actually state the ibuprofen contraindication is r/t the diuretic.
  16. simboka

    scope of practice

    also have to look at employer's policies