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  1. carolmaccas66

    Tips for a good shift!

    - Start everything early on ur shift. Do IV meds first: they take up the most time, ie: mixing, checking & setting up the pump. - Use a good cheat sheet to get yourself organised. - Don't let people/patients/families etc manipulate ur time. Learn how to say no or how to handle people. - Get to work a bit earlier 4 handover & to get ur pt load. - Learn to prioritise your work. - Time management & people management will be your 2 biggest hurdles to overcome. - If u make an error, say something. Don't try 2 cover it up. Report med errors immediately - the outcome won't be as bad as you think. Covering up med errors especially looks worse than not reporting it. - People will always be annoying, impatient & demanding. Learn how to handle them quickly, talk to a psych nurse if unsure how to do this. - Always start writing your notes EARLY. The earlier the better. If you forget something after u have written ur notes, you can always add it in later. -Always call the doc for anything necessary even if it is 3am, and yes...they will be grumpy so expect it. Just have all your facts in front of you & apologise for disturbing them & remain professional. Use a walkabout phone next 2 the patient's bedside so if u 4get anything the doc wants to know, you can access it right away @ the pt's bedside. - Old patients will take up A LOT of ur time. They can be petulant & very demanding. They love to talk about anything: the weather, their grandchildren, their pets. Do not let them take away ur time - you can be talking whilst doing ur work. Learn good work & people habits, and if you need to get away from a particularly chatty person, just cut them off and say: I will be back Mr/Mrs later on as I have to go see my other patients now. Do not stand & hope for a break in the conversation, cos it won't come - time will fly away from you otherwise. Cannot think of much else at the mo.
  2. I haven't got enough experience to have a ridiculous story, but a few weeks ago, it seemed everyone had dinner one particular night of the week and then they all came into the ED with chest pain. I wondered - what on earth are they putting in the food these days?! It's also amazing how well people become when they become hungry. Their chest pain - or any other aches and pains for that matter - simply disappear, then they're: Is there any way I can get some FOOD in this joint??! Felt like saying - McDonalds is just up the road - either d/c yourself and go get it if you have the energy to whine about being hungry, or get your partner to get it!
  3. carolmaccas66

    moving to sydney

    Go with gumtree.com.au. You can put your own ad on there for FREE and respond to posters for free. It's helped me find accommodation in the past, though I haven't lived/worked in Sydney. You can also stipulate in your ad exactly what you want, change it as appropriate and best thing - you don't have to put down your phone number. You can use a temp email address that no-one can find you at again. Also try homehound.com.au and furnishedproperty.com.au, which is a Sydney & suburbs exclusive website.
  4. carolmaccas66

    Ready to toss in the towel

    Sorry you feel so bad. I feel exactly the same. I have struggled and worked my butt off doing long, unpaid clinical hours, tried to pay off study debts quicker, and just feel I am getting absolutely nowhere. I still don't have a permanent nursing position after nearly 3 years. I just renewed my registration for another year, and wonder if it was worth the money. I have to go back to agency work to survive, and have just enrolled in more study, but I just feel completely disheartened re it all. I have to pay MORE money for more checks, ie: police clearance, and to re-do CPR, etc. It seems to get more qualified, you DO have to sit in front of a computer - whatever happened to getting more training with hands on care? I am so sick of all the professional requirements we have to uphold, but people in other professions can talk to and treat customers how they like. I was astounded by how many rude people there were in my own home town when I returned here not long ago, and customer service? What a joke - it's practically non-existant. If the government made shop asssitants and other trades people pay for their licenses and renew CPR every year and pay for it themselves, they might appreciate us a bit more and all the money we have to pay to continue nursing! I don't know what to say - try applying for jobs in other nursing fields. I myself will do a bit more agency work - if that doesn't work out, I am giving up nursing altogether. I always said I would give it one more year - and that year started 2 days ago, so this is it! Hope you feel better.
  5. carolmaccas66

    Nurses Rock!

    We rock, because we nurse and care for the sick, demented, indigent and forgotten people of the world. Someone should create a song about us! I wonder if Phil Collins is free, or Def Leppard?! (am showing my age now) As we Aussies say: OI, OI, OI!!
  6. carolmaccas66

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Found it first time!! Thanks! Caza
  7. carolmaccas66

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    What did u call it digoe so we can find it. Carol
  8. carolmaccas66

    Feeling discouraged

    There's a little book I taught myself from. It's called Nursing Calculations by JD Gatford and Ron E Anderson. Very easy to follow with good examples and all the answers are in the back. It goes through all the basic calculations, common medications and how they are calculated, syringes used, all oral, IV and other meds, and also tells how to calcluate for adults and kids. Also don't feel like u have to struggle alone. If you need help again, come on here and ask - don't just sit in a funk of despair feeling like ur an idiot (like I used to tell myself!), thinking nobody cares. There is always someone happy to help you :)
  9. carolmaccas66

    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    I'd go through a nursing agency & try some different areas. I really didn't like nursing as a RN, until I did orthopeadics & mental health. Now I'm doing my post grad dip in mental health. It also depends where you work - some hospitals suck more than others. You can also work where and when you want mostly.
  10. carolmaccas66

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Time to call Ghost Busters!! :)
  11. carolmaccas66

    Would you give Lantus without BG check?

    No, never, and I would argue that point with anyone. And BTW, I don't need an order to check BGLs/BSLs. I would do this off my own back as a RN, despite what anyone else thinks. I have to be responsible for my onw practice. You have to think like a professional nurse and do tasks/procedures as warranted. Plus it's legal and must be documented (in Oz I'm talking about).
  12. carolmaccas66

    Feeling discouraged

    Many students fail because they don't understand WHY and WHAT they are calculating. U have to understand your conversions and formulas. If you don't know which formula to use for any given calculation, then you will fail. As poster says above, you may understand maths but u need to learn NURSING maths. If you can't covert say from mcg to mg or vice versa, then you need someone to teach you all this. Also if you calcluate something, look at it and ask: DOES THIS LOOK RIGHT? If it doesn't look right or is too big, you know u have done something wrong. Have a look at the drugs being calculated in an online drug book, and see what dosages they are given in. For instance, with the drug Thyroxine, you would never give this in mg, it is always given in mcg. But most drugs are pretty standard when ordered. However you still need to know how to calculate because you may get an odd drug in an odd dose. Always double check calculations if unsure or follow your facilities'/countries policy re this. If you want help, I have a bit of time before I start a new job, I would be more than happy to help you. You also need to sit and write down what you DON'T understand as well. What do you have trouble with? Try and identify ur weak spots. BTW virgo, I was THE BIGGEST DUNCE at maths, and if I can get it and pass medication calculations, you can too!
  13. carolmaccas66

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    You are being bullied into resigning. I don't know re collecting unemployment where u r, but I myself wouldn't write a resignation letter to satisfy them. And you said everyone is upset ur going? The what the hell are they firing you for? It all sounds too ridiculous to be true! Firing you because u were too efficient? What a laugh! U said u have done other jobs. Re-vamp ur CV & use them as referees if possible. I would be getting away from that place ASAP. You have been treated shabbily to say the least, and I personally, would be telling them all to their face, but that's obviously ur call. I think ur letting yourself get bullied, and not standing up to them enough personally.
  14. carolmaccas66

    An open letter to the ER triage nurse

    R u OK now though? Hope it was nothing serious and yes u should follow up ur concerns.
  15. carolmaccas66

    people seem uninformed....

    Don't worry Whispera! Nobody would come to my graduation and I didn't attend. They didn't see the point in attending a graduation for someone who was 'only finishing nursing school'. So I don't bother with those people now (some of them are family members). I just smile, say G'day, and go my happy merry way! It used to hurt but it doesn't now. Oh and BTW, NONE of my family has graduated from university except me - and I'm darn proud of it, so don't get too down about it. It's YOUR achievement, not theirs.