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    It's Complicated- Help!

    Firstly , congratulations to the OP on recovering and being ready on returning to nursing ! i have a similar issue. I have been out approaching the 4th year . Part my health, part taking care of my mom whom has cancer. I’m recovered, she’s doing ok , plus I have help now for her which I did not before. So I’m fully ready and NEED to go back to work . I’ve only done OPerating Room and want to return there. So to start I assume to explain the huuuge gap in my history- I simply state the truth, correct, ? Ok now, these RN Refresher classes have NOTHING to do with the OR, it is geared towards unit, medical surgical nursing, so taking one would not benefit me... can anybody give me any ideas on what I COULD do instead? What’s my first step? I feel like I lost my career, that it’s over, and I’m starting to get depressed over it! Any and all ideas you can give me to get BACK TO THE OR, id be so grateful for!! Thank you in advance! is my nursing career over? I feel very lost

    emergency cases - what's your record?


    OR Oops

    Once, I totally forgot to put SCDs on the patient, I noticed when we took the drapes down.... I was beside myself, totally felt so guilty and terrified that the patient would suffer a deadly blood clot I made sure the attending kept me in the loop about that patient! He was fine, no clot.

    Drugs of choice for major procedure

    Ok ok I know it’s an old thread; but I gotta say it: 98% of the drugs for this patient, YOU won’t be giving at all!!

    Incorrect counts at shift change

    That makes so much sense... but, in my last position, we were absolutely FORBIDDEN to match up the wrappers to make the count correct. It didn’t matter if you had Precisely the right wrappers to match your suture, if the count was wrong on the count sheet- it was wrong, period end of story, call X-ray and start your incident report !

    Does OR nurse get paid more than Med/Surg Nurse?

    In the 3 facilities I’ve worked in, Yes the OR did get a higher rate than the rest of the nurses in the hospital. Besides the higher rate, Generally, the reason OR nurses make more money is basically due to the call that is required of us, plus.. in every OR I’ve worked in, there was PLENTY of overtime to be had, if you were interested. I , was ALWAYS interested...

    "I don't need a scrub nurse for this case"...

    If I were management, my response to this surgeon, would be the following: “ Well it sounds like you don’t actually need a room AT ALL ; sounds like an office case to me” Of course, I do realize I could say this only in my HEAD

    Flipping supplies/instruments

    Umm , we are so concerned with getting the case started, that I don’t even think I’d know HOW to open a room without flipping!! it’s always been an accepted practicefrom management/ educators for us to do it , too.. of course providing we flipped it “ correctly “ and didn’t contaminate anything.which when rushing and flipping, you gotta be vigilant because it’s easy to do!

    New Open Heart Nurse

    That’s helpful advice,,to identify what is the SAME, with each case rather than what’s different.... because thinking wayyy back to my very first days in the OR, I absolutely didn’t do that.. it took me a little while to actually KNOW, and have in stone in my head;,that ... OK.. this is your routine, your flow For every single case, every single patient.,you must do these things, first, THEN, you can give your attention to the specifics of whatever case you are doing. It SOUNDS so simple and like it should come naturally, but honest, it doesn’t!! I spent a while , just trying to stay afloat above, what I perceived to be chaos ..with each case,,when I actually could have made it better for myself if I applied what you said!!! I remember vividly those early days, and how this advice would have made a huge difference for the better!! Great post !!

    Coming home (aka) returning to OR

    I agree... compared to floor nursing; the OR is easy... Why? Because... most of the time... if there is a problem in the OR, someone in the room knows exactly what to do to FIX it.. and done..,carry on with the job.. on the floors... problems last for hours/ days/ weeks... and once you’ve gotten a taste of that instant gratification of a job well done in the OR.. everything else seems difficult. To me, anyway.. plus? It’s easy if you LOVE IT !!

    Work Under Pressure

    Yes- thank you! I’ve heard:” The OR is boring “ “It isn’t REAL nursing “ A. A good percentage of RNs would DECOMPENSATE and RUN AWAY, if they had to do our job for 1 hour.. so if you are saying the OR is boring, you have absolutely zero knowledge of what we do. It’s the complete opposite of boring! B. No, it is JUST not TRADITIONAL nursing, we care for patients , just in a different capacity....just like floor nurses care for patients; ours just happen to be under anesthesia, being cut by a surgeon, who,,by the way-.might as well be considered the 2nd patient! Because you are responsible for everything he needs, to keep him happy.... WHY? Because that’s MY patient under those drapes , on that table... and who wants an irritated, distracted surgeon who doesn’t have what he needs , performing surgery on you? I don’t want that for MY patients...I want my surgeon calm, confident in his team, and everything he needs within reach and ensure every case runs smoothly , because, again , THATS MY PATIENT HES CUTTING...

    The End of An Era

    Well, I don’t know if a “ congrats” is in order, but... I do know this had to have been hard or at the very least bittersweet,.... HUGS to you!! you may not even recognize my name , but I’ve read all your posts and you’ve actually given me some good, encouraging advice personally, so for that I thank you! YOU are exactly the nurse and mentor every nurse should strive to be!! Thank you for that!! Peace, warm wishes , and thank you for your nursing SERVICE!! I hope you are doing well these days !!

    Voluntary relinquishes RN License

    Totally agree with this. I’d absolutely leave out the true reason you gave up your license. Nothing came if it and there is obviously nothing on record about it. They have no idea, but if you TELL them , they MAY want to investigate now, afterall! So I totally agree here. You simply say, at a time in your life you thought you did not want to practice anymore and made a hasty decision. I don’t think you’d have a problem. Good luck!

    "He just wanted to know..."

    What kind of info are we talking about here? What country of origin you are from? Im sorry I wouldn’t think that is uber private top secret info either , and I’m far from a person of “ gossip”
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