Online RN-BSN with no math?

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    Hi all,

    I am a working RN with an ADN degree. My ADN program only required pre-algebra and no upper level math courses.

    I am looking for an online RN-BSN that has no math requirement as a pre-req. I have all of my gen eds required for most BSN programs with the exception of mathematics, and I'm not eager to take a math class because, well, I pretty much suck at math. and I just don't want to take the time to complete a math class at my local junior college. I'm OK with taking a nursing related stats class as part of the curriculum.

    Not even sure such a beast exists because I've been looking for a long time, and I have searched the archives many many times and really found nothing. I thought I would post this just in case I missed something. Thanks!

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    I took mine through Ferris State. You could possibly take a math class online if it is required though through them and generally BSN would require a statistics class, which means you have to take an algebra class (or whatever stat pre req they would need) before you take the stat class.
    Hope that helps.
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    I took College Algebra through DeVry while enrolled with Chamberlain College of Nursing. I absolutely loved it because it was all finally making sense! I was one who was casually pursuing an ASN for years because when I reached the math/science portion, I usually dropped my pursuit and withdrew from college. But DeVry's setup with the course had me completing College Algebra with a B and I did it in 2 weeks!!! Of course, I was up at 5am (literally) working problems and was at it until 8pm. Also, I wouldn't receive my grade until the 8 week course had ended and I was still required to logon weekly just to show my presence in class. It was great! But I struggled with their statistics course and, you guessed it, withdrew from the college. I went to to get statistics behind me and am finally on the downhill slope of my BSN program, with 2 courses and one capstone to go. I'm happy now!
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    You can (I'm pretty sure) complete the math portion of WGUs program through Straighterline before enrolling.

    The time you've spent looking for a program without math- you could have just taken the math and been working on the degree by now.

    Just do it - if you're smart enough to be a working RN, surely to goodness you'll be able to figure out math.
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    Check out Grand I don't have any special algebra classes. But one does have to take Statistics as part of the program!
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    does straighterline part of WGU? or can you take math classes there and enroll somewhere else besides WGU? I have taken Math through my local community college and ended up dropping out.
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    Oklahoma City University offers an online RN-to-BSN with no math or science requirements as long as you earned an ASN or diploma through a nursing program accredited by the NLNAC.
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    I am at Grand Canyon University and they are not requiring me to take any math. Most programs have a math requirement as a prereq for statistics. I don't think this is the case with GCU.
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    I have been looking for just that kind of a RN-BSN forever! I am contacting them now, thank you TheCommuter!
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    Oh well Oklahoma City requires 18 of their credits to be on campus, I can't go to Oklahoma to take 18 credits. And I was really excited about that school, but I have to do it all online.

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