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pinkpinstripes specializes in psych, forensics, corrections, SANE..

I am a RN x 31 years. My experience is in Psych, SANE, Forensics, Corrections, Home Health Psych. I am presently working online as a chronic care manager.

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  1. Exorcisms anyone?

    I find your posts very interesting. I have been a psychiatric nurse x 31 years and could write a book about all the bizarre stuff I have seen. Most psych nurses are usually very open-minded to strange activity and behavior which probably explains why...
  2. Healing from Childhood Trauma: Tapping/EFT

    This is a fantastic article, I wish I had know this years ago. Thank you for writing this article and I plan on reading the book you were talking about by Bessel.
  3. Online RN-BSN with no math?

    American Sentinel lets you substitute a science course for the stats. They are CCNE accredited.
  4. Online RN-BSN with no math?

    Ameriacan Sentinel has no math, I talked to the admissions person at length, Lisa. That is where I will be going.
  5. Seeking advice from all you Introverted nurses out there...

    I am an introvert as well, I would love to work from home but my computer skills are facebook, shopping, emailing, etc. I tried computer classes to no avail. Any suggestions on work from home for a psych nurse with 29 years experience? Seems witho...
  6. Other Jobs That a Nurse Can Do?

    @CDeCapua I was wondering what kind of work you finally ended up doing? I have a very similar situation to yours, Psych nurse x 29 years, back injury, same age I think. I am at my wits end trying to find a job that won't kill my back. Thanks for y...
  7. American Sentinel University

    Does American Sentinel University require statistics as a prereq or during the BSN coursework? Their admissions office told me no, but it is listed on their website, someone on allnurses said no as well but I really want to know from someone who act...
  8. Any advice for a nursing student who wants to go into psychiatric nursing?

    Hello Meriwhen, I have a question for you. I am a psych nurse x 29 yrs., I have a California RN license but do not live in the state yet, have applied for jobs as I want to move closer to my son and his family who live in Fremont area. I have appl...
  9. Has anyone graduated from Aspen University RN-MSN?

    Hi Nizhoni, Did you ever get your MSN from Aspen? I am looking at them and wondering how people liked their program. Thanks in advance for any info you have.
  10. American Sentinel University

    Oh no after all that work you could not use the MSN after your name? All these accreditations are making my head spin, I am going to have to sit down and figure them all out before I make a decision. Thank you very much for the reply.
  11. Online RN-BSN with no math?

    Nrsbettyo, No I chickened out. I bought 2 stats review books and I just couldn't understand those so I didn't want to waste a bunch of money as WGU makes you pay a whole semester at a time.
  12. American Sentinel University

    Hi Cultuslakenurse! Did you finish the RN-MSN program at American Sentinel? I am tryng to decide if I want to attend there. How was it? They say they are computer friendly, did you find that also? I am so nervous about all of it, I have been a n...
  13. Statistics or Stats for health care-Excelsior

    Vintagemother, please where are you taking your stat's course? Stats is totally holding me back and I need a course like you are taking. I panic at just the thought....thank you for your help. BTW I want to move to northern California someday, my s...
  14. My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    I love your idea of keeping journals and keeping them on bookshelves for your famiy to look at, what a wonderful idea, wish I had thought of it, hope it's not too late for me to start! My husband expressed to me that he worried if I went back to sch...
  15. Online RN-BSN with no math?

    What is OU?