Old nurse required to get BSN

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    I'm an old RN (my 50th) currently working in NY hospital. Now hospital required all RN to get BSN in nursing. Oh lord .. I graduated nursing school in another country many years back and that school even does not exist anymore! I tried but wasn't able to verify my education anymore.. Does anybody know what online program can accept me to RN-BSN program?

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    Check out Excelsior in New York
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    Indiana State University
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    Online programs are extremely expensive and often lack the credentials of a traditional program. Be careful and do your research before signing on the dotted line. You're best and most affordable bet is a state university that offers an RN-BSN program. Your hospital should pay for this mandate!

    Best to you,
    Mrs H.
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    Checkout WGU
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    Many online programs are very inexpensive, and are fully accredited. You just have to do your homework. I agree with the previous poster to check out Western Governors University. Another good program is Fort Hays.
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    Going the online route in Feb. I'm going to be 50 in a few days. Gulp! I hear you on going back to school. Anyway, do your homework on schools. There are many out there and are accredited like any other brick and mortar school. Heck, many are, they just like to up the student population without adding buildings. My work is going to pay for mine with tuition reimbursement and I went on FAFSA and filed for student aid. I was received some grants that will help. My education won't cost me much if anything.

    Any ideas where your records might be? Can you do some digging and see if they are on microfilm, somewhere?
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    Wow that's a tough situation. There must be some way to verify that you are a nurse, can you check with the HR dept. at your job or previous jobs? Surely they confirmed that you graduated. It won't be transcripts, but if they can at least verify your diploma or certificate,they might make an exception. If you were educated in a different country, does that even qualify? I would go to the school and explain your situation, hopefully they will be able to offer a solution. If you don't take care of this, you may lose your job. If you apply somewhere else, they will want proof that you are a nurse, so it seems that you have no choice. Good luck, I hope that it all works out.
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    Many programs will take you but you will be treated as a diploma nurse which may mean more classes to take. It will be tough without a transcript though. Contact your BON and see if they can give you a copy of the transcript you used to get licensed. Hang in there
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    I just completed my RN-BSN at the ripe old age of 58! It was a little hard getting into the routine, but once I found my footing, I actually enjoyed it. Managed to graduate Summa and am now starting my MSN online courses towards my FNP degree. Good luck. There are many online schools. The only problem I may find is that your school is no longer active. I too woulr recommend contacting the BON. You may also be able to talk to advisors and explain your situation.
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