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Have worked in the clerical field for most of my life, most recently as an office manager for an automobile dealership. I am now in the process of recreating myself, I am going to become an LPN for now. I will more likely than not, I will bridge to RN after a couple of years.

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  1. I'm thinking that the Admins probably choose, but I really don't know. It must be tough, there were some really cute ones. This is my first contest on here because I'm new, so I have no clue how it all works.
  2. sharonp30

    Help me decide LPN or Surgical Technician

    I appreciate the responses everyone. I agree that there are more LPN jobs. I think that is probably the more logical choice. I really don't want to work in a nursing home though. I saw ads that were hiring LPN or RN's at a big local hospital, but I just found out that they aren't really hiring the LPN's. I'm not sure why they advertise for them. So, I guess I will just do a little soul searching and go from there. Thanks guys.
  3. Aha, two of mine are in the top eight. Yaaaay, but I'm not winning....boooo.
  4. [TABLE=width: 90%] [TR] [TD] Among today's latest tattoo craze is "tribal tattoos", which are pure paganism. Tribal tattoos are designs that bear serious symbolic mystical and occult meanings. Tribal tattoos, especially, are possible channels into spiritual and demonic possession. [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I just had to post this from the same author that the OP sited. I think this will explain it all. HAHA
  5. I see that this isn't new, but I just saw it. I am still laughing, the "powder puff" girls just got me. I think it reminded me of my CNA class in high school. Believe me, we used some powder. Thanks for the laugh.
  6. I would appreciate any input here. I am starting my second career, I am wanting to go into health care. I was planning to go in to LPN school, but I am concerned about the lack of jobs available. I am not interested in long term schooling at this point, so I am looking for a career that I can begin with twelve to eighteen months of schooling. My first choice was LPN, but I am also interested in the Surgical Tech. program. In my area they earn about the same pay, and the Surg Tech program is about ten credit hours less. All of that being said, I believe that I would enjoy either career, but I wonder if there may be more opportunities for a surg tech than an LPN. If anyone has gone through this program, please let me know what you think. I appreciate anyone that can give me advice here.
  7. You complain about your uniform, at least you don't have to wear the hat anymore.
  8. So you see nurse it's really kind of funny how that chisel got stuck up in there. I was making toys and I slipped....
  9. sharonp30

    Newbie CNA-What Its Like

    That sounds a lot like what I remember from years ago when I worked as a CNA. I would also add that you may encounter some backstabbing from your fellow CNA's. I don't know the reason for it, but that was my experience. I was in my early twenties when I did this work, but it was still hard. I would say that it was the most physically demanding job that I have ever had. I would leave work exhausted. The pay at that time was only about fifty cents per hour more than minimum wage. Overall it can be rewarding, but it is a very difficult job.
  10. No, it's true. I'm an elf. I don't need a Psych. consult. Don't make me put you on the naughty list. Don't inject me with.....awwww I love you.
  11. sharonp30

    Avoiding inadvertent IV injection of oral liquids

    I don't really think she could have been that ignorant. I think it was deliberate.
  12. "I also wonder, if I do sign it and someone finds out it was a false statement, what will likely happen?" Well, I'm thinking that you will burn in a fiery pit...just kidding. I don't think that they could do anything to you. They would most likely not let you volunteer anymore, but I can't imagine anything else would happen. I think that it is a shame that they only want Christian volunteers, they are missing out on a lot of good people who would refuse to sign that statement.
  13. sharonp30

    Future Shortage in Bedside Nurses

    It's a good thing that people like me will be around to pick up the slack. I am 42 years old, and just starting my nursing school. I want to work with patients. I may want to do something else much later on, but not for quite a while. I have had enough of being the boss.
  14. sharonp30

    Hurrying death?

    Why on earth would a Dr order NPO on a patient that didn't want it?
  15. sharonp30

    Is Jevity considered "medicine"?

    I would think that if I had to bring in my own pump and my own food, I would be able to turn it on. Damn the regulations. Her mother has to be fed. It sounds like someone needs to call the state and report this facility.
  16. sharonp30

    Patient Picking at clothing/bed linens

    My father in law had brain cancer. In the end, he would sit in a chair and start moving his hands as if he were wrapping string around his hands. It was really amazing to watch. He did this for about a week or two before he passed away.