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BSN, University of Alabama at Birmingham Re-entered nrsg after 11 yrs of raising children

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  1. CherylRNBSN

    Mom Wants Me to Become an RN as Backup... But I Don't

    Oh my gosh, you have an embarrassment of riches here. Lucky enough to have two potential career paths. Prepared to pursue either. I have been a nurse for a very long time, and while I (mostly) love it, it sounds to me you clearly have a passion for music. You must pursue your passion. You will regret it if you don't. You are young enough that you have time to decide if you WANT or NEED to choose a different path. Since you clearly love teaching and music, BE a musician and BE a teacher. You must do this first. If you find that is not really want you want or need, re examine your goals. My Dear, you have the time. But... once you hit mid-thirties, reassess and seriously examine where you are and what you need/want. You would still have time to pursue nursing or medicine. After that, things get harder. TiME becomes an issue, family responsibilities become an issue, aptitude becomes an issue. Money becomes ever more an issue. Pursue aptitude and passion first but don't forget money and time. My two cents! Best of luck to you, my musician friend and possible fellow nurse.
  2. CherylRNBSN

    UAB Fall 2013 NP Programs

    Hi everyone, I am looking for any advice from all of you who have applied. I rec'd by BSN from UAB and want to apply for Spring. Here is my concern: my overall undergrad GPA is only 3.02. However, my last-60-hrs is 3.62. I am concerned that I may not be very competitive! Does anyone have any data on their admission statistics? Dare I hope any preference would be given for alumni? ( I have a sense that is a no...) I applied at Univ. of Southern Alabama and was denied. The admissions counselor informed me that they looked strictly at overall GPA, and I was not going to get in without a 3.5. So I am looking at other programs. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!
  3. CherylRNBSN

    No, I'm Not a Beauty Shop!

    This happens EVERY DAY. I work on a floor with LPN's who are not allowed to do IV pushes, hang blood, TPN, or start chemo.We each have 6 pts., but I must do those tasks. And the LPNs usu. leave work before I do, as a result. My girls have some male teachers. I doubt they would be comfortable inserting ear rings.
  4. CherylRNBSN

    New nurses wanted.

    Dear Brand New Nurse, Allow me to address your ill-conceived comment. I will be 48 in one month. I have 7yrs. med surg experience and 6 yrs. critical care experience. I MANAGED a medical practice for 2 yrs. But after staying home to raise children (much like you, child), I returned to floor nursing after a 12 yr absence d/t divorce. I am VERY happily back at work on the floor. And doing very well, thanks to my years of experience. Can you imagine returning to work after a 12 yr. hiatus? Will I remain on the floor forever? No. I will return to school for post grad work and move on. But for now, I am VERY thankful for the opportunity to resume my CAREER. I ENJOY nursing, I enjoy my patients, and I enjoy colleagues of ALL ages. Your comment about being "on the floor at age whatever 50 or 60" is extremely arrogant, ignorant, and ill informed. It smacks of ***entitlement***. My dear, you are precisely why new grads get a bad rap!
  5. CherylRNBSN

    Retirement in the nursing field.

    Ha, I'm calling b.s. on that. It all depends on the individual nurses.
  6. CherylRNBSN

    Am I a bad person?

    I can't believe they said that to you! It's none of their business. You are job searching, and you have every right to cast your net far and wide! I would NOT want to work at that hospital. Remember, YOU ARE CHOOSING THEM AS MUCH AS THEY ARE CHOOSING YOU! You are interviewing them, too! I'm stunned. Good luck!
  7. CherylRNBSN

    Retirement in the nursing field.

    Not sure where you are going with this, but it smacks of ageism. Any nurse should be evaluated on her PERFORMANCE, not her/his age. I am in my forties, and need glasses. A friend of mine, a psychologist, wears a hearing aid. You are prob in your twenties to pose this question. I know some great surgeons in their sixties and seventies. How long did Michael DeBakey work before he retired? Most nurses retire themselves by sixties, and prob only a few work til in their seventies. Management assessing EVERY nurse on their performance. 'Nuff said.
  8. CherylRNBSN

    Im a male and want to be a nurse

    So many avenues open to you. Becoming an EMT is quick, and will get the adrenaline rush of being a first responder. Lots of valuable experience in emergency care that you can use while attending nursing school and then for job applications, which will protect you against the dreaded "exp. required". My path: LPN, then ADN, then BSN. I have never had trouble finding work, even after being out for 12 yrs. to raise kids. My point is, that you can gain experience in healthcare immediately. Work as CNA, EMT, or paramedic. Get your feet wet. I got BSN with ZERO in student loans due to CNA/LPN. Good luck!
  9. CherylRNBSN

    Can i still be a nurse if i am too emotional?

    please understand that you LOVE your mother. While you will care about (some!) of your pts., you will never love them as you do your mother. So that emotional vulnerability will not be there. Rather, you will likely find comfort in helping others who are navigating grief, sickness, and loss. B'c you know firsthand what that feels like. You will hopefully appreciate and realize the opportunity to pay it forward. Nursing will provide you an opportunity to do that work from an emotional distance. You will not feel that emotional when it comes to caring for strangers.
  10. CherylRNBSN

    I got fired today, how will that affect my chances?

    If you were only making out, they should NOT have fired you, IMO. A reprimand should have sufficed. If that is all you are guilty of, I wouldn't give this another thought.
  11. CherylRNBSN

    I got fired today, how will that affect my chances?

    Let's not make this into some catastrophe for nurseAdam. Was it poor judgement? AbSOLUTELY. Who here has not been guilty of that? Perhaps not in this way, or even in our professional lives, but we those of us who have lived long enough and are introspective enough, will realize our own failures and shortcomings and mistakes. If his behavior is a PATTERN, then it merits a tongue lashing and repeated terminations. Time will tell. Adam, you made a mistake. ONE mistake does not render you un-hireable, a bad person, a bad nurse. It renders you...human. Just like the first Adam. Welcome to the club of human foibles. Learn from your mistake, forgive yourself, resolve to move forward. I hope you will follow the advice of Tina, RN, b/c it is spot on. I can almost guarantee you the very worst thing your ex-employer will say is "Not eligible for re-hire". They will v likely leave it at that. And Tina's response covers that v nicely. All these strangers on All Nurses can judge this one behavior, but they CANNOT judge you. YOU MUST DO THAT YOURSELF. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (or maybe not, that takes time, some people never know who they are, use this to find out. Take a good look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If not, get going, and get growing.) Use this miserable, embarrassing experience to answer those questions. Who am I? What do I value? What do I contribute? What are my goals, my motivations, my strengths, my weaknesses? If you do that, you WILL be okay. Better that okay. This too shall pass. Best, Cheryl
  12. CherylRNBSN

    I got fired today, how will that affect my chances?

    Out of all other posts, this one has the very best and simplest advice. And it's honest.
  13. CherylRNBSN

    No, I'm Not a Beauty Shop!

    Sorry, guess I'm just from med-surg, where EVERYTHING is your responsibility.
  14. CherylRNBSN

    No, I'm Not a Beauty Shop!

    Earrings that are not replaced can cause the piercing to close, necessitating a re-piercing. New piercings can become infected, easily. To me, this is personal hygiene. Unlike make up, or clothing or "accessorizing" . It involves a disruption in skin integrity, and potential for infection. Patient teaching is a cornerstone of nrsg practice. I would therefore teach the child how important it is to keep earrings in place, until healing is complete. I am guessing this would take a solid yr. for children. I would inspect ear for s/s of infection, disinfect earring, and reinsert. All the while teaching student/pt. how to do this for herself. I am not a school nurse, or a teacher. These are just my opinions about the matter.
  15. CherylRNBSN

    No, I'm Not a Beauty Shop!

    OK, well, I have to speak up for teachers here. They are EDUCATORS. They are busy EDUCATING. Personal hygiene...SCHOOL NURSE. They are just as busy as we are...