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lhflanurseNP has 40 years experience as a APRN and specializes in Adult Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. lhflanurseNP

    Well, there goes our bonus!

    According to CMS, next year, providers (all forms) will be compensated depending on "satisfaction scores" that include everything from how quickly their phone call took to be answered to how smoothly did the check-out process go and EVERYTHING in between. If your "visit" score is low due to ANY of the problems, the provider will not be reimbursed at the usual scale but receive a "ding". If the score is high...the provider will receive the usual scale and be marked for a "bonus" reimbursement. This is to be done by patients who "agree" to be contacted via email to do this. Have not heard about the other 90% who most likely won't want to be "bothered".
  2. lhflanurseNP

    Collaborative Physician Issues

    Guess maybe I'm being obtuse...but what do you mean by credentialing? Insurance? Hospital? Nursing Homes?
  3. lhflanurseNP

    TPN help

    Can someone explain why this is still in the Student Nurse Practitioner area?
  4. lhflanurseNP

    Taking call, do NPs get paid call pay?

    Jules...we get between 250 and 300 depending on the number of calls. We don't have to go onsite. Most of our nursing homes allow us to do a 3 days phone order on narcs. Very few calls come from the patients which is why we started the calls, but now we all enjoy taking weekends off from the nursing homes as well. Currently, we only have to take call every 9 weeks, but some of the mid-levels enjoy the extra funds so do it more frequently.
  5. lhflanurseNP

    Taking call, do NPs get paid call pay?

    We implemented rotating weekend call recently among the "mid-levels" and we get a call coverage payment.
  6. lhflanurseNP

    I hate group assignments

    Let your instructor know what you have tried and who has not contributed. This happened to me, and the ones who got the work done got the grade, the others received an incomplete and thus removed from the program.
  7. lhflanurseNP

    We Are Not Paying You

    There are quite a few "concierge" practices that take cash only. Many solo practices are going this route as dealing with insurance is costing them more money than they are collecting. You almost need 1 staff person to deal with insurance only in your clinic. These practices will lose patients who cannot afford this type of practice, but from what I am being told, "I may not be making as much, but I am a lot happier and less stressed". As to your third question...depends on your state's laws I would think. If in an independent state...sure. If not, is the collaborating MD willing to allow you "independence"?
  8. lhflanurseNP

    Doctors vs NP's?

    Just because someone is able to complete NP school and then pass boards does not make them independent thinkers. I have found many NPs that are VERY confident in their patient care and then I have known many who unfortunately for our profession...are just glorified nurses with advanced degrees. When I first started practicing in my community, I had to deal with physician ignorance. Most had NPs working FOR them, but were not seeing patients truly independently. As I continued growing my patient base, these physicians began to see me as an integral part of the health care community and IF I referred a patient to a specialist, they knew I had done everything I could for that patient but they needed more. My referrals...cardiologists for stents, caths, bypass...etc.; orthopedists for replacements; surgeons for surgery; oncologist for cancer. I have yet to refer a patient to an endocrinologist or pulmonologist.
  9. lhflanurseNP

    FNP Specialty Hour Requirements

    My clinical rotations were a minimum of 180 hours!
  10. I did. My ADN GPA was quite low. Got accepted to the bridge program with academic monitoring and graduated summa. Had no problem going on to my MSN with that!
  11. lhflanurseNP

    Informatics nurse needed for an interview ASAP!

    I am confused. If you are a nurse...why not talk to your nurse informatics person in IT? Unless your facility is not documenting electronically, you should have one.
  12. lhflanurseNP

    English as a second language.

    Classes can help, but are often expensive. When I was young, I was "forced" to learn English at a fast pace in order to avoid getting into fights that I did not provoke other than they could not "understand" me. To combat this, my parents encouraged only English and I recall we would practice pronouncing a word according to the dictionary's description (before we had voice dictionaries). I am told now that I rarely have an accent unless I have spent time talking in my native language for a spell. Good luck! Either way, if you try speaking slowly and clearly, most people will be able to understand you just fine. It is the most important thing that your patients can understand you.
  13. lhflanurseNP

    EBP Topic Ideas

    I have to agree...what is your understanding of Evidence Based Practice. I am sure there must have been SOMETHING covered in your class about this otherwise you would not have this assignment.
  14. lhflanurseNP

    Can't destress. Don't know what to do!

    What have you TRIED to "destress"?
  15. lhflanurseNP

    Successful as a nurse

    Have you been often criticized in the past for performance issues...outside of nursing. Were you, or did you feel, that you were not competent prior to becoming a nurse? If, as you state, you do fine when you are alone, then there are some other deeper issues you need to work on. Good luck!
  16. lhflanurseNP

    Did you do all readings in FNP school?

    I read my assignments. Some books were "worthless" so I found other resources. I returned to school as a much older student (well into the middle 50s) and was overwhelmed with the volume of reading, but am glad that I did the research. I know other students who were able to "gloss over" the reading and seem to know EXACTLY what was important, but I just never learned this "skill".