How to resolve a "Letter of Admonition"??

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    Hello, I am a Registered Nurse & have been practicing since 1999. In 2007 I received a letter of Admonition against my license for failure to report to the Board, an incident which occurred while I was camping, and completely away from my work, patients or career!. The issues surrounding the letter of admonition was a non-related issue that I failed to report to the Board because I had no idea I had to report, non-nursing related issues. This letter is significantly damaging my reputation and ability to be hired with many companies! I'm frustrated beyond imagination and would love some input regarding what I can do about the problem! At the time of the incident & letter, I had no idea it was going to be a PERMANENT red flag against my license and ultimately against me! Has anyone else had similar issues with disciplines against their license? And does anyone have any suggestions for me? At the time of the "investigation", I did not realize how serious this was and that I should fight it! The letter seemed so intimidating and scary, even threatening in a sense, so I just allowed it & did not fight it. Now it's haunting me!

    Please do not tell me to explain it right up front, because I have already gone that route, I even wrote an explanation & made it part of my resume at one point, but I took it out because it seemed it was causing me more problems to be upfront about it.

    I have asked the Board if there is anything at all I could do to get it off my record, but all I received was an answer of "No! It is permanent and there is no way ti remove it..."

    It is so unfair to me, and it is keeping me from getting a job! I have struggled with getting jobs ever since the letter became a permanent red flag against my license. Help!!??!!

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    That seems unfair. I had no idea they did that. For camping? Did ya not do a full assessment on Smokey the bear or something?

    You need to consult an attorney to help you with the board. I think it would be money well spent.
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    This is why you have malpractice insurance. You DO have malpractice insurance, right? Because if you do, you call them up and tell them this story, and ask for an attorney to help you. That's what you pay them for.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    That seems unfair. I had no idea they did that. For camping? Did ya not do a full assessment on Smokey the bear or something?

    You are wrong for this.
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    i agree about consulting with a nurse attorney...
    and to get insurance if you haven't done so.

    i wish i knew what you did, as i don't know how to respond to you otherwise.
    i never knew we had to report non-nsg issues to the bon.
    like what?
    and this is why i ask for more specifics.

    either way, do consult with a nurse attorney ( and see if they can do anything for you.

    best of everything.

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    Yeah, there's nothing we can say without violating TOS other than this is an attorney issue
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    This is scary. What the heck is a "letter of admonition"? For something that happend in one's personal life? I am sorry this has happend to you. And I would contact a nurse attorney. But apparently I need more education on this--never heard of it, but seems like something we should be aware of.
    Thoughts and prayers.
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    I had a similar issue as an LPN, then went to school for my RN. It was a huge deal with the school as well. I too would have fought it had I known it was going to follow me around forever. Most employers will overlook it when you explain it to them as long as it isn't an issue about you as a nurse. It is terribly embarrassing though. Be sure you always put it on your employment applications though. I had a great job offer pending my background check. Because the incident was 20 years ago I didn't even think about putting on my application. I lost the job because I didn't tell them about it, not because it was on my record.

    My state board told me it would have shown up as a investigation on my nursing record even I had reported it to them. Go for the lawyer if you really think it'll get it off of your record.
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    I am currently going through a legal issue that I am paying restitution and doing community service for and the agreement with the judge if I do this at the end it will not result in being on my criminal record. That being said in my state I did contact the DOH which oversees nurses and credentialing and discipiline and I was told because it would not result in a conviction I did not have to report it to them. Even if I had been convicted and this matter is of a non nursing related personal issue I would still get due process and appear before the board before any documentation would be added to my RN license.
    However this was told to me by the department chair after an underling in the state system told me I had to give them all paperwork on the matter and I told them I was speaking to my lawyer which told me to speak to the top person and I emailed her and she called me personally.
    I would first find out if your due process rights were violated meaning did they notify you to appear before and you did not or if they never contacted you and added that . it may be illegal depends on your state. When I had this legal trouble the first thing I thought of was my license and what I needed to do to protect it . I hope my story helps you in some way. I would contact an attorney.
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    Get and attorney immediately, run don't walk! The Board of Nursing in any state is not your friend, they exist only to protect the public. I too found out the hard way. Make absolutely certain the attorney is certified in Administrative Law and belongs to TAANA-The American Association of Nurse Attorneys. On the TAANA website, you can look for an attorney in your state that belongs to this organization. My attorney said he had experience in this arena and he did not, and I am now hoping to find employment at McDonald's sadly.

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