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Psychtrish39 has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MDS RNAC, LTC, Psych, LTAC.

I started out in step down telemetry unit as a new nurse. I have worked in cardiology, skilled, LTC, psych, geripysch and lived in three different states in last 9 years. I have alot of experience but my varied skill set both helps me and hurts me professionally

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  1. Psychtrish39

    What is the grossest thing that's happened to you???

    I was working in a PCU and a man was having a STEMI and I was trying to IV push him morphine and he promptly threw up all over me and my scrubs. It made the CNA start gagging and she had to run up to the surgery floor and get me some surgical scrubs because its not like I could leave and change clothes. I asked the patient later in the shift if he felt better he just grinned. LOL I have often wondered if he did it on purpose he had some issues with a lot of the nurses. Since then I keep myself out of the line of fire if it can be helped. Never have gotten hosed like that again though.
  2. Psychtrish39

    RN shortage

  3. Psychtrish39

    RN shortage

    I agree in my area of the Midwest experienced nurses cant land a job in hospitals but new grads can but local hospital systems have a steady supply from local colleges so there is a shortage of experienced RNs but that is because hospitals here dont want to pay for experience .
  4. Psychtrish39

    Overweight RN talked about

    I would tell someone like that to well you know for saying that. I would let them have it. Yes I am obese. Got RAI for Graves disease gained 25 lbs. That is utter BS.
  5. Psychtrish39

    I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    Yep that really helps . So does a tiny bit of vicks under the nose.
  6. Psychtrish39

    "I Will...Remain Alive" - A Story of Organ Donation

    I lost my son Charlie to suicide in 2013 he was an organ donor and through him receiving his heart a construction worker in New York lives . A farmer in Nebraska has one kidney and a man in Ohio has another . He gave his stem cells and corneas and skin and bone tissues and through that process and with the help of the transplant organization we have received letters from the recepients and all together he helped we know of 9 people and numerous others . Charlie had depression and it killed him but he lives on in others and that helps some of my grief about losing him. He always thought of others and this was his final gift to the world.
  7. Psychtrish39

    How many MDS coders

    Gosh I am only MDS coordinator in a 100 bed facility and our census usually is 92 and about 5-10 Medicare A. My facility is budgeted for a half time but they can't find another MDS coordinator.
  8. Psychtrish39

    My patient committed suicide last night

    Big AL you are right and my son was bipolar and committed suicide. The hardest thing for me is as his Mom I helped so many people find the light but couldn't help my own son. The disease won. He was just newly diagnosed when it happened. I appreciate how you put it.
  9. Psychtrish39

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Amen I am an MDS coordinator and basically this is what our 2 hour stand-up consists of.
  10. Psychtrish39

    When should nursing homes be allowed to evict residents?

    In the state I practice in its 30 days before a LTC can formally discharge a patient.
  11. Psychtrish39

    Should I leave this racist town?

    I am white and middle aged recently moved back to the Midwest and yes those racist attitudes still exist in some areas of this country. . I want to change jobs because I for one don't think that way and have lived other places where it was not so accepted and flagrant . Please find another job if it gets too much for you .A year would be good but not at the expense of your mental health and it would be so hard if not impossible to grow as a nurse in that environment .I am very sorry you are experiencing this.
  12. Psychtrish39

    Concealed Carry for Caregivers

    Amen I dont care for this post all the concealed carry people dont ever change any violent outcome also do we need guns carried in the hospital by staff that could be taken away from them. ? Dont think so .
  13. Psychtrish39

    God Hates Nurses Now

    Way to go Ruby .God doesn't hate nurses he loves all of us .He always gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. God bless you and take care.
  14. Psychtrish39

    Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

    Thank you Rose for your wise honest words.
  15. Psychtrish39

    Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

    Read below Sophie if you want both sides friend.
  16. Psychtrish39

    Mental Illness Can Be Terminal

    Thank you for this article I lost my son to suicide last year , I agree and have heard all the fallacies stated in your article . I miss my son and I feel horrible he chose to end his life but the stupid things said like the things mentioned in your article have hurt myself and my daughters far worse . He was living in another state and I know he was in pain and I forgave him because I loved him and he was newly diagnosed bipolar as my Father was .I am going to post this to my Facebook because the world needs education. Some of my friends and family won't even speak of it and yes he did ask for help he was arrested for DUI and asked jail staff for help they didn't respond and call a crisis center but noted it in their logs . I pray no one ever has to outlive a child but he was an organ donor and he saved a man in New York who has his heart beating in his chest and his kidneys and corneas helped more he was 25. Peace