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    Any new grad/inexperienced nurse-friendly states out there? Looking to relocate just to get a job. Cali is dried up for new grads.
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    Usually the states no one wants to live in.. like Oklahoma.
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    Small cities that are not very attractive?

    I just passed my NCLEX and will be endorsing my license to other states, and applying to those "less attractive small cities"
    I don't own the house, no kids, husband is willing to relocate as well... I am from WA and I am looking for jobs even in New Mexico!
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    There are tons of new grad programs in the Southeast. I applied to jobs in VA, NC, SC, and GA, and finally got hired in GA for a critical care residency even though I was out of state and I had no contacts at the hospital. I got callbacks (one interview, one job offer) from two places in NC after accepting the job in GA, so it's not impossible to find jobs in those states although competition is high.
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    I wish everyone who is entering nursing right now would read this and not believe the hype that is out the about the nursing shortage.

    Good Luck....the Northeast is pretty full as well.
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    Look to the places where people aren't exactly flocking to live:

    1. Wyoming
    2. North Dakota (plenty of nursing jobs R/T the oil boom)
    3. Northern Louisiana
    4. Eastern Tennessee
    5. Texas border towns
    6. Southern Oklahoma
    7. Nebraska
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    I agree with Thecommuter.. I'm in Texas and I know first hand that new grad rn jobs in the big cities like Houston, Austin, & Dallas are essentially non-existent.. But I have found hospitals in Beeville, Corpus Christi, & other outlying areas open to hiring new grads into areas like ICUs, Med-surg... My husband has traveled to Beeville several times... He says its very rural.. But if you need a job.. And you can move..
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    East TN is on a hiring freeze.
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    Yea I agree with the above posters. You have to go where everyone else doesn't want to go. When I was a new grad I had to move to Blythe CA for a job. That place is a nightmare but at the time it was the only place where I could get a job.
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    North Dakota is hiring new grad nurses. I moved 9 months ago to Fargo. You have to get used to snow, lots of it, along with sub zero temperatures in the winter. Right now it's hot and humid. Two days ago it was 101. 101 degrees with high humidity can be intolerable. Makes me wish for snow again.
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