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Miss_Piggy.RN's Latest Activity

  1. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Took nclex today

    Congratulation!!!! So happy for you :)
  2. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Took nclex today

    Just do it :)
  3. Miss_Piggy.RN

    NCLEX Tips - One I Never Knew

    You can't write anything during practice test. Once you start actual exam you can write whatever you like. BUT if you need extra space you need to rise your hand and they need to erase it.
  4. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Kaplan qbank or Ncsbn 3 week course ?

    I used both. Get Kaplan qBank if you can afford it. Good luck!
  5. Miss_Piggy.RN

    New Grad States & Relocating

    I don't agree with you If you don't own anything and don't care about your stuff it's pretty easy. You pack your suitcase and you are gone. And yes, I have a husband and to cats (lol) and I still think it's easy. It's all about mindset
  6. Miss_Piggy.RN

    My nclex and Kaplan! Dont stress too much on scores.

    I didn't have q trainers. Only qBank. My average was 61%. I passed with 116 questions. You will do great! Good luck!
  7. Miss_Piggy.RN

    My nclex and Kaplan! Dont stress too much on scores.

    Kaplan is setup the same way as NCLEX. So once your screen will turn on you will see the same screen you saw on your computer :) I remember saying to myself.... "You are at home, you are taking another Kaplan test practice" Also, there were questions I felt like I saw them before. Or maybe they were just asking the same but questions was worded differently? I knew I am not going to know everything so I had to find the way to try answer correctly without knowing the correct answer Kaplan helped me with it. I did qBank and all those questions were higher application style. Good luck!
  8. Miss_Piggy.RN

    New Grad States & Relocating

    Small cities that are not very attractive? I just passed my NCLEX and will be endorsing my license to other states, and applying to those "less attractive small cities" :) I don't own the house, no kids, husband is willing to relocate as well... I am from WA and I am looking for jobs even in New Mexico!
  9. Miss_Piggy.RN

    What to study the day or two before ?

    Two days before exam I did only 30 questions (prioritization and delegation) Day before I would reccomend not to study. Try to relax especially if you studied hard for NCLEX :) Day you will be testing you will be nervous and believe me... it will take a toll on your body. Make sure you are well rested :) Good luck! :)
  10. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Tomorrow is a big day!!!

    You will do great! Remeber to take deep breaths and take one question at the time :) Good luck!
  11. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Hurst vs Kaplan: My review of both!

    I used both. Hurst and Kaplan qBank. HURST is AWESOME for content. But don't be surprise if you see questions on the boards that are not covered by HURST :) I loved the video lectures. I remember days I was falling asleep and in my head I heard lecture all over again. It felt like they were whispering to my ears good night story lol Kaplan is great for questions. Those questions are higher level application style. I always was getting better scores with hurst as their questions are easier. Even hurst prioritization/delegation questions I found way easier then Kaplan. I did LIVE version of Hurst. It was good and I founded very helpful. Of course, I watched videos/lectures over again at home when I was studying for boards. Good luck!
  12. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Hurst review

    I can print out the notes. I think there is free PDF that will allow you to read and print.
  13. Miss_Piggy.RN

    FAILED NCLEX W/76 QUESTIONS, need help :(

    After taking test today, I can honestly say that Kaplan prepared me for the test. I purchased both: Hurst and Kaplan. Hurst is AWESOME for content review. However, Kaplan qBank is good for practicing answering questions. I had questions on NCLEX that were similar to those I was practicing at home with Kaplan. Kaplan is not easy and sometimes you may feel that scores are you getting are not good enough (I was as scoring form 50% to 70%. My average was 61%) I passed today with 117 questions.
  14. Miss_Piggy.RN

    What did you do the day before your test date?

    I went blueberry picking with my friends and then for hike that at the top of the "mountian" finished with swimming in lake! I planned to study but my friends said "NO" and drag me with them. I am so thankful for this! I think I would have mental breakdown if I would stay home :)
  15. Miss_Piggy.RN

    Pearson says... Pearson vue trick not accurate

    They won't tell you that is accurate because they want extra $8 for quick results
  16. Miss_Piggy.RN

    EKG strips on NCLEX

    What ScottE, RN said it doesn't seem that scary as it sounds :) If they will ask you e.g., pt has Afib condition what kind of rhythm would you see? So you need to know how Afib looks on the strip. Anyway, take a look at this website acls-algorithms You can found tons of basic information. For example some algorithms --> Ventricular Fibrillation and Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia | ACLS Algorithms (what to do and what kind of meds you should be anticipated to be ordered by MD) I used this website when study for ACLS. This website was sufficient for me to answer correctly all my cardiac test questions about codes/meds/nursing interventions during nursing school and for ACLS test. And honestly... I doubt NCLEX will go more advanced then this. Look only at BASIC strips and algorithms. If you know your cardiac meds then you won't have troubles with picking up right answer. Not sure when you have your exam but don't get caught up in studying strips for hours!

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