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I am cheeeesing!!! Because I am officially a nurse. That's right! No longer am I the licensed non-working individual. But I am not here to gloat or rub it in. I wanted to give some tips. They are kind of out-of-the-norm....Very... Read More

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    Congratulations! I take it you are leaving the Chicago area?

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    Quote from onaclearday
    Congratulations! I take it you are leaving the Chicago area?
    Yes, I am. Time to see something different: Memphis TN!
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    Clever!!!! And good for you! Great tips.....
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    I LOVE that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
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    I'm amazed at your effort and creativity! Congrats on the job... you definitely earned it!
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    Stalking is hard work! Congrats, and thanks for the tips!!
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    Quote from ChicagoRNtoBSN

    I am cheeeesing!!!

    *doing my happy dance* Boo-yow!!!!! *fist pump*

    Three questions:

    1. What is "cheeeesing"? Is it some kind of really nasty skin condition? A episode of South Park informs me that this is sniffing cat urine to get high.

    2. What is "Boo-yow"? Did you stub your toe? A monkey on a show I was watching made a noise just like this when it was trying to attract a mate.

    3. Did you GTL before or after the *fist pump*?
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    Congratulations!!! I can see how excited you are, it shows in your post.
    Good luck to you. hope you will like the new surroundings.
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    You are my idol!!!!!
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