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I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW! - page 2

I am cheeeesing!!! Because I am officially a nurse. That's right! No longer am I the licensed non-working individual. But I am not here to gloat or rub it in. I wanted to give some tips. They are... Read More

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    I LOVE that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
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    I'm amazed at your effort and creativity! Congrats on the job... you definitely earned it!
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    Stalking is hard work! Congrats, and thanks for the tips!!
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    Quote from ChicagoRNtoBSN

    I am cheeeesing!!!

    *doing my happy dance* Boo-yow!!!!! *fist pump*

    Three questions:

    1. What is "cheeeesing"? Is it some kind of really nasty skin condition? A episode of South Park informs me that this is sniffing cat urine to get high.

    2. What is "Boo-yow"? Did you stub your toe? A monkey on a show I was watching made a noise just like this when it was trying to attract a mate.

    3. Did you GTL before or after the *fist pump*?
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    Congratulations!!! I can see how excited you are, it shows in your post.
    Good luck to you. hope you will like the new surroundings.
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    You are my idol!!!!!
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    Congrats ChicagoRN and thanks for the tips! Good luck on your new job and keep us posted.

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    Fabulous post...one of the best I've seen here!

    Your enthusiasm is infectious! You had be laughing out loud more than once!

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    Quote from Malefocker
    You are my idol!!!!!
    LOL! LOVE IT!!!!!

    Quote from GM2RN
    Fabulous post...one of the best I've seen here!

    Your enthusiasm is infectious! You had be laughing out loud more than once!

    Hey...what can I say? Laughter is good for the soul and I believe in sharing it! Thanks for the support!
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    Fabulous advice! I've done the email trick before - but with complaints - most recently with a popular cell phone carrier - worked like a CHARM. I never thought to try it while job searching. I'm going to remember this thread the next time I'm seeking a job. Too bad it can't work like this for BSN school admission!!
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    For job hunters, this is the BEST post. EVER.
    Thanks for the effort you took in detailing your strategies. Best of luck in your new employment!
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    Thanks for all your input! Congratulations!!!