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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

  1. by   maddox11
    I am in the same boat you were in..unfortunately. All my classmates are getting jobs and I don't even get called for an interview!!! So incredibly frustrating!! I also graduated at the top of my class, but I now realize that it means nothing.I just did the whole stalker style email to a nurse manager. Hopefully I will hear something. I have a ?..did you get any callbacks or offers from hospitals that did not have any active positions listed? There is a local hospital that I would do anything I can do to work at, but they have had no active job opportunities posted for almost a year. This is the hosp that I just did the stalker email to s nurse manager...I just don't know if its worth it to keep doing w other unit managers of the same hosp if they are not hiring. What do you think?
  2. by   penny0982
    All I want to say is thank you for sharing this tokyoROSE!
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  3. by   mr cooper
    I am applying to a new grad program where the application period does not close until 2/5. Is it worth it to send an email now, or should I just wait until it closes? I'm thinking of sending it now just to put a seed in the managers head. Honestly, this tip to get a job sounds amazing. Its so simple that I brushed it aside thinking "they want to hear my voice". Obviously they like email a lot better, since I guess it is "harder" to do.
  4. by   tokyoROSE
    I posted this two years ago and I apologize for not returning any sooner to answer questions. Life as a new grad definitely kept me busy! Anyway, I'm so glad to hear that my story is still helping you guys in your job hunt.

    Everyone who has asked for my DON letter: It is an ATTACHMENT at the end of my very first post. It gets lost in there because things are all jumbled, but I swear it's there.

    @ nc12: Complete your application with HR, then send the email to the DON.

    @ Loque: YES email the floors you're interested in. This is exactly what I did since my hospital has the nurse residency for new grads. I don't know if it is annoying to them to get emails on top of hundreds of new grad apps, but clearly it didn't matter because I got responses the next business day! That is better than sitting around waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

    @ Maddox: I did not apply to any hospitals with no active job listing. If you're actively job hunting, I don't see why you should limit yourself only to organizations with active job listings. I wouldn't say that I would focus on it, but I wouldn't give up hope either. If a manager is impressed with what they see, they may keep you in mind for future positions.

    @ Mr Cooper: YES!! Email your DONs ASAP no matter the deadline!! It does not hurt to show them your qualifications ahead of the game.
  5. by   ER28
    tokyoROSE - I absolutely loved your post and put me in a better mood about finding a job! You've totally lifted my spirits today, so thank you! I was wondering what you would recommend putting on the subject line of the emails to DON? I can't seem to think of anything that would stick out.
  6. by   acnyc
    Your story is so inspirational. It is exactly what i needed to get me a boost and get out of my "rut". I don't know if you still check your messages, but can you PM me the letter to DON, please?
  7. by   Spikey9001
    Tried this method. Didn't work for me. If anything, it just expedited the rejection process. I mean I can now say I know the emails of a few department heads and managers now.
  8. by   smaria2012
    Thanks a lot! This article lit a fire within me and inspired me. I graduated in May, began job hunt several months ago, licensed in June. I now have 2 job offers within 2 weeks of reading this article. Before reading this, I got rejection after rejection-not even 1 call back after sending application, and I'm convinced no one ever even looked at my info.
  9. by   mgfrausto
    I loved reading your post ... thank you for being so generous with all the info shared ... I loved your faith filled insight
  10. by   MzShanRN
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  12. by   MzShanRN
    I graduated with my BSN in Dec and got my license about 3 weeks ago. I initially made a post asking for a copy of the email you sent to the DON(s), just to get an idea of wording. After a closer look of your post I saw the attachment. I read this post 4-5 times because (1) I was thinking of something similar but was unsure of the fine line between being aggressive and appearing desperate, and, (2) it was just so freaking inspiring (!) :-). This post was awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  13. by   neece87
    I followed your advice, and with prayer, I got the job!