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2k15NurseExtern4u is a BSN, RN and specializes in L&D.

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    Top ethical concerns to RNs

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    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

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    (CORRECTION) Ben Taub New Grad Residency Springs 2k16.

    I haven't heard anything and I'm not sure:/
  4. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    The Stethoscope

    I agree with you 100%, OP. I mean, I understood where some people were coming from, but the way some commenters were posting, you would think that the hosts on "The View" called for the extermination of all nurses. I saw some comments and was appalled that people were getting so upset! I think we live in a "victim mentality" society and everyone is offended by something. Now, the comments made by "The View" were ignorant, but no one should lose their job behind something as petty as calling a stethoscope a "doctor's stethoscope." It's just not that deep, TO ME.
  5. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Hypothetical - forgetting to prime IV tubing on a central line

    Air embolism! Ugh! I knew that! Sometimes you gotta be reminded of what cha know. Thanks alot!
  6. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Hypothetical - forgetting to prime IV tubing on a central line

    This may be a silly question, but how does the air kill the patient?
  7. Hoping to reach a few people who have applied to the upcoming new grad residency.. I'm looking forward to getting into either women's services or ER.
  8. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Ben Taub New grad residency spring 2k15

    Yes, I meant spring 2k16 cohort. For some reason it was autocorrected though. Lol I called the recruiter to clarify and have since applied. Really excited to get a call soon!
  9. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Nurses that eat their young

  10. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Nurses that eat their young

    Lololol SAVAGE.
  11. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Nurses don't know the lab

  12. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Cops and Nurses

    I got pulled over in my clinical uniform on my way home from the hospital. I was exhausted and ready to get home and I *Barely* ran a changing yellow. Officer pulled me over, shined his light on my badge, asked me when I graduate and gave me a warning. I think He knows I was pretty tired and may have had a taxing day. Sweet guy.
  13. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    I see alot of comments about home ownership and such. I don't know why, but I have been feeling like home-ownership may not be for me. I don't think I like the idea of being responsible for repairs/maintenance or being tied down to one place for a long period of time. I realize that this may just be my naivete and inexperience talking and that this may change once I decide to start a family, but is there anyone on this thread who has managed to NOT become a home-owner? How have you fared?
  14. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Moving to Houston Texas - RN

    She could also avoid heavy traffic by picking up the night shift..
  15. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    Yes, we all know that struggle buolds character, but I know how poverty feels, and I NEVER want to experience that again. It's not even about the money, it's about the peace of mind and the stability. It's part of a big reason why I went into nursing. Yeah, I know, you can't become rich working as a nurse, but if you don't abuse your finances and you make good decisions, you can make a GREAT living. Thanks for all the great posts and advice, everyone :)
  16. 2k15NurseExtern4u

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    I LOVE this, Princess.