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  1. Thanks for all the responses! I definitely wasn't planning on quitting the new job until dream job offers.. which I hope they do shortly after our interview this week! I did sign the offer letter and am starting training at the new job the day after my dream job interview! The dream job is something that I've heard will take a few weeks to months to go thru the hiring process, so that may be a good thing!
  2. I'm totally freaking out right now! I have been so down in the dumps after months and months of applying, interviews, and no job offers. I finally got an offer 2 weeks ago to a facility that was on the bottom of my "jobs I want list" but there's no way I was going to decline it! I'm in the process of all the paperwork, background check, drug screen, etc. My dream job called today to schedule an interview!!! :woot: I'm definitely going to go thru with the interview. I'm unsure if I should mention to the dream job interview that I just accepted a job or should I not mention anything at all? Should I mention something to my dream job IF I were to be offered the position? I don't know what to do and kind of confused, yet relieved that this is the new problem I'm facing rather than the stressful problem of not having anyone call me! Has anyone else been thru a similar scenario?
  3. ER28

    New Grad LVN resume

    I would suggest adding your job duties in your work experience section
  4. ER28

    Job interview

    There are plenty of topics on this site with interview help! Nursing Interview Help I've been on a few LVN interviews and I've been asked pretty much the same thing each time. Some that I can remember: +Why do you wanna work here? +Do you have experience doing this and that? +Tell me about a time when a coworker was insuboordinate. What did you do? +Would you rather work as a team or alone? +What are your strengths and weaknesses? +Give me adjectives to describe yourself Along with scenario questions! Hope I was helpful at all! Good luck to you!
  5. ER28

    "Interactive" Interview

    Can anyone that has ever had an "interactive interview" give me any advice or tips on what to expect? I had a preliminary interview and a few days later, was contacted to come in for an interactive interview. I'm told to wear scrubs and will be working with the doctors and nurses. It is for a facility that houses at-risk youth. I'm extremely terrified since I'm a semi-new grad and my first job as an LVN with no experience was short lived. All these negative thoughts are pouring in my hopeless brain! Any words of wisdom, experiences, or tips would be greatly appreciated to help settle my nerves!
  6. ER28

    Interview Invite....In scrubs?

    It's about 2 months after you posted this and wondering how it went?
  7. ER28

    NCLEX experience

    Congratulations!!!! All your hard work paid off.. now go and celebrate! :)
  8. ER28

    How I Got My Dream Job!

    tokyoROSE - I absolutely loved your post and put me in a better mood about finding a job! You've totally lifted my spirits today, so thank you! I was wondering what you would recommend putting on the subject line of the emails to DON? I can't seem to think of anything that would stick out.
  9. ER28

    Help. Beginning to lose hope..

    It has been quite some time since you posted this so I hope you've had some luck! I live in Orange County, CA and having a hard time as well. I'm doing the same thing you are as far as applying for jobs go, except I haven't stepped foot inside any facility to drop off resumes. I should! I recently went to a job fair in LA and was very discouraged as almost all employers were seeking RNs. It was still an interesting experience so I suggest you try job fairs! It doesn't hurt to hand out a few resumes and have the opportunity to speak with someone face to face! I wish you the best of luck!
  10. ER28

    waiting for license! !

    I'm in California and my license was posted on bvnpt TODAY!!! FINALLY!! I was checking every single day, multiple times a day.. so it was a nice surprise to see. Exactly 5 weeks from when I sent my check in to the boards. Hopefully my license will be in the mail when I get home from work! Good luck!
  11. Yes, that's the "good pop up" !! But don't celebrate until you get your official results!! In California, it took 3 weeks and 3 days to get my official letter stating that I passed!
  12. ER28

    nclex-pn in a week and freaking!!

    We were given ATI access at school and can still use it so I don't know how it would work for you unfortunately =[ and if you are able to sign up, there are codes that my instructor provided that you have to input to access different the practice tests. I'm sorry! BUT the Exam Cram PN book asked very similar questions. Not as in depth, but it still helped me!
  13. I finished school on December 10, 2012. Received my ATT on April 6, 2013. A majority of my classmates received theirs the same day! It depends on when your school sends your stuff out and if you have anything that will hold it back - like traffic tickets, criminal records, problems with your legal name, address changes. Some of my classmates who finished in December have yet to receive their ATT due to some of those problems. This is in California for LVN.
  14. ER28

    Retaking my N-clex

    Hi! I took the NCLEX-PN so hopefully this can apply to you too! I'm not sure if you're familiar with ATI, but I did ATI (online testing system) tests over and over again. I also used the Exam Cram book. I hand wrote the rationales for questions that I got wrong or things that I couldn't remember. I read them frequently.. at the gym on the treadmill and even waiting in line at Disneyland! I'm a visual learner so I drew out pictures of the heart, brain, whatever which helped me a lot. I have even used my boyfriends body as an easel to draw out the GI system!! Seriously, that was the best for me because I easily remembered where things were because it was on his body! I wrote out lab values on a posterboard in colors and hung it in my room. Read them before you go to bed, when you wake up, and while you're changing! Focus on your weaknesses rather than going over what you already know. These are some of the things that worked for me so hopefully they can work for you!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. I answered 205 and passed! I didn't even know 205 was the max before I took the test so naturally, I was freaking out. I cried my eyes out as soon as I got to my car! I immediately started googling "nclex pn 205 pass or fail" haha but I later did the Pearson Vue Trick and received a good pop up! BUT I didn't celebrate until I received the letter officially stating that I passed Don't worry about the good students that hit 205 and whatnot.. it'll just stress you out more! I wish you the best of luck!!
  16. ER28

    Help NCLEX-PN melt down!!!!

    It's perfectly normal to be freaking out right now! I immediately broke down in tears as soon as I got to my car after the test!! Just keep reviewing! I used ATI and Exam Cram book as my primary study source and I passed nclex-pn in CA! I wasn't a top student in my class and I personally didn't rely on ATI predictions. But that doesn't matter because if you know your stuff, then you'll be good! Keep doing the ATI tests and review the subjects that you are weak at. Have confidence in yourself!! If you don't pass the first time.. it's not the end of the world!! You have another shot and now you know what to focus on next time! The nclex is formed exactly like ATI tests.. there will be select all that apply, putting things in order, drug calculations, etc! GOOD LUCK!!