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Just accepted a new job... then my dream job called...


I'm totally freaking out right now! I have been so down in the dumps after months and months of applying, interviews, and no job offers. I finally got an offer 2 weeks ago to a facility that was on the bottom of my "jobs I want list" but there's no way I was going to decline it!

I'm in the process of all the paperwork, background check, drug screen, etc.

My dream job called today to schedule an interview!!! :woot::woot::woot: I'm definitely going to go thru with the interview.

I'm unsure if I should mention to the dream job interview that I just accepted a job or should I not mention anything at all? Should I mention something to my dream job IF I were to be offered the position? I don't know what to do and kind of confused, yet relieved that this is the new problem I'm facing rather than the stressful problem of not having anyone call me!

Has anyone else been thru a similar scenario?

WannaBNursey, ADN, ASN, RN

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If it's really your dream, I'd just quit the first job, but expect to be placed on the "do not rehire" list. Best of luck on your interview, and congrats on getting that first job!


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Go to the job you accepted. Go to the interview. Take the dream job if they offer you. If they don't you will still have a job.

If you are just in the paperwork part of the new job, you are really new, so definitely go to the interview and see what they say. Have you signed anything at the new job yet (offer letter)? I wouldn't mention either place to the other yet. How to handle accepting the dream job after starting the new job would depend on the timing. I would be honest with them if you get an offer for the dream job. Just explain to them that you had applied and interviewed at numerous places during your job hunt and you have just received an offer at a job that you can't pass up. Give them notice as to not burn bridges. You never know what the future will hold and you may find yourself heading back to that employer or dealing with those managers at another location.

Thanks for all the responses!

I definitely wasn't planning on quitting the new job until dream job offers.. which I hope they do shortly after our interview this week!

I did sign the offer letter and am starting training at the new job the day after my dream job interview!

The dream job is something that I've heard will take a few weeks to months to go thru the hiring process, so that may be a good thing!