Do I need to give my manager notice?

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    I work nights and currently have a 45 min to one hour commute each way. Needless to say, by my 3rd or 4th shift I'm exhausted and that drive is hell. I've nodded off a couple of times driving on the interstate, pulling over immediately afterwards so that I can take a nap. I do not want to continue having to pull over to go to sleep.

    Working days is not an option, so, as much as I love my floor and enjoy my co-workers and manager, I'm thinking about applying to the hospitals 3 hospitals that are literally less than 20 min from me. It's a safety issue, I've got my family to think about here.

    My question is - should I give my manager a heads up that I am looking for another job so that he's not blindsided with a call for a reference, or should I put in apps/resume and if I get hired, give my two week notice? My fear is that if I tell him ahead of time so he's aware, that he may just decide to let me go.

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    Never tell any employer that you are job hunting. Doing that is just the same as handing in your resignation. Wait until you have accepted another job and then formally give your notice in writing. You would be putting yourself right smack in the crosshairs for target practice. Guess who gets the worst assignments now? That would be you.
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    I agree... do not let your employer know you are looking. If possible, use other people as references. When I was looking to leave my job last year, I did not give my manager even a hint that I was looking. I asked a few charge nurses who I trusted to be references and someone I'd worked with for many years in a different environment. Once I had a job offer, I approached my manager on a Monday morning, told her it was time to move on, that I had accepted another position and handed her my resignation.
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    Just hand in your resignation. I'm in a similar situation. I was just offered a parttime day shift and I'm really thinking about leaving my current job because I just can't handle night and the commute....
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    No. Do not tell your current manager that you are looking for another job. On the application for the new job, it will ask you if they can contact your current job. Choose no. And that's ok because they understand why. They should not contact your current manager. Go to the new interview on the down low and if you get word that you are officially offered the new job and have accepedt the position, THEN give your current boss whatever notice is standard. Your boss will get over it. This is the way it is at all companies. People come. People go. Don't feel guilty as long as you give your required notice. You need a job that works for you and your life. Commuting long distances isn't for everyone.
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    NEVER tell your employer before you land a new job. They'll fire you as soon as they have a replacement leaving you jobless. It isn't easy to find a job right now. Start looking and go from there. Best of luck!
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    Thank you everyone!
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    Do you guys think they would accept a reference from a coworker who is not a charge? There is only one person who's been there a while who I trust not to say anything, and she doesn't do charge.
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    If you really trust this co-worker not to say anything then you should use her, especially if she's a senior nurse. I was in the same predicament a few months ago. I used a senior nurse that I could trust to give me a reference and it all worked out. She never said anything to anyone and I was hired at the other hospital. But def don't say anything to your boss until you're giving formal notice. Good luck!
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    I totally agree with most of the comments. Do not tell anybody unless you have signed a new contract.
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