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  1. fsh1986

    help, coumadin alternating dose

    PP's answer is what I would go with as that's how I've seen coumadin ordered, alternating doses/days BUT I would call the MD and clarify.
  2. I wear my hair down, and it's a little past shoulder length BUT I put it up before walking into the room to do an assessment, pass meds, etc. If it's a patient on any type of isolation, my hair goes up before entering the room regardless of what I'm doing in there... But once I'm back in the hall, it comes down. I get headaches often enough with exacerbating the issue by having my hair up for 12+ hours.
  3. Herecomestrouble, I kind of doubt the OP actually read what was on that site, otherwise she wouldn't have posted it... what you quoted shows the ignorance of whoever wrote the "information" on that website.
  4. I honestly don't care if my medical provider has tattoos, does or does not wear makeup, or what their hair looks like as long as they are COMPETENT. And as far as a nurse having her hair down... I'm sure the first time she gets bodily fluids in it, she'll start putting it up.
  5. fsh1986

    What are the best shoes for nursing?

    I've had back issues since a car accident a few years ago. I wear Asics to work and absolutely love them. The most comfortable shoes, no back pain, I wear them w/ knee high compression socks and have no leg pain, either.
  6. fsh1986

    Too Emotional for PICU??

    I had several days in PICU while in school and I did not have any patients that made me cry. The only patient I cried over in NICU was one that had been born at only 23 weeks and seeing a baby like that was more of a shock to me than anything. I do know myself well enough to know that I couldn't handle NICU, so I chose not to have anymore clinical rotations there while in school, but to do the extra ones in PICU.
  7. fsh1986

    Too Emotional for PICU??

    I'm a new nurse, started working on a telemetry floor in March of this year. We do take overflow and literally about once a week, I have a patient with a history of drug abuse who is requesting dilaudid every two hours like clockwork. I came into nursing because I wanted to help people who need it, and that is not my idea of helping people... feeding their addiction. Anyway, with what's going on with Easton Friedel (facebook.com/SupportBabyEastonFriedel) who is fighting Epidermolysis Bullosa... I REALLY want to switch to PICU. I was considering pediatrics, but got the job on the floor I'm currently on, and took it. I want to spend my shifts helping these innocent babies and children. My fiance thinks it's a bad idea because I'm fairly emotional. The updates about baby Easton have me crying on a daily basis, I cried three or four times during my preceptorship in the ICU in nursing school, I cried when I had a patient who had just recently lost a child and was speaking about it... So yes, I'm emotional, but the compassion I have for people, and wanting to comfort them and help in any way possible, I feel like I would be better off in PICU. Any advice? Should I stay away? My fiance thinks I'll come home crying every day. I think that I'll learn to control myself/compartmentalize/etc.