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  1. NurseFrustrated

    I'm a sexless nurse

    If this works in your hospital (where the females cath the females and the males cath the males), and no one minds then what's the issue? As I mentioned before, it doesn't work in all hospitals due to different patient loads and the fact that another nurse simply may not always have time to stop (not that they are not compassionate to you or the patient) and cath another nurse's patient. For example, if I am trying to start an IV on my patient or am in the middle of a sterile dressing change when a male nurse asks me to come cath their female patient, I won't be able to do it for awhile and his patient suffers in the process because she has to wait. It's not really practical, especially if the male nurse is the one who is uncomfortable with doing the procedure on his patient while it may be a non-issue for his female patient.
  2. NurseFrustrated

    I'm a sexless nurse

    Hello. Female nurse here. I understand your concerns, but at work, yes you are a nurse first and a male/female second. That is part of being a professional. Believe me, I don't mind to help a fellow nurse out but sometimes I simply don't have time to stop what I'm doing with my own patients to go catheterize someone else's patient. Catheterizing females is not always easy and can be time consuming. All nurses should be capable of doing their own procedures because someone may not always be available to do it for you. And saying you choose not to do a procedure that is part of your job does not sound very professional. As long as you explain the procedure to the female patient beforehand and explain everything that you're doing during the cath, having a female nursing assistant in the room for a witness, it shouldn't be an issue. Sometimes females refuse to let males do this procedure. In that case, yes, you shouldn't proceed and should tell your charge nurse and have a female do it. But it shouldn't be a case of the male nurse refusing to do it because you are uncomfortable with it. And not all females are as modest as you may think. We are used to those yearly gyno visits.
  3. NurseFrustrated

    Just got fired from my first real job as an lpn and need some advice

    Personally, I probably wouldn't do home care nursing as a new grad. You would probably be better off working in a hospital or long term care facility for a while so you could have back-up from other nurses/a supervisor if something goes wrong with a patient. Then you can get some experience and build up your confidence. Just try applying to every LPN job posting you see in your area and go for it. Hopefully you will find something soon. If you have to work as an aide again in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with that. Good luck.
  4. NurseFrustrated

    Charge nurse

    I don't really like being charge. When I am assigned to be charge I have to take a full patient assignment myself and get no extra pay for it. The unit manager just assigns someone to be charge every shift. It's a lot of extra work and extra responsibility with no extra pay. No wonder no one wants to be charge on my unit.
  5. NurseFrustrated

    Bullied by a new grad, wth???

    Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all the time in nursing. It's one of the things I really hate about this job. You can work your tail off and the next shift nit picks everything apart as if you sat with your feet up all shift. It drives me nuts. I will be as polite as I can in this type of situation and keep it professional but I will not allow another nurse to bully me during report and try to make me feel as if I have done nothing the entire shift. I make sure I don't behave this way to others during report. I try to be understanding after someone has had a terrible shift but has tried their best. There is a difference between the kind of shift you described and the kind of shift where the nurse really has just been lazy and is trying to dump everything on you because they don't want to do it. No matter how frustrated you get just remember to always keep it professional.
  6. NurseFrustrated

    Who is responsible to find shift coverage?

    I think that if MA 1 agrees to take a shift for MA 2, the shift now belongs to MA 1. If MA 1 will not come in for that shift she should be held accountable for it. It's a crap thing to do to MA 2.
  7. NurseFrustrated

    Workplace Bullying-Nursing or 7th Grade?

    I've been a hospital RN for nine years and I was talking about this very subject with a non-nurse friend of mine at lunch today. I told her that I find it strange that the supposedly "caring" field of healthcare attracts so many people with nasty and rude personalities. You would think that it would attract people with big hearts who want to help others. Instead I have found it to attract some very lazy, rude, and mean people with terrible attitudes and terrible work ethics. I worked with better coworkers in fast food restaurants when I was in college. I don't get it.
  8. NurseFrustrated

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I couldn't agree more. I could have written this myself.
  9. NurseFrustrated

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

  10. NurseFrustrated

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I've been a nurse for almost 9 years and yes, it can suck that badly at times. I wondered the same thing before I became a nurse. How can it be that bad to have job security and make decent money? Well, you will never understand until you do it. Unfortunately in most of my hospital nursing jobs the bad days at work have far outnumbered the good days. I'm always grateful to be employed at all in this economy but I'm still hoping to one day find a job with coworkers with good work ethics, management who actually give a crap about their nurses, and decent patient ratios. Does one exist?
  11. NurseFrustrated

    Do Not Over-Share!

    I completely agree. Don't give backstabbers and gossipers any fodder.
  12. NurseFrustrated

    Nursing Shortage

    I agree with the part of your post where you said that hospitals like to make one person do the work of three people. My unit at my hospital is always short staffed but that's the way they want it. There could be jobs for other nurses if the hospital wasn't too cheap to pay to keep the place staffed adequately. But it's a business and the dollar is all that matters...apparently much more than patient safety, good nursing care, and employee satisfaction and retention. It's a sad situation. The patients are the ones who suffer the most because they don't get the kind of care they deserve thanks to cheapskate staffing.
  13. NurseFrustrated

    Nurse-Patient ratios in rehab?

  14. NurseFrustrated

    Words of encouragment...please

    I failed a couple of tests in nursing school but I still made it through. I failed one big test because I had something weird happening the night before the test. I was getting strange stalker calls on my home phone all night! I was home alone and was weirded out and it affected my studying. The next morning I called the phone company and had my phone number changed and fortunately nothing else stalkerish ever happened. These were the days when people still had home phones, about 10 or 12 years ago. lol. But things happen and just keep trying your best. It's your overall score that determines whether or not you pass the class. Try to study extra hard for the next test and ace it and it will bring up your overall score in the class. If there is something in clinicals that you are not getting talk to your instructor about it. I'm sure they will be glad to try to help you.
  15. NurseFrustrated

    Officially giving up

    I don't know what state you live in or which other states you have tried exactly, but have you tried applying to smaller towns and rural areas rather than larger cities? Perhaps places that are considered less desirable locations may be less saturated with applicants and have more opportunity such as rural areas in midwest states rather than big cities in coastal states for example. Might be worth a try if you haven't already. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do.
  16. NurseFrustrated

    The sight of blood makes me pass out.

    I can clean up poop from bedpans and bedside commodes all day and it doesn't bother me, but having to squeeze poop out of a colostomy bag...yikes. I have to hold my breath and try so hard not to let my face show any signs of wanting to gag. That gets to me. Sputum is fine unless it's really thick and then it's not so pleasant. Fortunately vomit doesn't bother me too badly. However emptying NG suction canisters is kind of gross as well. It's not pleasant for staff or for patients. It's a necessary evil in the health care field though. The patients cant help it and it could be any of us in that position one day so I try not to let my feelings show. We are human after all.