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I work nights and currently have a 45 min to one hour commute each way. Needless to say, by my 3rd or 4th shift I'm exhausted and that drive is hell. I've nodded off a couple of times driving on the interstate, pulling over... Read More

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    Yes...didn't want to be repetitive but from experience...I listened to another NM and told my current NM that I wanted to pursue other opportunities..and I knew in my heart that this NM was the type to hold grudges and was not as fair as her peer viewed her...let me tell you.. all of a sudden I was taken off the schedule and told there were no more hours for me. That happened in was a PRN position. Dont say a word...the only time this is not possible is when it is within the same hospital..if its their policy that you have to tell the current NM before you interview with another...which is not fair.

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    I used one of my co-workers/mentor as a reference. I am a new nurse (less than 1 year) and felt that a mentor would be good reference. This mentor works part time at my facility and teaches full time. I was just offered a position, so I would say it worked.

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