What is your favorite smiley?

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    Mine is because it is sassy lookin'

    OK, your turn.

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    Because I honestly do this every time certain people I know open their mouths!
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    Are you defining 'favorite' by 'how often it's used?' 'Cause if that's the case, I am very boring and my favorite is this

    But which one do I like the most? or or
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    I miss the "stone" smiley.....and I'd love to have a smiley like my football site has that literally rolls on the floor laughing!
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    Mine is this one.... and because I always wanted to be on the Broadway stage I always do this for myself
    Thank you, Thank you! You've been a great audience
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    Not really smileys, but they are on the list of smileys...


    because, well, we do!
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    I don't know what this one is for (Thanksgiving?) but now I get to use it! It's just so stupid looking it makes me laugh.

    And I like the facial expression on the pink guy. I think this one is cute.
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    Yeah... what happened to the "stone" smiley?
    I have looked for it and miss it!
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    Mine is because this is how I look most of the time
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    my absolute favorites are in Yahoo Messenger:
    ) and =))
    try them!
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