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  1. sparklie.lady

    5 Cups of Coffee a Day cuts breast cancer risk

    Does this mean I have to cut back to five cups a day? The horror!
  2. sparklie.lady

    Woohoo! Just Completed RN school

    Congrats! We have pinning tomorrow :)
  3. sparklie.lady

    Raise your hand if you're about to graduate!!!

    Me!!!! Pinning on Thursday and then getting reacquainted with my lovely daughter and fantastic husband...where have the past 15 months gone? And of course, studying for the 'Clex and looking for a job. Way to go class of '11!
  4. sparklie.lady

    PLEASE HELP - May be kicked out.

    If your U/A was negative, but for the Xanax, I'd recommend bringing your prescription bottle in and showing it to them. Low blood sugar can cause tachycardia and we all know nursing students eat like crap or don't eat at all! Just take a deep breath and relax! Don't get defensive or apologetic--keep it to the facts. Good luck!
  5. sparklie.lady


    When I skill-checked on IM meds, I stuck myself. And it bled so badly that I couldn't finish in my allotted time! I felt like an idiot, too. And that's ok :) Just remember, anyone who has never goofed up is either imaginary or lying!
  6. sparklie.lady

    Need help selecting nursing goals!!

    Physical goals= those that affect the body Psychosocial= those that affect the mind, mood, and spirit. What age group are you working with? That will play a part in what goals you select.
  7. sparklie.lady

    Med error in nursing school!

    Not sure, what being a male nurse has to do with anything, but as seniors in my program, we can administer PO and injectable meds on our own, after the instructor has reviewed the MAR with us. That goes for the female nurses, too
  8. sparklie.lady

    theme costume ideas

    Love the crayon idea!!!
  9. sparklie.lady

    Initial interventions for suspected aspiration

    Thanks! Good to know I was on the right track...they always tell us not to read into the questions, but it would have been helpful to know about the bed elevation! I appreciate your time :)
  10. This is a case study for class and I'm stuck. Patient is on continuous small-bore feeding when nurse notices emesis on her gown. Vitals are T 102/ HR 110/ RR 30/ O2 sat @ 92% on a 35% Venti. I felt that the first two interventions would be to raise the head of the bed and perform oral suctioning. I feel comfortable that raise the bed would be the first thing to do, unless contraindicated. But is suctioning a reasonable selection? The other thing I could think of would be to turn off the tube feeding. Is this a situation where you would need an MD order to pause it? The next question is specific to the assessments we should perform, so I didn't think she wanted "assess the patient" as one of the two interventions. Or did she? AAACK! thanks for your help!
  11. sparklie.lady

    Students in Delivery Room

    I gave birth at a medium-sized teaching hospital and everyone except housekeeping took a tour into my room that day--even a group of paramedics who had never seen a birth! That being said, though, had I known any of them on a personal level I would have shouted them back out to next Tuesday. Just too odd. As a student starting my OB rotation soon, I know of at least 2 friends who will deliver @ my hospital during my rotation. If I get assigned to either, I will pop in, say hello (as long as they are not in transition or pushing) and then ask for a different assignment.
  12. sparklie.lady

    am I retarded? Lol.

    I'm pretty "savvy" with the internet and I'm pretty sure that LOL is an acronym for Laughing Out Loud. Nothing funny about your choice of words...just something to consider. We may all be anonymous e-colleagues, but in the real world, you never know who may be truly offended by the use of such a derogatory term.
  13. sparklie.lady

    am I retarded? Lol.

    I'm not sure if you are "re***," but you are certainly tactless.
  14. sparklie.lady

    Basic question, almost ashamed to ask

    I've never seen a patient turned on their stomach, yes, this is exactly what turning means.
  15. sparklie.lady

    Looooong narrative notes

    it's 1:45 am here and I just finished a care plan (30+ pages of evidenced-based interventions and a full description of my patient's love for Bon Jovi) dear RN/writer, can you please direct me to that 12-step group? I want to get help before I graduate and it's too late!