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  1. Don't think my marriage will survive night shift

    This may have mentioned before, but does your husband work every single day? Can you schedule your night to work before his day off? That way it wont interfere with his work schedule. He can wait to shower until you get up. I have a toddler and I...
  2. Agency is going to hourly vs pay per visit

    Will they be picking up the extra 15.3 percent self employment tax if you go hourly? Or are you still considered independent? I think sometimes hourly will work in your favor If you have long drive times between visits that's not considered part o...
  3. mileage reimbirsment in home care

    Ok thanks! I get .45 a mile so I will get to claim some. Glad I asked so I can keep track!
  4. mileage reimbirsment in home care

    Are you being paid for mileage as in gas expenses or in terms of wear and tear on your vehicle? New to 1099 independent contractor business, just wondering what I can/cannot claim on my taxes. If I'm being paid mileage expenses, can I claim g...
  5. What age of patient's are the most difficult for you?

    I think most difficult for me would be peds. Probably not in the sense you are talking about, but I can't handle a child going bad. I would never be able to maintain my composure and would be a horrible, emotional, nervous wreck.
  6. I'm sorry, honey. Mommy is a nurse...

    My daughters kindergarten teacher asked me if I was a nurse because she told her whole class that mommy's new baby is going to be a boy, and they can tell because he doesn't have a uterus. We didn't have the actual "boys have different parts" talk un...
  7. Name Brands???

    Butter soft scrubs are really comfortable and they're cheap too.
  8. The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    Why is pit used so often? I am not an L/D nurse so I am curious. Had my first baby in 3 hours from start to finish. Went in for baby number 2 and saw the nurse setting up the pit, I was like for the love of God, do not give that to me! That labor was...
  9. Patient Entitlement

    Esme why couldn't you have been my nurse!
  10. Patient Entitlement

    I've been that freaked out mom! I took one child in for a seizure and kept bugging the triage nurse every 20 minutes bc she was just out of it, eyes glazed over. But to my defense I truly thought my kid was going to croak. Same kid, different visit, ...
  11. I was billed once for a service I repeatedly refused. I got a bill every other week from this hospitalist service, they kept claiming that my maternity benefits did not include hospitalist services, strictly pregnancy related stuff. I had to tell the...
  12. Next of Kin

    Thank you both. Social worker would be a good idea for my aunt, it's just the two of them. I have a call into the unit he's in, hopefully explaining the situation to them will remove me from the situation.
  13. Next of Kin

    I have a weird situation on my hands. My biological father is in an ICU in another state. I have met him twice in my life. The only person on that side of the family that's ever had anything to do with me is his sister. I am his only child and he is ...
  14. Huntingtons disease, its totally awful. Had a patient in his 30's who found out about the disease after he had 4 children. If I remember correctly, they were in the process of testing his kids, what a terrible feeling that must be.
  15. getting a job again after almost 2 years

    I have seen this question asked before, but still dont know the right answer. Ive been out of work for almost 2 years. I was taken off for medical reasons, wasnt cleared to return in a timely fashion and was terminated. Not my fault, I asked to be re...