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  1. DemonWings

    Don't think my marriage will survive night shift

    This may have mentioned before, but does your husband work every single day? Can you schedule your night to work before his day off? That way it wont interfere with his work schedule. He can wait to shower until you get up. I have a toddler and I guarantee you that I do, in fact, shower. Most of the time I do so with little eyes peering into the glass, but seriously....it can be done.
  2. DemonWings

    Agency is going to hourly vs pay per visit

    Will they be picking up the extra 15.3 percent self employment tax if you go hourly? Or are you still considered independent? I think sometimes hourly will work in your favor If you have long drive times between visits that's not considered part of your pay, but other than that it sounds pretty crappy.
  3. DemonWings

    mileage reimbirsment in home care

    Ok thanks! I get .45 a mile so I will get to claim some. Glad I asked so I can keep track!
  4. DemonWings

    mileage reimbirsment in home care

    Are you being paid for mileage as in gas expenses or in terms of wear and tear on your vehicle? New to 1099 independent contractor business, just wondering what I can/cannot claim on my taxes. If I'm being paid mileage expenses, can I claim gas as an expense?
  5. DemonWings

    What age of patient's are the most difficult for you?

    I think most difficult for me would be peds. Probably not in the sense you are talking about, but I can't handle a child going bad. I would never be able to maintain my composure and would be a horrible, emotional, nervous wreck.
  6. Huntingtons disease, its totally awful. Had a patient in his 30's who found out about the disease after he had 4 children. If I remember correctly, they were in the process of testing his kids, what a terrible feeling that must be.
  7. DemonWings

    New back-to-school worry: Unvaccinated classmates

    Discussions like this just make me cringe! I'm all for vaccinations, but I too, have one child who has airway compromise with the flu vaccine. Makes me feel like she's a sitting duck around flu season. I wish they would make a True allergy friendly flu vaccine.
  8. DemonWings

    Waking up in the OR

    Now that is truly horrific
  9. DemonWings

    Waking up in the OR

    Absolutely, they were extremely rushed. Thinking about this happening during heart or trauma surgery makes me cringe!
  10. DemonWings

    Waking up in the OR

    I woke up as I was being stitched up during my emergency c section, I was intubated and remember gagging frantically and trying to bend forward to sit up. Luckily I don't remember any pain, they never mentioned this to me and I just never thought to bring it up, I wonder what they would have said if I did? They did mention as soon as they extubated me I was screaming because I thought the baby died, I don't remember this though, thankfully.
  11. DemonWings

    hospital broke contract?

    That's ludicrous, no way I would pay. From what I understand, these contracts are generally not pursued. I have never heard of someone being taken to court and forced to pay.
  12. Sounds as though you feel like you need to prove something. My best advise would be to ignore their behavior. What exactly are you trying to educate your boyfriend about? I would tread lightly because trying to convince him that you are smarter than his mother may come back to bite you. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent:)
  13. DemonWings

    And then the MD said.....

    My doctor will call me at home if I've been having issues, he called me once after I went to urgent care to make sure I was fine. There are many good ones still around today. My sons pedi is the same way, he always calls me back personally if I have a concern.
  14. DemonWings

    Thanks for taking the time...

    A similar thing happened when my papa was transfered from a SNF to ICU. Everyone knew that he was going to die, but someone took the time to give his face a nice shave (he was a pretty hairy guy), and trimmed his hair. When I went to visit him he looked like a new man, even though he had been in a coma for serveral days. The little stuff matters, there are some special people in this world who really take the time to care for our loved ones =) Glad your mom got some excellent care.
  15. DemonWings

    Rectal use of opiates???!!!

    I had a doctor tell me once that for his patients that he knew were going to use drugs, he would tell them to take the needle off the heroin (or whatever) and inject it into the rectum, this way they avoid the IV complications such as infection. YIKES, he called it "anal bumping" or something like that. This was at a county hospital where we had frequent fliers in for multiple abcesses related to their IV drug use. Dont know it I would go as far as to tell them an additional way to use, however I can see his point in preventing the infections we see so often. However, I wonder if it puts them at a greater risk of OD'ing.
  16. If you are so intent on being annonymous, maybe you can create an email account "student2012@ gmail . com" something like that, and send a very detailed email to the dean, and to anyone else that you think might be able to help you.

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