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  1. Navy Reserve Accession Bonus Q

    Thank y’all. I have been handed off to a new recruiter (previous one PCS’d), and the new recruiter has explained the process in more detail. There is a special pays agreement contract that outlines the details of the bonus. I’m waiting ...
  2. Navy Reserve Accession Bonus Q

    Thank you. I will ask some more pointed questions about that when I touch base with my recruiter this week.
  3. Navy Reserve Accession Bonus Q

    Hey all, this seems like a simple question, but I couldn’t find it asked anywhere here before: In order to receive the Accession Bonus for Nurse Practitioners in the Reserve Component of the Navy Nurse Corps, does the bonus need to be identified in t...
  4. Congrats! We had our pinning and graduation all in one ceremony this morning; it was awesome!
  5. Nclex-rn 3500--hope it helps!!

    Here's a working link Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version
  6. Scrub Bottoms for Males

    For two years, I have battled with strange-fitting Landau scrub bottoms; I'm graduating in 8 days, and I want, nay, demand scrub bottoms that fit! I have the Landau bottoms with two normal pockets, one back pocket, and a zippered-fly. My problem: Wh...
  7. What made you go into nursing?

    I wanted a low-stress job with no responsibility, glamour, high-pay, and no body fluids! Also, I have a bridge for sale...It's nice...It starts on one piece of land, spans a space, and ends on another piece of land. Anyone interested? But for real, ...
  8. Clinical - A Place for Your Things

    I take my drivers license and a credit card, wrap a few small-bills around them, and wrap that with a rubber band...goes in front pocket. I keep my house/ancillary keys in my jeep, car key goes in other pocket. Cell phone usually stays in my car or...
  9. Kahr pm9, 1000rds of 9mm, and tank of gas to get to my favorite shooting range to play with my guns!
  10. ATI vs Kaplan

    I just finished a 3-day live review from ATI at my school. It was 3, 6 hour sessions of review based on a predictor-test the entire class took; the review was tailored to review our areas of need. Also, we were given log-in info for that ATI site t...
  11. Do nurses have to clean up vomit?

    Breathing through my mouth doesn't help me, because then I taste it!!! There are much, much worse things than vomit. I've only done 2 years of nursing school and an externship, and I've already smelled smells that would make a normal person die; I'm...
  12. Discouraged

    You're only 33% of the way through the review, you've barely scratched the surface :) I bet you'll be surprised how far you come in two more days!
  13. Just need a little support

    Most schools have a counselor available to talk to with no consequences whatsoever, unless it's something that puts you or others in danger. If I were in your shoes, I would either find a nursing professor I trust and just say "I have some family is...
  14. Just need a little support

    It sounds like he may have some resentment/jealousy issues with your commitment to school. I think the two of you should definitely pursue counselling, both as a couple and possibly individually as well. When you say "push away" in regards to the ...
  15. Good grief! You don't even have "Fundamentals of Nursing"...although, "Serial Murders and Their Victims" looks interesting....:chair: :spam: