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Navy Reserve Accession Bonus Q

Hey all, this seems like a simple question, but I couldn’t find it asked anywhere here before:

In order to receive the Accession Bonus for Nurse Practitioners in the Reserve Component of the Navy Nurse Corps, does the bonus need to be identified in the commissioning paperwork/contract; or, is it automatic?


My recruiter has seemed to shoot fairly straight with me during this process and says it is automatic, but I’m just having a hard time wrapping my brain around the government tossing out large sums of cash automatically without some sort of hoops or red tape to jump through.


Thanks for your help!

It should be in your contract even if it’s automatic. 

11 minutes ago, Jeckrn1 said:

It should be in your contract even if it’s automatic. 

Thank you.  I will ask some more pointed questions about that when I touch base with my recruiter this week.

The reason it is in the contract is so you can get paid and they have you agreeing to the service obligation. 

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