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  1. Jeckrn1

    Vet contemplating federal employment. HELP!!!

    It will be difficult to match the benefits of the Federal Government. Not only can you buy back your AD time it will be applied to your seniority. I bought back my time and have a reserve retirement so able to double dip on. With 10 years of active duty you will start out with 6 hours of leave every pay period unless you work for the VA were it’s 8 hours of leave per pay period. You will also get 4 hours of sick leave per pay no matter what agency you work for. When you apply for a federal job make sure your resume covers the key words in the announcement.
  2. What if the service does not work in the hospital. Where I work once you get away from windows only one of the big carriers works.
  3. Jeckrn1

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    I once worked in a high volume ED and often when we tried to call report we got the nurse is not available then the charge is not available. They state they will call back in 15 minutes which 9 out of 10 did not happen and when you called back after 30 minutes you got push back. How we stopped that issue was we called the floor, asked for the nurse taking the patient. If not available the change nurse. If not available informed them the patient is on the way. Problem of delaying taking report stopped real quick.
  4. Jeckrn1

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    The report does not have to be verbal, it can be electronic.
  5. Jeckrn1

    Practice vs Performance

    As a preceptor (practice) I oriented 10 (performance) new nurses to the unit.
  6. Jeckrn1

    Racism and Covid-19: The Unmasking of Two Pandemics

    You will not see many people talk about what you wrote because the fear of being called a racist.
  7. Where at Womack, I work in the OR there.
  8. By your older post it looks like you left the Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF. Where did you PCS to? Enjoyed my time at WACH at Stewart.
  9. The government system can take up to 6 months to get you in once you received a tentative offer.
  10. Jeckrn1

    Military Options for Nursing Students

    If you want to go active duty it is not always easy to switch from reserves to active. You will have to go through the whole boarding process again. There are times they will be taking non ROTC nurses but not reserve nurses. This like anything else changes based on the mission.
  11. Jeckrn1

    New FNP, Military Spouse, & Army Nurse Corp

    Even if you apply and get hired at the VA there is a good chance you will have moved by your start date. Since you are moving in 4-6 months start looking in that area for a position. If you get in a Federal government position you will not have to apply for a new license for each state since all they need is a current nsg from any state or territory.
  12. Jeckrn1

    ARMY- Gaining competitive RN experience

    Do not hide any information, if found out it could kill your career.
  13. Jeckrn1

    Waiver question

    I doubt any service will take you with H3 hearing.
  14. Jeckrn1

    VA Nurse Salary

    Unless you become a Nurse III you only have one more step as a Nurse II.
  15. Jeckrn1

    VA Nurse Salary

    Are you working for the VA in NJ? You can try to negotiate but you will only get 1 more step unless you are able to prove that you are a Nurse III. By looking at their pay scale it would be hard to get 150K since you would have to be a Nurse III step 11.
  16. Jeckrn1

    Help me stat!Trying to get higher Nurse 2 step

    The years between step raises depend on which step you are. The lower steps can be one year and the upper steps three years.

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