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  1. Jeckrn1

    Pediatric Exp & Loan Repayment

    Yes, AD nurses will be needed. Right now 95% of the AD nurses where I work are assigned to FORSCOM units and not the hospital. I work at Womack Army Medical Center on Ft Bragg. Everything is in flux right now and no one really knows what’s going to happen. We have a NICU but do not have inpatient peds anymore so things are changing. To find out if the services are still recruiting OB/GYN or Pediatric nurses you need to contact a healthcare recruiter. The Army does not have a pediatric AOC.
  2. Jeckrn1

    Air Force initial rank

    The Army & Air Force will count your ADN time along with your BSN. PHS I believe uses the same standards as the Navy and your ADN time would not count. As far as your E for pay you need 1460 points no matter if it’s active or reserves.
  3. Jeckrn1

    Clinical Nurse Expert??

    You need to look at benefits and long term pay raises in order to make up your mind.
  4. Jeckrn1

    Got picked up for AD off OML list, couple questions

    The OML is a list of qualified candidates who were not offered a slot. It depend on where you are on the OML and the number of nurses who are selected who turn down their commission if you end up with a slot.
  5. Jeckrn1

    Air Force initial rank

    If you have 1460 points between active and reserves you will have “E” pay over 8 years. The 8 years will count for retirement if they are good years. A good year in the reserves is 50 points. Your base entry date will change but your initial entry date will not.
  6. Another possible agency to contact is the HR for the whole AF. They will know if you are title 38 or not.
  7. OPM.GOV has the rules about diffs. Night diff is from 1800-0600 and weekend diff is 25% on Sundays. Under title 38 rules Saturday also pays 25% diff. Do a search at Opm.gov under pay and then show them the rules.
  8. Jeckrn1

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    They base off what nurses make in the area. If I worked in western PA I would make about 35k less than I make in eastern N.C. My taxes are about 1/3 of what they would be there. Salaries are based on supply and demand.
  9. Jeckrn1

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    If you worked at the VA in Baltimore you would be around 90k there. So the salary scale for were you applied is the going rate for that area. According to indeed.com the average RN salary is 71,462.
  10. Jeckrn1

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    What part of MD do you live in and where in PA is the position? The only areas that I see in MD making under 85K as a Nurse 2/5 is along the PA boarder.
  11. Jeckrn1

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    Go to this website and it will give you the pay scale for the VA you are looking at. You should be a nurse 2 step 5-7. https://www.va.gov/OHRM/index.asp
  12. Jeckrn1

    Who is suppose to time anesthesia consent

    Unless the CRNA is there st the time of the patient signature why do the times need to be the same.
  13. You can request your first duty station and have it written in your orders to active duty. I had it done and others that I have worked with also had it done.
  14. It It can be put in your contract where you are going but orders can be changed on the needs of the Army. They will ship your household goods and car but it is up to you to find a place to leave that is in your housing allowance. They do have services to help you find your place. You will need to set up your own bank account before you go on active duty. You can always be deployed, that’s just the nature of the military. Yes, put you will have to agree to it. Officers do not enlist or re-enlist. You will be on active duty until you put in your paperwork to get off active duty. Your original contract is for 8 years no matter how you do them. Most people who want to do 20 years can. Put there is always a possibility the services could down size.
  15. Jeckrn1

    VA Nurse Salary

    Divide the 83k by 2087 and that will give you your hourly pay. For some strange reason the Federal Government uses 2087 vs 2080.

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