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  1. This is why you never do a field sobriety test including breath test (not a breathalyzer) they can not take your license for refusing it. But never refuse a breathalyzer or blood test if you are arrested. Most of us at the end of a long trying s...
  2. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    Very true.
  3. How do you VA hospitals compared to civilian hospitals?

    After working in civilian, military (DHA) & VA hospitals one big difference between civilian & government hospitals is there is no call offs no matter how low the census is. Also, the benefit package is way better on the government side. At t...
  4. Holiday Sick Calls From Self-Centered Staff

    I have worked at places that if you call off the shift before or after the holiday you do not get holiday pay for the holiday.
  5. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    To use your train analogy how many people were traveling by train that year and how many died in train wrecks? You did the train both trains also have the same type of wreck? Just the responses I expected.
  6. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    Maybe before you start calling people who have not received the vaccine names etc. why don't you look at one many reason people think they do not need to get it. Could it be the conflicting mandate from the president which exempts members of congres...
  7. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    1. My word of caution was not directed at you or anyone else but just a reminder that some poster will be offended if you do not agree with them or question their post. 2. Thanks for proving my point
  8. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Because some people get their feelings hurt if you don’t agree with them.
  9. Level III trauma

    What you do not see is that often these types of injuries will arrive at ED at your facility before being transferred to a level I facility. There are times that the surgeon has no choice but to take the patient to the OR at the level III because th...
  10. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Love the response. Better be careful since you might hurt some feelings.
  11. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Really, just wait the entitlement will only increase.
  12. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    While working in the ED it would have been “Are you that f’ing stupid”
  13. Sorry the numbers support that mask don’t work. Because if the did FL would have a huge number of infections compared to NY & CA. What you forget to look at is not mask but how are the people allowed or not allowed to live in the respected states...
  14. Flordia16.6, NY 12.7 & CA 11.9 cases per 100 of population. Both NY and CA are also pretty much shut down. So if the state is shut down is it mask compliance or is it people are not allowed to move about that is decreasing the number of cases?