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  1. Nope. I work full time as an NP and part time (Reserves) as an RN.
  2. Not exactly apples to apples here. I have 17 years ICU and ER experience as an RN and have only been a vascular surgery NP for less than a year. I WANTED to fly. I am reserves and I still work full time for the federal govt as an NP. My goal was to serve and to retire with two pensions, which I do and I will.
  3. My ED and ICU experience has helped quite a bit, but I am learning a lot. I work full time as an NP for the VA still and am only reserve as a flight nurse.
  4. Danish

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    You will start your position as the same step and grade, just on the NP scale. Your first proficiency will be 1 year later and most NPs become nurse III at that time if they are involved in committees and such. It is still considerably less than the community pays for NPs though. I had offers for well over $30K more that I turned down to stay with the VA.
  5. It is very base specific. I live in the Tampa area and my closest base is MacDill. When I initially began the process of commissioning there was no need for NPs on base and I was offered a flight nurse job. It was either take the opportunity as a flight nurse or nothing, so I took it. I work for the VA as a NP and for the USAF reserves as a nurse.
  6. Danish

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations and God speed!! Enjoy your retirement!!
  7. Danish

    2019 pay raise

    Received this email this morning in my VA email... "Good Afternoon, Recently, Congress and the President approved a cost of living increase in the amount of 1.6% that will be retroactive to January 6, 2019. Last week, the contractor for the Human Resources information system used to track pay was tasked to make these changes to the pay of the 253,000 eligible VA employees. Almost all eligible employees were successfully processed and will see the change and the back pay in this Friday’s paycheck. For 308 of you, the contractor’s effort resulted in an error that must be corrected manually by Bay Pines HRM. If you are one of the 308 employees, you will see the change and back pay in your May 17, 2019, pay. Additional back pay will be included to account for the delay. An SF-50 will be placed in your eOPF when the pay adjustment is made for you. You will receive an email from eopf-noreply@opm.com notifying you that this has occurred."
  8. Danish

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    I have had the same recruiter, but he waited to submit me for MEPS as I was so close to finishing up the MSN-FNP program and taking boards. It will make a difference in rank, so I agreed to wait.
  9. Danish

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    I turned 40 during this process. The MEPS physical is different for those under 40. With that being said, I had to have fasted blood work and an EKG at MEPS which showed an arrhythmia. I had to return to MEPS 3 weeks later for a cardiology consult. They bussed me over to a cardiologist and I had another EKG and an echo which was perfect and the cardiologist cleared me stating that it was basically a bogus EKG. It was just another wrench in the process. I am being told that it is currently taking up to 4 weeks for the waivers to be approved by the surgeon general. Apparently my next step will be security clearance and swearing in. I have also been advised that COT is full for this year, so it will be next year before I go. You can begin drilling prior to going to officer training though, you just will not be paid at your rank because you are a cadet until officer training is complete. I emailed regarding pay / back pay for the difference and am waiting for a reply.
  10. Danish

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Ive been in the process over 2 years. Just finally had my waiver sent to the surgeon general and my recruiter said it will be about six more months before I swear in. Its a loooong process, isnt it?!
  11. Danish

    Reserve Bonus

    Current USAF Reserve accession bonus for flight nurse is $60,000 for 6 years. Its paid $20K per year for first 3 years.
  12. Danish

    Interested in becoming a Military Nurse

    I would begin by reaching out to recruiters in your area. Do some serious research as branches vary. I am commissioning in the USAF reserves and there is only one recruiter who does medical in this area (Tampa Bay). You could start by reaching out to Ssgt Alex Asencio 813-523-8864 Nurses (BSN and higher) go to Officer school, not basic training. For the Air Force, this is an 8 week course at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL. Once you complete Officer training, there is other training required. It is dependent on your job. Flight nurses attend flight school, SERE, medical, etc. Its approx 9 mo of training all together. Be patient though, the process is VERY long. I have been at it for 2 years and just completed my flight physical and am waiting for the Surgeon General to sign my waiver (heart murmur) before I can swear in. Even after that, I have to wait a few more months before going to Officer training. The selection is competitive and they will want to know every detail of your life, health history, and career experience. Good luck!!
  13. Danish

    Air Guard Incentives?

    My recruiter told me there are no accession bonuses for Nurse Practitioners at this time. I am commissioning as a flight nurse and working as an NP in my civilian role. The bonus is $60K for flight nurses currently.
  14. Danish

    WGU Nursing Accreditation

    Got this in the mail yesterday.
  15. Danish

    Salary for Florida Nurses

    I couldn't say. I worked in the pool as an LPN before getting my RN for $21 base, but for pool you have to have hospital experience. I know Palms of Pasadena hospital and kindred both hire new grad lpn's. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get a position in a hospital as an LPN much less a new grad, so of you are offered a job take it. Get at least 6 mo to a year under your belt and you will be much more emplpyable. Trust me, it's tough all around for new grads. If I could offer any advice, I would say keep pushing forward with school and you won't regret it. Good luck!!