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Danish MSN, APRN, NP

vascular surgery
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Danish is a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in vascular surgery.


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  1. Danish

    Army Reserve FY20 Retention Bonus

    46F was 60K I apologize, I misread the title of the post. This was USAF ascension bonus
  2. Maybe I am glutton for punishment, but I am thinking of going back to school to obtain a terminal degree. I am leaning towards Aspen Univ. DNP in Leadership as they offer some insight into the financial, business, and management side of practice. Has any NP's here gone back for the DNP? Any advice? ( Background: I am currently working for the VA healthcare system in Vascular Surgery, but ideally some day would like to have my own clinic and feel that this would help prepare a little more than the current education I have. ) **I am also a USAF Reservist, so the cost is decent with Aspen ($16,000)
  3. Danish

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    I work in vascular surgery. I was an RN at the same hospital for five years prior to becoming an NP. Its my home, so I couldn't leave. Plus, the benefits package makes the pay equate if you add that value.
  4. Nope. I work full time as an NP and part time (Reserves) as an RN.
  5. Not exactly apples to apples here. I have 17 years ICU and ER experience as an RN and have only been a vascular surgery NP for less than a year. I WANTED to fly. I am reserves and I still work full time for the federal govt as an NP. My goal was to serve and to retire with two pensions, which I do and I will.
  6. My ED and ICU experience has helped quite a bit, but I am learning a lot. I work full time as an NP for the VA still and am only reserve as a flight nurse.
  7. Danish

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    You will start your position as the same step and grade, just on the NP scale. Your first proficiency will be 1 year later and most NPs become nurse III at that time if they are involved in committees and such. It is still considerably less than the community pays for NPs though. I had offers for well over $30K more that I turned down to stay with the VA.
  8. It is very base specific. I live in the Tampa area and my closest base is MacDill. When I initially began the process of commissioning there was no need for NPs on base and I was offered a flight nurse job. It was either take the opportunity as a flight nurse or nothing, so I took it. I work for the VA as a NP and for the USAF reserves as a nurse.
  9. Danish

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations and God speed!! Enjoy your retirement!!
  10. Danish

    Do military hospitals hire new grads?

    You could try the VA though. They have a nurse residency for new grads. Its a great program.
  11. Danish

    Changing VA facilities

    You will only be boarded again if you separate from the system for 1 year. I transitioned from Staff nurse to Nurse practitioner and they didn't re-board me. All they did was take my step and grade and switch me to that same step and grade on the NP scale.
  12. Danish

    Downsizing Military Medicine

    Im commissioning as a flight nurse and when I questioned my recruiter about it this is what I was told as well. Also, that it is approx 10K jobs.
  13. Danish

    Experience required to join AF Reserves?

    It is base specific as to what they need. You need to speak with a medical recruiter to get clear answers as regular recruiters do not know the info. I was commissioned in Tampa with an MSN-FNP and they only had need for flight and critical care nurses. There is currently no chance at my base to commission as an NP. I do however rank higher due to my degree certification and experience, so there is a bonus to waiting to finish the MSN.
  14. Danish

    Contract nursing at Military/VA hospital

    My VA hospital does not use outside staffing agencies (They used to.) Even the nursing home staffs from the hospital resource / float pool. The VA HR department is horrible and not very efficient. I was hired 5 years ago and it took 9 months from offer to start date. Currently transitioning from RN to APRN and it has been 6 months since my offer and I just got my start date for June 9th. Credentialing was completed in December.
  15. Danish

    2019 pay raise

    Received this email this morning in my VA email... "Good Afternoon, Recently, Congress and the President approved a cost of living increase in the amount of 1.6% that will be retroactive to January 6, 2019. Last week, the contractor for the Human Resources information system used to track pay was tasked to make these changes to the pay of the 253,000 eligible VA employees. Almost all eligible employees were successfully processed and will see the change and the back pay in this Friday’s paycheck. For 308 of you, the contractor’s effort resulted in an error that must be corrected manually by Bay Pines HRM. If you are one of the 308 employees, you will see the change and back pay in your May 17, 2019, pay. Additional back pay will be included to account for the delay. An SF-50 will be placed in your eOPF when the pay adjustment is made for you. You will receive an email from eopf-noreply@opm.com notifying you that this has occurred."
  16. Danish

    On call

    Capecodmermaid, are you the DON or UM? My DON does get calls with every and any little issue. She never takes on-call (which i wouldn't expect her to). My question really was who exactly is included in the on-call rotation. After attending training this week I'm realizing that most of our other facilities include ADON, Risk Mgr, and Staff development. All of which are currently open positions at my facility for now, it's just the two of us. The best answer we have been able to come up with from our standpoint is to hire more PRN LPN's and to better document the excessive call-ins so we can clean house.

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