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    I remember in the midst of a really hairy night on the locked psych ward, a patient asked me very seriously whether psych nurses and aides had to be at least half crazy to get the job?

    I felt like telling him yes and that the nuttier we are, the more we get per hour, but I didn't.
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    I wonder what redbull in coffee tastes like.

    Did I lock the bed wheels?

    How does she keep her black scrubs from fading?
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    I should be working on my paper, but stumbled on this website and I can't stop reading (and laughing!).
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    I'm so hooked on this website and the funny posts, I waste a lot of time.
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    Quote from NightNurseRN13
    I wonder what redbull in coffee tastes like.

    Did I lock the bed wheels?

    How does she keep her black scrubs from fading?
    I like these, they make me ponder.....
    Hmmmm (scratching chin) Do they make coffee flavored red bull? Mocha? (I don't know why I'm even thinking about this...I've never had a redbull. lol)

    To keep your black scrubs looking good I wash them inside out in cold water and hang them dry. I think the dryer fades. There is my contribution to society for the day.
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    Why do I see OR nurses wearing scrubs on their way home from work?
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    I want a cape. Not a nurse's cape, superwoman cape.
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    Am I crazy if I'm willing to buy a text book for more than a refrigerator?
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    Will I ever not analyze my excretion?
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    Hey parents, why did you even bring your kid to the hospital if you're going to refuse labs, an IV, urine spec, etc.? No we can't "just give him some Tylenol."
    Now, not only is he still sick, but he has also been exposed to every microorganism that was lurking around our ED today. Great work!
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    Why did you accept those test appointments if you don't want a diagnosis?
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    Thanks for giving me your work to do. I just didn't have enough to do today.
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    OMG I had no idea this thread was still alive!!

    It was SO much fun, I'm glad to see it's still kicking
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