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helping others has always been a pleasure of mine and you can count on me to pleasure myself.

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  1. Once upon a time... i had had a dementia patient. Sundown beyond all hell. He was medically cleared and we were ready to send him back to his ALF. He was a hard time from beginning to end. And even when we informed him we’d be taking him back to his ...
  2. Something has been weighing on me for some time now, and I've generally kept it to myself mostly because I'm usually part of the "unpopular opinion" side of things, and for some time i decided to take the more helpful approach to making and respondin...
  3. elijahvegas

    Struggles of being a male nurse

    explain thoroughly what you're doing and why it needs to be done. and if theyre still hesitant, ask if they would feel more comfortable having a female nurse perform whatever task instead. easy peasy
  4. elijahvegas

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    ah i follow you now
  5. elijahvegas

    Military options as an RN? (new ABSN student)

    id like more information on this USPHS you speak of
  6. elijahvegas

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    very confused. if you have 15ml of tubing, and a 50ml bag, thats precisely why you would set the VTBI on the pump to 60 or in this case 65. Unless your pumps switch to KVO mode after infusion or something. Ours dont.
  7. elijahvegas

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    HIPAA is weird and super gray, up for interpretation, and often debatable. what i do when i feel the need to post things like that is ill pretty much change all the info so that it doesn't really apply to my patients at all. so while you say you had...
  8. elijahvegas

    Iv antibiotic running as primary?

    set the pump to account for the fluid left in the tubing.. 50ml bag of abx VTBI 55-60
  9. elijahvegas

    I just need to vent

    seems like everyone is overlooking the most important step...HR. especially now your boss got involved, and you have witnesses that can vouch for you when this cna decided to try to go over your head and escalate the issue, its your turn. go to HR, e...
  10. elijahvegas

    Military options as an RN? (new ABSN student)

    I'd start off with looking at each branch and checking out the age cut off. RNs as far as I know go in as commissioned officers and their rank starts at o1 and goes up for every 2 years of civilian experience they bring, otherwise they spend like 6 m...
  11. elijahvegas

    Gave up DNP

    yeah cant for the life of me see any upside to getting a dnp gun to my head or it aint gonna happen
  12. Get whar you can get whenever you can get it . But youll burn out quick if you go into something you have no interest in
  13. elijahvegas

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    You are essentially colleagues. Thats about it. You are not equal in knowledge by a long shot and if you even remotely think that, youve got a huge ego and wildly out of touch. Thing about nurses and docs is that we are much more expendable that doc...
  14. elijahvegas

    What do you wish you had known?

    Poster asked for things that we realized about our experiences after the fact. We all have great and fond memories and friends from our programs, but im pretty sure the op was asking mainly about what mistakes/misconceptions we had that we now know b...
  15. elijahvegas

    I made a medication error. What will happen to me?

    do you not have an electronic system? im a bit confused at how you were able to scan a med that wasn't on the pts eMAR. mine wont let me proceed unless i scan the right med