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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I have found a chicken wing bone in a fat fold of a 560lb women tonight, she said,"gah, I am surprised, the cat must have hid that there. Now don't get me wrong- I'm a dog person, but do cats hide stuff??? I hope everyone has eaten supper Also, I found a small cat toy- so she may have a "unique" cat? Wuh, I kept searching for the dead kitten because the skin-on-skin inflammation was something akin to death, Vintage Cheddar, Crusty Butt, and Body Odor center, with a hint of Cabbage. I cleaned well with 4 PCTs holding up the belly, and then I left the patient to be breaded by the "Powder Puff" girls
    I see that this isn't new, but I just saw it. I am still laughing, the "powder puff" girls just got me.
    I think it reminded me of my CNA class in high school. Believe me, we used some powder.
    Thanks for the laugh.
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    Vera, this was a horrible idea....
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    Man its a bloody day today. Im going to start wearing that face sheild.
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    A friend of mine was on his way to one of the ED cubicles with the IDC trolley and as he walked past said ' tea,coffee, IDC anyone?!' I lost it, after a New Year's Eve full of broken bones from fights and drunkeness I was passed tired and that one liner as well as 10 very strong coffees and a red bull I had the energy level of a four year old
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    That huge abscess looks like it would be strangely fun/satisfying to drain...can't wait until I can do that as an NP someday ;-)
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    In Florida there is an OBGYN named Richard Stiff. For some odd reason he goes by Dr. R. Douglas Stiff.

    In my city, we have an OBGYN named Dr. Yeast. It's pronounced YEAHst or something like that, but really? Change your name or choose a different specialty!!!
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    I couldn't decide if I wanted to be a waitress or a drug dealer, so I became a nurse. :-)
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    Sounds like a few of my aides when I was a night shift nurse!
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    The Social Worker for my unit walked by me this morning. He smelled so yummy, I wanted to lick him. Have not a clue what cologne he had on, it just was really, really yummy smelling.
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    why do you need a 2nd iv? might be the distress you caused the doc when your sbp dropped to 72 a few minutes ago...and no, I don't think it is a good idea for you to go ama and drive yourself back home cause you "feel all better now."
    no, seriously...

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