Fun: Coke or Pepsi Nurses? - page 2

Just for fun. If you have to pick one, which one? *yes, we know they are both bad for you* Login or Register to vote (takes one minute)... Read More

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    I'm hopelessly addicted to pepsi, one time I was able to stop for a month but then I fell off the wagon. lol
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    Um. hmm.. My choice is a pepsi product! Sunkist Orange Soda, oh yeah!! That's what gets me through my day. It's the only orange soda with caffeine in it. Okay, so I am a little different (nothing new) =)
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    Mountain Dew!! Loaded and fully leaded.
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    Rare - Diet Pepsi. Less rare - Root Beer. Common - Iced tea
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    It depends....what are the liquors being added??

    I rarely drink soda. Much prefer water or iced tea. If I have to drink soda I prefer coke over a ton of ice; if there is no ice my choice is then Pepsi.
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    Coke is the one for me!
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    Pepsi, especially the kind with lime in it. Coke makes me burp (too much information??).
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    Hook me up to Pepsi please :-)
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